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  1. Cessna 170B

    The Cessna 170B is developed by and published on behalf of Andrian Fernandez Gomez, developer Alcala Simulacion.

    The C170B is intended for X-Plane 10.25+ and before you do anything, please read the user manual included in the package. The manual contains important information about how to configure the simulator to enjoy this aircraft.



  2. Aerobask Eclipse 550

    The Eclipse 550 is a very light jet built by the company Eclipse Aerospace. Powered by two PW engines, it carries up to 6 passengers depending on configuration. This aircraft is certified for single pilot.

    My Eclipse project, from Aerobask developer Stephane Buon, is the result of more than 700 hours of work.

    Enjoy the Eclipse 550 and have fun!

    For more information about the Eclipse 550, check out this link. Curious? Then you can also check out the comprehensive review which covers version 1.x, at ASN X-Plane.



  3. DHC-6 Twin Otter v9.70+ 3D

    Aerosoft is pleased to offer you, in consult with Pedro from AeroPedro, their updated per March 20th DeHavilland DHC-6 Twin Otter.

    According to Pedro ..... one of my favorites. I've always kept at least one up and running for my own use since early in v470.
    As the name suggests it was at first conceived as a twin-engined replacement for the venerable DHC-3 Otter.
    The Twin Otter is a 19-seat (passengers) STOL utility aircraft, mostly used for regional passenger and cargo transport, medevac flights or whatever else you can think of. The reliability of its two P&W Canada turboprops and its superb STOL qualities have it operating in the most remote areas; from Nunavut to Antarctica and from Iceland to Papua Niugini.

    This started as a simple combination of my early v970 model with Syd Adams’ 3D model, originally from FlightGear.

    A big thank you to Syd Adams for allowing us to use the original 3D files from his work for FlightGear.
    Also thank you to G.P. Lyons (gplv3) for the initial conversion of these files for use in X-Plane and his further enhancement and additions to the 3D objects.
    Additional thanks go to Leen de Jager (flybike) AFNavarro (Antonio) and Bob 439 (Bob Maheu) for their great improvements to the normals and textures.

    Update! - New 2Dv2.7 2D model with unchanged 3Dv2.3 3D model (as per 20 march 2015)

    A further enhancement of the earlier combination of Syd Adams’ 3D model with my X-Plane model.

    Unchanged 3D v2.3 model, this means Bob's recent paint kit and all previous repaints/liveries -labeled as 3D v2.3- by Antonio, Bob, Leen and others should still work on this model.
    Reminder ...... earlier repaints/liveries (3Dv2.2 or earlier) are NOT fully compatible with the v2.3 3D objects.

    New 2D v2.7 PlaneMaker files (all versions) have updated/repaired wings (aileron deflection settings with flaps) and cleaned up cockpit/instrument files.
    The GNS430 is already installed and for xp v10.32+ you only need a few clicks in PM to enable the extended version. If you'd rather like to have the GNS530, you can use my 'DIY installation' files and guide.

    You can download the 'base pack' from this site. This is a full install of the DHC-6 basic files, set up as a DHC-6-300 long nose version, on standard wheels with a plain white livery.

    The 'expansion packs' / 'additions' are to be found in my DHC hangar. There you can get the parts (acf files) to 'build' all the other versions:
    - the -100, -200 and -300 series
    - the skydive mod and skis mod
    - a full install for the DHC-6-400 model with a simple 'make believe' glass panel.
    - a number of 'generic' liveries.

    More information about Pedro's DHC6 can be found at the dedicated AeroPedro web page.

    Have fun!



  4. Cessna 400

    Aerosoft is pleased to offer you on behalf of Marcelo Fabianon his WIP (Work In Progress) Cessna 400.

    Hi guys! Whats up? This is my first project to X-Plane! The Cessna 400 with a nice G1000... The original aircraft its is default by Xplane but We "Avalon Group" are doing some hard work on this project... This is an Alpha version just to you guys test it out and tell me what you guys thinking about it... We are trying to bring you a nice freeware G1000 on this Cessna but remember its a WIP(Work in progress) Aircraft, more coming soon like(Flight plan,Will try to do a Prodigy too of the 400',more liveries,full autopilot and soo on)But now the features are:

    New to this WIP version 1.0 are the following features:
    - Some dirt screen on MFD
    - Autopilot working but not displayed
    - Custom buttons for the G1000
    - Inset map
    - Brazilian liveries "PR-SSR,PT-TLA"
    - Custom 3d textures interior
    - Custom 3d textures panel
    - Custom night lighting

    But this is it! I am accepting help for this project! Hope you guys enjoy this awesome bird!

    See you soon!



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