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About This File

This PFPX aircraft file was created from data taken from the POH.  The data included is quite detailed.  Included are several profiles:


i) two climb profiles: 240 kts/M.64 and 220 kts/M.62, with an ISA range of -10 to +10

ii) two cruise profiles: MAX cruise and LRC (Long Range), with an ISA range of -10 to +15

iii) two descent profiles: M.76/310 kts/250 kts and M.70/250 kts, 3,000 fpm.


The POH data doesn't include a time/fuel allowance for takeoff or approach and landing.  I have therefore included estimates for these in the file.  You can change them if you like in the aircraft editor.  I have compared my results with data from real world videos available online and they appear to be quite close.  Note you will need to limit payload on long flights or you will get an over weight warning!


To install simply copy the file into your "Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\AircraftTypes" folder.


Any and all feedback is welcome, either here or in Carenado's Premier 1A support forum.




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