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  2. Hey Guys, i love my A320 Professional Bus. But what i am really missing, is the Airbus Family Immersion package. Is there a way to get this work in P3D v4.5 and with the A 320 Professional? Or will be there an update soon?? Its been quiet about this... ­čśĽ Regards Marius
  3. Guten Abend zusammen, ich plane mit der 757-300 von FF meinen Flug in den Urlaub nach zu fliegen. Ich wei├č das wir auf der 18 L gelandet sind. Ich bin schon ewig am planen doch ich bekommen keinen vern├╝nfige ILS route hin, ich habe immer wieder Disconuity drin. Ich wei├č mir einfach nicht mehr zu helfen. Ich nutze Routfinder f├╝r die Route. Hat jemand vielleicht eine Idee was ich falsch mache. Oder ist die 18L keine ILs Landebahn? Oder ist es wie in Barcelona z.b das einige RWY nur selten genutzt werden? vielleicht wei├č ja jemand weiter Gru├č Alex
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  5. Thank you guys very much. If I can, I would for sure take part in one of those CFD sessions. That would be interesting and helpful, no doubt. I already use the complete Navigraph chart package. So charts are there. It would be very nice if you could maybe post it here when the group is ready for service.
  6. I confirm that the original XML file is installed on the Airbus A320-321 AB_IRS. XML does not affect the IRS's alignment correctly in the MCDU after 7 minutes of the account back from when they are put into NAV position. I've taken the steps Position the aircraft at an airport and GATE to check the LAT/LOG BAT 1+2 > ON EXT PWR > ON ADIR 1.2,3 > NAV BRT in PFD, ND, ECAM Uper and Lower > ON MCDU Left push button L1 Entering the data of: CO Route FLT NBR Cost CRZ FL ZFW and BLCK Sid.... At the end of the 7-minute countdown, without having interacted in anything on the MCDU such as clicking on the IRS INI page the 6R button, the system has automatically aligned, showing the correct PFD and ND, and the correct LAT/LOG data the three ADIRS according to the GATE's position.
  7. Strange thing is that i never got PFPX running on a brand new PC under 1809, but when I upgraded to 1903 it worked without any problems. So I am sure that somehow Windows is involved. I suggest to make sure that everything is 100% up to date, Windows, .NET and all MS VC++ Redistributables. Install .NET and the Redistributables from scratch and let Windows Update run multiple times till definitely no updates are found.
  8. I've had PFPX for years and it's worked fine, I'm currently running WIN10 1809 and haven't changed anything to PFPX apart from adding aircraft files etc which have all been deleted during multiple reinstalls trying to get it to work.
  9. Hi mopperle, are you peter? Which software should I reinstall. Michael
  10. OK, turn off crash detection in FSX. It is one of the most useless and poor simulated features in FSX.
  11. Guten Abend, habe gerade den teaser von Europe3 gesehen. Die Regionalisierung gefiel mir sehr gut. Ich freu' mich schon drauf. Viel Spa├č beim weiterentwickeln. Gru├č Wolfgang
  12. Hello Julian, It's great to see you following in the footsteps of many a flight simmer my friend! I agree with Mathijs, CFD will be a great tool for this and many other flight sim learning opportunities! I am in the process of establishing an Aerosoft CFD Captains Group, and these guys will come from different time zones and there should be one or more of them online to fly with fairly regularly. They will be able to teach a lot about flight planning, flight planning tools, flight monitoring tools, how to find, use and understand charts, operating our Airbus, and flying on VATSIM, and so much more. This will be more of a community than one time thing, with special CFD Group Flights, closed meetings with key people in flight sim, etc. We already have six volunteers for the Captains program, who are all very experienced Airbus drivers and VATSIM pilots. I'll begin working with in the very near future, and we will hopefully launch this (make available for Aerosoft Airbus customers) sometime in September of this year. In the meantime, I recommend you get a good Charts package, go through them, and use Google for anything you don't understand. Flight sim at this level comes close to matching the real world, so any flight sim or aviation related websites and videos (of which there are a TON) not only apply, but will be very helpful to you. I hope this proves helpful to you my friend!
  13. Yes, i'm flying the Twotter (just tried again).. everything seems ok. and then you get the crash! message in the green bar on top. Indeed, the same thing as if you crash your plant into the ground or aganist a building. The screen frrzes and Crash! apperars in the box. And the image is the cradt still up in the air, nothing around... I use Visual Flight Scotflight vol 1,, fly out of EGPH (edinburgh), and after about 10 minutes it happens every time
  14. I am presuming he has 'crash detect' enabled and something is triggering it. Seems to me this is more likely a problem with a particular scenery than with the aircraft. Personally I have never bothered with crash detect, I don't think it really adds much even when it works.
  15. I am running out of ideas. The cause is simply, P3D can't get write access. Something on your system is blocking that.
  16. Perhaps we could organize a Connected Flight Deck session for that. Would be cool to have one person fly and explain while the rest sits in the cockpit and watches.
  17. As far as I can hear and compare it to our own recording it is pretty accurate.
  18. You mean the aircraft behaves as it is crashes into something?
  19. Have you read the manual about the fact there are some issues with that?
  20. I am also not a fan of dirty aircraft. It is often overdone and you remove a lot of the 3d effects.
  21. Thanks My friend, I have a simple i7 8700k with a 1080Ti (but sometimes use my i7 2700k with a 980Ti) running at stock (not a big fan of overclocking). I do however run this baby at 3840x2160 4k, nothing else special. I do however may drop the images in a photo editor to darken or brighten the image as some platforms may tend to over/under expose the atmosphere. That being said I enjoy the images that you put forth as yourself and @edetroit keep the FSX and FS2004 platforms alive
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