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XNZDG Dog Island Airstrip - New Zealand - XP10 and XP11 1.2

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About This File

Dog Island is a scenery I had already built a few years ago for my personal use. A few weeks ago, I decided to update Dog Island and rework it for a release.


It is my free interpretation of the Airstrip on uninhabited Dog Island located in Foveaux Strait, about 3 miles from the city of Bluff on the southern coast of the South Island of New Zealand.

The scenery has been built on and will only work correctly with Lyndiman's New Zealand Orthos and is tested in XP11.55 and XP10.51. I gave the scenery the fictional Airport-ID XNZDG.


I cannot guarantee that the scenery will work with other orthos, meshes or the default mesh of X-Plane 11 or X-Plane 10. I even doubt it. Make sure that 'runways follow terrain contours' is checked in your XP settings.


A good place to start a short hop to Dog Island is Invercargill Airport. From there it is about 15 nautical miles to the south. A prominent landmark on your way is the Tiwai Point Aluminium Smelter, one of the largest industrial facilities in New Zealand at the entrance to Bluff Harbour, and therefore almost impossible to miss.


I do not claim that my scenery represents the conditions, buildings and environment of Dog Island in a realistic way. On the contrary, my intention was to give some attention to the theme of fun and humour with my scenery. Nevertheless, my scenery contains in addition to a 1600x40ft grasstrip, which exists in reality, also a fictional sealane and a helipad, because I wanted to offer something for every taste. And the helipad and the sealane are by far not the only fictional things in my scenery. So please don't ask yourselves, or even me, if something is plausible or realistic, just enjoy this small island.


The following libraries, in the latest versions, are necessary to display the scenery correctly. All credits go to the various authors of these libraries and I would like to thank them for their great work, Lyndiman for his Orthophotos of New Zealand and especially Cami De Bellis and Scottish Wings for the permission to customize some items from their libraries.





















The readme file attached to the scenery folder contains also the links to the various libraries and Lyndiman's Orthos. The Master Library list can also help you.


Installation is as usual. Unzip the downloaded file to your Custom Scenery folder and edit your scenery_packs.ini in the way that the scenery is listed above the Lyndiman's Orthophotos.


Have fun!


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