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  2. João Alves

    Missing textures

    so how can i have all textures in steam version?
  3. DaveCT2003

    Connected Flight Deck Problem

    The Steam version DC oes not have CFD. I checked the Steam sales several months ago and it did not indicate it had CFD. Can you provide a link to a Steam sales page that lists CFD?
  4. Sim Wings is doing good job. Congrats to Aerosoft having such a good partner. A question. During the last weeks and month Sim Wings was working on several spanish airports. Barajas was a stunner. Are there any plans to make a retrofit of Funchal? This is an awesome airport which its scenery became old. Bye Pascal
  5. geopetlas

    Spoiler and Stabilator deployment

    Anybody! Is support still given for the F-14X?
  6. srcooke

    Upper Airways ONLY

    You have not cleared the EuroControl validation errors. If you are not bothered with valid routes use the advanced route editor and put a tick in 'Ignore Route Restrictions' and select upper airways. You'll get the route you are after: MARU4T MARUN Y153 WRB UL126 LBV UP615 EKERN UM852 ALASA M852 ALS Z731 SABAK L997 LUNIP LUNI4L EDIT: With Davids RAD restrictions and directs updates ( download section of the forum ) then simply using FIND ROUTE on the planning page returns a valid option straight off -N0438F240 MARUN Y152 ARPEG/N0452F380 Z850 ABILU DCT RORUS/N0449F400 DCT TUSKA/N0450F390 N873 BAVTA P602 PIPEX M609 RIPAM
  7. masterhawk

    V2 - Tropopause any news?
  8. djspatrick

    Managed Speed lost during flight

    Hi All, The managed speed problem cleared after I reinstalled Windows, P3D and Airbus Pro, but i came back after I updated to version: using the Aerosoft updater. CRZ phase, managed speed in PFD dropped back to 206kt. Could it be related to a high tailwind factor? Had to go back to selected speed to avoid stall. Pushed speed knob to see what would happen and managed speed dropped back to 117kt. FMC perf page: AC status: PROG: PFD in selected speed: PFD in managed speed: DES: Seems like the updater is introducing this issue and a reinstall is needed to clear it. Thanks.
  9. Today
  10. andersenbali

    Upper Airways ONLY

    Here is an OFP EDDF - ENGM. UPPER AIRSPACE AIRWAYS ONLY. After MARUN (last waypoint on SID) the route builder gives me Y153 lower airpace to WARBURG VOR. Which is fine cause it is the only option the route builder has. But from WARBURG VOR the route builder lets me stay on lower airpsce airways N850 to ELBE VOR even though upper airspace airways ONLY is choosen and the route builder actually has an upper airway to offer r which should have been UL 126 from WARBURG to ELBE and not airway N850. Please enligthen my 2nd confusion on this topic. Thanks HLX352 EDDF-ENGM (15-Dec-2018) #1.pdf
  11. srcooke

    Map Terrain Crashing

    And if you run PFPX directly on the PC and not from a remote session ?
  12. jpollock60

    Map Terrain Crashing

    Just tried to switch it to Low, as well as under admin mode. Got the same error window.
  13. airway pirat

    ZIBO MOD 737 FMC Programierung

    Also wenn ich bei der Zibo auf dem Tablett - GROUND SERVICES - BETTER PUSHBACK anklicke, komme ich automatisch in das Menü von better pushback. Also gehe ich davon aus, dass BETTER PUSHBACK installiert sein muss
  14. I noticed something was seriously wrong when I tried to shoot the river visual 19 into DCA. In the final turn I was 10 degrees nose up and TOGA LK activated in the final turn just to maintain -700 fpm and Vapp!
  15. srcooke

    Trying to Install

    Have you tried downloading the installer again Christopher ? Which web browser are you using ?
  16. Just ran KRNO KSLC...453 fpm! Stock easyjet 320 cfm...Ils 34L. 040 @ 3 so not much cross... Vapp 137 as suggested in the planning ... EFOB at dest was about 5.0...approach was stable then SLAM! I also had an issue with the managed cruise speed.. was set to .75 mach in crz phase but always resorted back to 203 knots if I let the AP drive...I managed the whole flight and held as long as I didnt let the AP set speed.
  17. Christopher J

    Trying to Install

    I have Team viewer installed if you would like to do a session
  18. Christopher J

    Trying to Install

    I have erased all folders and each time I try to Run the installer as admin I keep getting errors
  19. Myxin72

    ZIBO MOD 737 FMC Programierung

    Super, danke für die Mühe!😊
  20. Terblanche

    EDDK Update

    Thank you Otto, the fix from Tanala seems to have done the trick: "The solution, which worked for me was to move the "Simbojects" Category in the add-on.xml file (which was created by Lorby's Add-on Manager) to the very end of the file as shown in the picture below. After this change the path was in the Updater correct and the update to 1.30 was successful."
  21. AirbusPete

