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  2. Is the file "aircraft.cfg" in the "....simobjects\airplanes\aerosoft A333 RR professional" folder being changed by the update or can I copy and paste my previous file (and of course the necessary texture-files ) in order to have all my extra liveries working again after the update, since all my extra liveries have been deleted with the uninstall/install procedure? Thanks Roland
  3. And did you set the library insertion point in OC correct?
  4. Today
  5. Can confirm that this is still an issue. I had a flight plan from Brisbane (YBBN) to Townsville (YBTL) following the BIXAD1 - 19L departure. When it came to adding the arrival SPAR1A, the CRJ did not respond to any control manipulations. After resetting the flight I manually added waypoints and then encountered the NOT FOUND issue described previously when i added the GLA VOR. Also adding in other waypoints after that seemed to erase large chunks of the loaded departure. Here are full details: msfs v crj: 700 with QANTASLINK VH-YQV v1.2 livery by davidcherrie ro
  6. The A330 was released also yesterday, not two weeks ago.
  7. Hi! Really looking forward to the TwinOtter, looking very good!!! A problem I remember from the P3D version was that it was not possible to moor or park the plane next to a pier when in water, so it always float away if there was only a small wind... Would it be possible to add this function? Best regards Jan
  8. just superb Mathijs and Herman...like others, can't wait.
  9. Have you tried a right click on the download link and then "save link as..."?
  10. I'm not sure if this was supposed to have been fixed in the latest release (I can't find the release notes but I believe they mentioned the DIRECT screen but if I recall correctly it was for another issue), but I just experienced it again FLYING MYEH FOWEE FLIPR7 KMIA. Since I wasn't flying a SID, there was a discontinuity at the beginning of my flight plan and that resulted in an empty first page meaning I couldn't select my first few waypoints to go direct. I was able to work around this by removing the discontinuity, but I don't think that should be necessary.
  11. I just want to confirm I'm still seeing this issue with the latest non-marketplace version. My flight plan was MYEH FOWEE FLIPR7 KMIA and I just experienced this zig-zagging back and forth for a few minutes after making the turn at FOWEE. I didn't think to check the wind values right at that time but shortly after they were displaying in the MFD as 082/07.
  12. Same for the A330 but A330 already release the 11th june strange not available yet ?
  13. From the topic header: "Please do not ask for release dates because if we can say we would have posted it here and if we do not know we can't say."
  14. Yesterday
  15. It happens to all the aerosoft airports I have: EDDK, EDDH, EDDF and EDDM. I also have the mega airport Ben Gurion, but it doesn't happen with it! Thanks, Ben
  16. Thanks! I will look into it!! Ben
  17. You can install all of them and then reboot. Best wishes!
  18. Check the Docu of Orbx in relation to the Config in there tools for the „Insert point“ and follow the docu to define this point to the lowest Airport/local related Addon you have, minimum below Munich. It is not in Issue of the Munich Addon, but the Orbx Addons are not self configured and need the attention of the Users related to there docu. For help in this case, contact Orbx to explain it to you.
  19. Hello, I installed EDDM and I love it, however I have ORBX installed and the taxiway textures do not appear. I deleted the ORBX EDDM files and then ran the AEC from ORBX and it still doesn't work. Is there something I'm missing? Thanks, Ben
  20. Top! Hat funktioniert. Vielen Dank für Deine Hilfe
  21. Hi Aerosoft team hope you are all well, firstly thanks for the new updates and looking forward to trying them out .... now I understand that they are new builds so will need a full uninstallation and reinstall but I just wondered what the best way to go about it is?... i normally install a new build or update then re boot but as i have the full range of A318-A330 in both V4 and V5 this can get time-consuming...for future reference would it be fine to install all of them than do one reboot after or is it still best to reboot after each and every install (how i did it)? Thanks, Ric
  22. Nice to see a float version included. Me personally would happily pay extra for an extended version after the initial release. Are there any plans to implement realistic water physics in MSFS? I'm asking because I know Aerosoft is working closely with Asobo.
  23. I downloaded the A330 from my Aerosoft Shop Account but the baby busses were originally purchased from a dealer (FSPilotshop) that went out of business. As I had previously registered my products via the Aerosoft Registration site, i have always been able to download updates from it. No error message is indicted and clicking on the relevant download buttons initiates no further action except some additional link coding (bottom left). Am using Google Chrome by default and just tried an alternative browser with a similar result. Herman
  24. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  25. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  26. You can not download it from your shopaccount? Do you get an error message?
  27. Bob, I'm not able to download from the Aerosoft Registration website. Can you please check the status? Thank you. Herman
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