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AFCAD EFHK Helsinki Vantaa 1.0

About This File

AFCAD designed during development of Aerosoft/A-Flight Helsinki Vantaa Airport.


Uploaded here, as the AFCAD in the installer is maybe not correct.


The AFCAD contains crosswind runways and all Approaches and Transitions (Navfix-Transition due to FSX-Limitations for GPS-Approaches only) and Gate assignment as real as it was possible for me.


Be sure to backup your original AFCAD before using this one. 

You only need this file if you encounter strange traffic behavior.


Author: Daniel Scherer


User Feedback

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Replaced EFHK_ADEX_AF.BGL in Mega Airport Helsinki with this file and it fixed approaches. Now I can see all runways ILS and GPS approaches and some VOR and NDBs. With the file that comes with the software (version 1.20) only RW04R and RW33 approaches were visible in Garmin/selectable in ATC.


Would be really nice to have it fixed in the official package..


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