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The Jet Age Lounge is the place where Pilots, Chief Engineers, Stewardesses and Jet Mechanics gather to share the stories from flights of long ago, from another era. If your a Former Pilot or any of the "above mentioned", your welcome to Join, and share your Flight Tales from the 1940's 1950's 1960's 1970's 1980's Feel free to sit at the Bar and grab a drink and share those Flight Tales !! of course "Flight Simmers" are welcome too ~ !! The Jet Age Lounge is located in Las Vegas (ICAO: KLAS) , not far from McCarren Intl. Airport, Las Vegas Nevada The Jet Age Lounge offers 1/2 off Drinks of their Famous internationally known "Jet Fuel" , Wednesdays thru Saturdays !!! Come Join , tell other Pilots and such ! LOOK out the Windows and watch the Jetliners Depart & Arrive,,,,, Yours truly, Capt. Jetranger

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