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Aircraft Profile - Piper Cheyenne II 1.01

About This File

For sure the Aerosoft / Digital Aviation Piper Cheyenne is not the latest development for Flight Simulator but in my eyes it's still one of the best aircraft to train some instrument procedures while playing FS.

Data used to create this profile are based on the performance charts provided by Aerosoft / Digital Aviation. These data are precise, but I don't expect them to lead to exact planning results without adding some extra fuel and time. I will do some test flying and try to get good results enabling me to do some changes on these performance file in future. I would also appreciate if you let me know which experience you made using this file.

Add this aircraft profile to your PFPX by doing following steps:

1. Make sure your PFPX is not running.

2. Move the downloaded Piper PA-31T-2-620.txt into ...\Documents\PFPX Data\AircraftTypes

3. Start your PFPX as usual.

Enjoy flying!!!


What's New in Version 1.01   See changelog


  • Shorter names for climb and cruise power settings

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