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SAM - Scenery Animation Manager 2.0.3

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SAM is a native XP11 plugin offering different possibilities to scenery authors focused on animations. It is currently seperated into two main parts:

Custom Datarefs

You can create custom datarefs without any knowledge and control the values through a settings menu. With user checkboxes you can even let the user control animations such as opening hangars, switching lights and anything else a scenery developer might think of.

Jetway Animation

We made a deep dive into the world of math to create realistic jetway animations basically because the current software available is not sufficient. Now you can add jetways within seconds to a scenery.



The plugin is highly optimized for performance. The most obvious part is the fact that calculations for datarefs only start when an object is loaded and in visible range. It can be used in hundreds of sceneries without any noticeable fps impact. The plugin is installed into the main plugin directory, thus it's a global plugin and not per scenery. The sceneries only contain an xml file with the settings.


A library with pre-animated objects like Jetways, VDGS, Marshaller, Hangars, Wind Turbines etc. is the starting point for developers to experiment with. You can either use these objects or create and animate your own.


The plugin  is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 which means it is free to use for all users and for all freeware sceneries. If you are a payware developer you can get a license for your project here.


Compatible OS

Windows 10 | Linux  | MacOS 10.14+



Please read the install instructions in the manuel carefully!



Please use our help desk in case you need any help.

What's New in Version 2.0.3


SAM 2.0.3 Changelog


  • Hotfix for linux CTD [03.02.2020]
  • Fixed Safegate-VDGS pole and animations
  • Adapted SAM Library objects to new WED preview
  • Added automatic jetway connection to static aircrafts
  • Added Peter Hager A320 aircraft config
  • Updated Magknight 787 v1.4 aircraft config

WorldJetways 1.0.1 Changelog


  • Adapted WorldJetway objects to new WED preview
  • Added automatic jetway connection to static aircrafts
  • Added optional activation mode if no ethernet controller is available
  • Added hyperlink to support on activation error
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