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  2. On a lot of short-distance CRJ real world flights, the aircraft never even climbs to its optimal altitude in the first place. One R/W flight I have ridden on many times is a CRJ-900 from KELM to KDTW. I use that same flight for testing in the sim. It is 289 miles, and the aircraft could easily make the trip at FL340, but because of ATC restrictions the maximum altitude they are normally allowed to use is FL260. Some days they even go at FL240. The longest CRJ flight I have ridden on a regular basis is from KDTW to KIAH, which is just over 1000 miles. That flight usually goes at FL360 and never steps any higher. Only once when I was on board did they fly it initially at FL340, and then stepped to FL360 later. It might have been due to ATC, or might have been because the aircraft had a full passenger load and it was summertime. With the current Covid situation, I doubt that many r/w flights are carrying a full passenger load these days.
  3. Smart Screen Filter blockiert Downloads: leider ist das ein Problem des Windows Defender. Der Smart Screen Filter scheint die Ursache zu sein. Passiert meist nach einem Defender oder Windows Update. Unsere Dateien sind alle Virengeprüft. Einfach einmal den Windows Defender öffnen. Dann auf "App & Browsersteuerung" gehen. Und dort dann den "SmartScreen für Microsoft Edge" deaktivieren. Dann muss es mit dem Edge klappen. Nach dem Download von Aerosoft den Smart Screen Filter wieder einschalten. Für andere Browser müsste es in den Browser Optionen möglicherweise eine entsprechende Einstellung geben oder sie lassen den Download direkt zu.
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  5. Hallo Micha, bin jetzt wieder zu Hause, habe mir die Zibo wieder herunter geladen und auch das Update, aber muss nicht nach dem extrahieren die Unterstriche wegsein ? lg
  6. Hallo! Ich bin auf der Suche nach einer (deutschen) Beschreibung für das AviTab. Leider ist mein Englisch im Moment noch etwas lückenhaft aber ich bin dran.. :-) Vielleicht kann mir hier jemand sagen ob es "nutzbare" Unterstützung in Form von Tutorial oä gibt. Danke!
  7. Das ist aber schlecht. Ging ja sogar beim FSX Aerosoft A 320.
  8. hi i try to insert new waypoint in waypoint page, but the fms does not accept it "BAD FORMAT" i would like entrer this N5202.3 W02060.0 like 5202.3N/02060.0W for this one N5142.6 W03357.8 he accept it what wrong ? http://
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  10. I did install the latest version but I do not see the correct terminal building, funny jetways and I see different elevations around the airport? Help appreciated. Note: Adding off to the ENVA files in ORBX Norway, FTX_EU, 05 scenery made no difference! Peter Hougardy
  11. Hallo, beim Versuch die Beta AS_777-Worldliner-Extended_Beta_Xplane.zip herunterzuladen, erhalte ich die Meldung dass diese Datei als unsicherer Download gemeldet und von Windows Defender SmartScreen blockiert wurde. Gruss Remo
  12. Fantastic. The SimStarter import works great...thanks
  13. ok, then I how do I estimate the TOC / cruise altitude ? (I've rescrolled the manuals, I could not find any tables based on weight...sorry I am not an expert)
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  15. There is no information on optimal altitudes or step climbs available to us. As the CRJ is a short range aircraft, step climbs usually don't happen.
  16. Hallo, bekommt die DVD Version des Mega Airports Oslo-2.0 auch das Update auf V1.14 und somit die Kompatibilität zu P3dV5 und wenn ja, wann? Gruß, Peter!
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  18. Ja habe ich alles nach checkliste und dann habe ich viele Videos geschaut weil ich dachte das ich was falsch gemacht haben könnte abe rich habe alles genau gleich gemacht.
  19. hello, I am new to the CRJ (seventh flight) and, being used to the AS Bus-es,PMDG and QW aircrafts, in the CRJ I don't know how to assess Step Climb / Optimal Altitude, along the flight plan I'm sorry: I've read the manuals once, yet I cannot retrieve that info, as well as I could not find it after searching the forum thanks
  20. Simple question. Will these amazing Airports see P3d v5 installers possibly? I fly VFR exclusively with Svolvaer as my virtual home base and roughly between Bodo in south and Tromsö in North so I am keen to know the status with these three little airorts. Svolvaer should really also see some white runways markings, other than that they are superb and installs without any problem in to p3d v4.5 if one Points it as install directory. Thanks
  21. You can first save the PFPX "schedule.txt" file. You will find it in the folder 😄 \ Users \ Public \ Documents \ PFPX Data I will code in a future version the possibility of adding to the already existing planning.
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  24. If you're using ActiveSky for P3Dv4, would you please try the options file below and see if that makes a difference? Aerosoft CFD Settings V1.1.zip To use, place the file in the same place as your original configuration file, start ActiveSky, select Options, and the User Presets and then select the file and restart ActiveSky.
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