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Iberia Pack for All Spanish Airports 1.01

About This File

Attention! Please read the ReadMe and follow the Instructions!

Four files included:

AES Iberia Pack FSX ONLY part1/2/3: ONLY for FSX (with High-End PC-Configuration) with HQ textures (*)

AES Iberia Pack FS9&FSX: For FSX and FS9 with DXT1 textures.

(*)For extracting the two zip files of part1 and part2 you must do something like this:



And finish.

This is the Iberia Pack and includes:

- General Iberia Bus Textures

- Special Bus Textures for Madrid LEMD

- Special Bus Textures for Barcelona LEBL

- Special Bus Textures for Palma de Mallorca LEPA

- Special Bus Textures for Menorca LEMH

- Special Bus Textures for Ibiza LEIB

- Special Bus Textures for La Palma GCLA

- Special Bus Textures for Tenerife Norte GCXO

- Special Bus Textures for Tenerife Sur GCTS

- Special Bus Textures for Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

- Special Bus Textures for Fuerteventura GCFV

- Special Bus Textures for Lanzarote GCRR

- Pushbacks

- Stairs

- Beltloader

- Containerloader

Catering is not included and you can use the Gate Gourmet Catering Trucks from AlexF or the Iber-Swiss Catering Trucks that I'll upload soon.

De-Icing, Fuel Pump and Follow-Me Vito aren't included because I haven't any pictures, so if anyone has got pictures, give me there and I'll do the repaints.

Here are some pictures:











What's New in Version 1.01   See changelog


  • I added the mark of the WATER SERVICES car.

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