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Airbus A321 Turkish Airlines TC-JRT 1.0

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This ZIP-file contains two repaints for the Aerosoft Airbus X package, in the colors of Airbus A321 Turkish Airlines TC-JRT (clean and dirt).


... more repaints on my homepage http://simtexture.de !

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Hello Holgi,

Just wanted to say your repaints are excellent use some of your other ones too!

When I install this livery I had a few problems. I had the "failed to startup flight model" error though I managed to fixed that. After that I had this problem http://prntscr.com/5xg4p4 and I even did the fix you suggested to do the SHARKLET change in the aircraft cfg. Any other suggestions? I have the new Aerosoft A321 v1.21 update.


I googled: Aerosoft livery compatibility, and came across Mathjis's post on how to fix the problem using the texture.zip and replacing the file and that didn't work :(

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I downloaded it and it didn't work on my pc. It has no reflections and it has a black vc.

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vor 58 Minuten, celal50 sagte:

it is not working. I have a dark plane and a black cockpit???????????


... look here

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It's completely black the hole livery and if you go to the cockpit there isn't anything your able to see!


Yes help me please I did everything as it is explained in the instructions.

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