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Norwegian LIDO layout *B737-800 short-haul* 1.0.0

About This File

Just throw the contents of the PFPX Data folder in this .zip into your existing one at:


C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\FlightplanTemplates (or wherever you have your PFPX files located)


This is just a basic rendition of the LIDO layout Norwegian Air was using at some time shortly after the switch 
from AirSupport PPS8 to LIDO v7.

I recommend you use this layout for Norwegian Air flights on the 737 exclusively, this is highly tailored
to that operation and might cause problems down the road if you try to plan wildly exotic stuff with it.

Some tips:

1) LNNGW and EIFVX are included with some weight variants

2) CLB at 250/280/.78 

   CRZ at CI15

   DES at .78/280/250   -> that's what Norwegian Air was planning with at the time of my samples.

3) You'll need to select "NAX_LIDO" from the crewinfo dropdown to take full advantage of the layout.

   Use 'NAX_LIDO_TOAltn' as an OFP layout when planning with a takeoff alternate.

   after you release a flight, select this when printing:

    -Courier Bold 12pt

    -CrewInfo yes

    -ATC-FP no (as it's included in the OFP) 


What I added was the Alternate Nav Log, this is an EASA requirement that I believe came after my most recent OFP
samples were dated but is now mandatory in every OFP.


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