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    • Well I do actually have a dream job.  I am an RF Engineer and I worked so hard for so long and spent so many hours away from home and family that now I work from home, basically when I want.  Now my philosophy has always been simple and it has provided me with an ample amount of free time.  Both keystones of how I approach getting out of bed everyday (not just Monday through Friday) were learned from Zig Ziglar in the early 80s and coupled with a strict moral code instilled by my parents and honed by the Marine Corps have provide me and my family a wonderful life.  So here goes, the two philosophies I implement everyday from the great Zig... 1. You can have everything you want in life as long as you help enough other people get what they want first. 2. Do what you have to do when you have to do it and you will find you have enough time to do what you want to do when you want to do it.   I find that during most work weeks, applying precept 2, I can call myself finished by Wednesday or early Thursday.  More over I never get calls from the boss asking me what I am doing.  He already knows that I am doing what I have to do or have already done it before he makes that call.  If he calls me on Thursday and I answer with "what's up, the fish are biting" he knows everything that he may have wanted to discuss is done and he replies "catch a ton!"     Now much like liberty and freedom, the ability to live by the above is predicated on a rock solid and unwavering moral base that allows you to make the choices you have to make while going about your day.     Lastly, no I did not put out an autoresponder telling my clients I am waiting for the CRJ update...that was just part of my story poking fun at the people who keep posting "when is the update, we NEED to know, it will make things better if we know blah blah blah blah puke.       
    • Es ist wunderbar. In EDDT funktioniert auch noch das SAM Follow Me Car und hat mich zur 8L geleitet. Ich wpllte es einfach mal ausprobieren, ob es funzt. 😀    
    • There should be a ortho4xp path included we did give it with the product
    • Besten Dank! Wenn ich das SAM Seasons dazu verwende, habe ich dann auch Jahreszeiten bei meinen Orthos?   Liebe GrüßeThomas*
    • In Munich, and some other Airport, the Terminal parking positions have a very complex alternative usage concept. So you have several parking lines with Dockingsystems (Safegate) for an area, but depending on the actual traffic, the left and right parklines can be used together only for narrow body aircrafts, then the center line is inoperative. When more heavy aircrafts are at the airport, the center position is active, the left and right positions could not be used. The jetways have different „park options“, depends on the usage concept. So it is normal, that some jetways blocks the parking line and the dockingsystems of parkposition, which are inactive.   As the simulator is not able to handle multi usable Parking concepts, the scenery is configured to a the Gate/parkings active in the Facility File (Afcad) of the airport. The jetways are using the correct parkorientation related to the active in the Afcad.   Please inform you about the real life at airports keep in mind that the simulators have technical limits. Not all what you see as not correct, is a bug.
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