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About This Club

Discussion and events for Shared Cockpit / Connected Flight Deck. Sponsored by the Online Virtual Pilots Association (OVPA), who has been promoting shared cockpit with developers and within the community for 12+ years. The small group of OVPA members have over 12,000 hours of shared cockpit flight time, have worked with several different developers on creating and testing shared cockpit capable aircraft and provided support for customers. Membership in this group does not constitute membership in OVPA, but members of this group can ask questions directly of OVPA members, learn more about shared cockpit flying, and participate in OVPA open shared cockpit events on VATSIM.

  1. What's new in this club
  2. The focus of the this year's Flight Sim Web Conference is Shared Cockpit, and we'll be looking at the three top Shared Cockpit aircraft and speaking with the developers. For more information on attending this free conference please follow our facebook page at:
  3. Welcome to Stefan, Simon, @WoDi, @Helle43! We'd love to hear from you, and any interest or experience you have with Shared Cockpit/Connected Flight Deck. If you don't mind, would you open a new post under this topic and tell us a little about yourselves, your flight sim / Shared Cockpit experience, and what you're looking for in the club? By your photos I can already see that we have a lot in common (same age group)!!! Looking forward to meeting you!
  4. For those who may not have seen them yet, OVPA wrote several different guides for shared cockpit. You can find them in the THIS LINK. Most of the guides are fairly technical and detailed and for the most part should cover everything for setup and troubleshooting (as well as a few other things), but if you still have questions after going through the guides completely feel free to let us know. Best wishes.
  5. There are many General Aviation aircraft which are partially for fully Shared Cockpit capable, however this post will focus on Airliners with this capability. I do not count DeskPilot as being Shared Cockpit as both pilots can't operate aircraft systems at the same time and of course it requires mapped keys to operate those systems. Hopefully PMDG will see the light sooner or later and provided Shared Cockpit for their aircraft. Thankfully Majestic, Aerosoft and TFDi Design saw the light and other developers are following suit (please don't ask as I'm not at liberty to reveal any more information at the moment). Below is a table of Shared Cockpit Capable aircraft that have a virtual cockpit as of 08/29/2017.
  6. Hello everyone! My name is Dave, and I've been blessed with enjoying flight simulation for over 30 years. During that time I've witnessed many terrific changes in our hobby and had some absolutely wonderful, fun and even exciting experiences - all of them memorable. I've been flying and promoting shared cockpit in the flight sim community for over 12 years and personally have over 6000 hours flying shared cockpit, with much of that being testing shared cockpit aircraft for developers. I am the founder and current director of the Online Virtual Pilots Association (OVPA) which was created 12 years ago with the primary focus of developing and flying shared cockpit. I've worked with many developers, chief among them is Aerosoft, Majestic and REX, but Aerosoft is where I primary hang my hat as I have never found a developer/distributor more devoted to flight simulation and more dedicated to their customers than Aerosoft and in particular Mathijs Kok. OVPA and other Club members are here to discuss Shared Cockpit flying and help people in any way that we can, and I look forward to meeting and discussing this incredible genre in flight simulation. *** Shared Cockpit - Really, Truly As Real As It Gets! ***

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