    Cargo Version Work in Progress

    any chance the freighter-update still arrives before christmas? 🙂
  22. Marc Ralph

    ZIBO MOD 737 FMC Programierung

    Ja guter Hinweis, Danke, aber weiß jemand ob der better push back plugin mit der ZIBO 3.31 u Version auch noch notwendig ist um auf dem Tablet better push back zu benutzen?
  23. Also "Fly by wire" bedeutet, dass das Flugzeug bzw die Steuerflächen nicht mehr über Steuerstangen oder Seilzüge gesteuert wird. Das geschieht über elektronische Impulse die an die Stellmotoren von dem/den Computern gesendet werden. Das ist jetzt mal ganz "einfach" erklärt! Wenn Flybywire wie von dir beschrieben ausfällt, dann ist das der "GAU" für die Besatzung und die Passagiere! Gruß Hermann
  24. Flightrookie

    NVIDIA GeForce Treiber Vers. 417.35 Vorsicht ! ! !

    Ich hatte auch keine Probleme mit dem aktuellen Nvidia-Treiber. Alles gut. 😉
  25. plotter

    Fly Tampy-Scenery Corfu

    Ja, die Gebäude wurden beim ersten XPlane Bootup ohne Änderung in apt.dat und mit Runway folgendem Terrain aktiviert.Nichtsdestotrotz konnte ich es jetzt wie folgt beheben:1) Erstes XPlane Booten: -> Floating Probleme2) Deaktivieren Sie Runway follows terrain im XPlane-Menü.3) XPlane neu starten4) Aktivieren Sie Runway follows terrain im XPlane Menü.5) XPlane neu starten6) Jetzt funktioniert alles gut
  26. I also did some more tests as I'm almost finished with my new FS PC (i7 8086K at 5 GHz and Asus ROG Strix GTX1070 OC). I got now a smooth 30 FPS experience with very good graphics and 3 monitors at almost every airport, except RCTP and EDDK. EDDK and RCTP have the same issue, just that at RCTP I only have 50% of the severity I got at EDDK. I found out that on my PC it's a GPU issue. I turned shadows off and turned all options to the left in the config tool, only for a test (usually I have shadows on). The GPU is usually around 40% load but every few seconds I get a peak. For that test case, the peak is between 80 and 99%, when I get a longer 99% peak I can see the described stuttering. When I now increase the load on the GPU, hence turning options back on or enabling shadows, the peaks stay way longer at 99% and I get a more severe stuttering. When I disable the side views and only have one view active I can see the same behavior. I then have an base load of around 15% and peaks of around 45%. As there is enough load left, I get no stutters. So when I look at benchmarks of better cards than my overclocked 1070, I think even the best card will cause stuttering as the peak load is so extremely high with let's say a base load of 80% that no card can handle this. In my view there is no real "error" in the scenery but (as already described) some technique internally causes this. And it is not acceptable that even we guys with high end PCs get this severe stuttering. I'm hoping the pending update solves this. Chris
  27. Hier die Änderungen: Release Candidate 1 XPD-9460 Shadow LOD bias adjusted to artist recommendation. XPD-9495 Particle FX are canceled by replay. XPD-9498 Engine FX follow thrust vectors. XPD-9520, XPD-9725 Fixed shader compile issue with old drivers and dome.glsl. XPD-9599 Fixed light level differences when using auto-adjust. XPD-9609 Fixed asan trip on exit due to OGL_shader. XPD-9615 Turned off cloud-based lighting in particles. XPD-9662 Auto-toe-brake set to 11.26 versions in file loader for old planes. XPD-9687, XPD-9682 Fixed particles appearing in C172. XPD-9697 Sounds are killed for AI aircraft that are removed. XPD-9702 Disable the Stinson for AI. XPD-9705 Fixed crash with glass blend in scenery. XPD-9706 Probe heat doesn’t turn on static heat in the 737. XPD-9707 Took new art to fix tree transparency. XPD-9710 Fixed inverted hard surfaces. XPD-9711 Fixed incorrect low LOD when HDR 4x SSAA was on. XPD-9713 Fixed crash adding OBJ in Plane Maker. XPD-9718 dv-inc as fm2 dataref. XPD-9719 Enabled vector thrust without check box for old ACF from 11.26. XPD-9721 Logbook not showing the destination/arrival airport ICAO in the Logbook. XPD-9722 Transparent objects cast shadows when “draw shadows on scenery” is enabled. XPD-9724 Aircraft objects loaded as AI cause VR config file error.
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