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    • Das war die Lösung! Danke!
    • Die Szenerie selbst (Airport + City Ebenen) muss natürlich oberhalb der Global Airports stehen - bis auf das Mesh, das muss in jedem Fall unterhalb der Global Airports eingetragen werden (und das gilt für jedes Flughafen-Mesh, egal bei welcher Szenerie).    
    • C:\ProgramData is usually a hidden folder, so you'll need to change the View settings in File Explorer to see it.
    • Just a suggestion: in the future, using the the "V" key for screen shots which sends the shot to your pictures folder is overall easier than using your phone, plus they look clear. It's a standard FSX/P3D keystroke. .jpg format is best. See the in-sim settings menu for options.
    • Hello,   I had this happen today.  While enroute from EGKK to LIRN, approximately 40 minutes after takeoff from Gatwick the entire aircraft powered down without warning.   My specs: AMD Ryzen 2600 @ 3.4 GHZ 32 GB DDR 4 @ 3000 MHZ NVidia GTX 1660 w/ 6 GB 250 GB SSD with P3D v. 4.5 with hotfix 1TB HD Windows 10 Pro Version    10.0.18362 Build 18362 Aerosoft A320/A321 v (Updated to this version on July 31, 2019 Chaseplane version 1.0.43 Experimental (I've been using this version a few weeks and haven't had problems with P3D or the Aerosoft Airbus) Activesky for P3Dv4 version 7070 REX Sky Force 3D (Not sure what version it is?  It's set to auto update, and has not done so for a while) Swift Pilot Client version 0.9.1905161012 British Airways Virtual Merlin ACARS version   At the time the aircraft powered down I had just opened Google Chrome Version 76.0.3809.100 , maybe 90 seconds earlier?  I usually have at least one browser tab open while I fly, if not more for charts, so it's not unusual for me to have Chrome open.   As I stated above, I was flying from EGKK to LIRN.  I had left Gatwick 40 minutes earlier and was flying on VATSIM at FL310 under the control of EuroControl West.  I wasn't even in the P3D window as I was using my browser to search for scenery.  But I had my headphones on and I heard the aircraft power down.   The checklist and copilot system did not react in any way to the aircraft losing power.  I looked at the overhead panel and saw that nothing was illuminated except for the battery indicators, which both showed 28.0 volts, but of course as I tried to repower the aircraft the voltages started decreasing.   My first thought was to turn the batteries off and on, then see if I could start the APU.  That didn't work.  I tried shutting both engine toggles, turning the engine master to start and seeing if the engines would restart, which they did not.  I then tried the old Ctrl++Shift+F4 then Ctrl+E to see if the engines would start?  They did not.  About 1 minute after the aircraft powered down, I did get an audible warning, which I assume was because the aircraft was losing speed and altitude.  While there was no caution or warning light visible on the main panel, I knew where the button was and hit it, and the sound stopped.  I wanted to see if any other systems worked, so I lowered the landing gear.  It lowered just fine, then went back up on my command.  But I couldn't think of any other way to power up the aircraft, so I just quit out of P3D.   As I wrote in another post, I had never had this happen before.  I do not remember if I had loaded the load sheet before starting the checklists?  I think I did, but I am not positive.  I wondered in the other post if I had run out of fuel and was asking what fuel load the aircraft would have if I had not loaded the load sheet?  I thought perhaps it only had the fuel remaining from my previous flight?   I did observe a few things that seemed unusual about this flight before the power failure.   1:  On takeoff the aircraft seemed to accelerate abnormally fast.  It reached V1 and VR about halfway down the runway, which felt early to me.   2:  After takeoff, both while I was flying the aircraft and after I turned on the autopilot, it seemed to accelerate very quickly.  Within maybe 5 seconds of liftoff I was already hitting the flaps 0 overspeed indicator, which happened so quickly that the copilot/checklist didn't even have a chance to react.  Then after I switched on the autopilot the aircraft seemed to climb abnormally fast.  It exceeded 6000 FPM at one point, and through most of the climbout it was over 4k/m.   3:  The aircraft reached the cruising altitude of FL310 very quickly.  I don't even think I had crossed the channel yet.   At the time I didn't think much of these issues.  I had expected to be almost max weight, but I just assumed that maybe it wasn't as heavy as I thought?  Thinking back, perhaps I didn't loadsheet and instead the aircraft was almost empty?  I don't know?   I've since reloaded the aircraft and everything seems normal, including the fact that it has payload and fuel on board without any input from me.  I have not tried to fly it again yet, though I'm going to in a few minutes.
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