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Community of people who enjoy flying the Aerosoft CRJ, who want to take their CRJ experience to the next level, who want to learn more about (flying) the CRJ or who want to help others with anything related to the CRJ.
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  2. @simpilot2450 Same problem for me, in fact you need to increase/activate the radio volume. Try to move the VHF1 and 2 knob on the audio panel.
  3. Lost ATC voices after installing the 1.0.5 update. Any suggestions??
  4. This is the first aircraft I really enjoy flying by hand my SID to transition. I did this with others, but the most fun have is with CRJ. You have to trimm a bit, but it is do well controlable.
  5. Always fantastic tutorials dude! Well explained and to the point. There’s a section in the main CRJ forums that’s a library for videos on the aircraft if you also want to post some content there: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/1088-videos-reviews-articles/
  6. Over the last few months the Aerosoft CRJ550/700 for MSFS has quickly become my favourite aircraft in the sim... But the learning curve is a steep one especially for those going from the A320neo! Upon release, I worked to create some useful tutorials however over the course of a few months Aerosoft have really smashed the updates and squashed some bugs (ILS for e.g.) and thus - I have re-recorded them! 3 Episodes covering everything from Cold & Dark through to Shutdown for a simple flight from Manchester to Rotterdam, using everything I've learnt from a real CRJ pil
  7. Hi, I should not say this to not be lucky next flight, but, I had one and first flight from Goeteborg to Budapest with no Arcraft related issue, only the pilot did mess up something (forgot to get rid of the weel chocks e.g.) Thanks to my FSX experience with CRJ I had not to learn from scratch. It went down the ILS, but I flew the rest by myself, and it´s so nice to handle to touch down. So fingers crossed, but basically, superb aircraft, if any glitches, it will be solved. Peter
  8. Well it appears no one wants to respond to my query so I have posted it in the Aerosoft Forum. Hopefully someone there doesn't get ticked by neo pilots.
  9. Still stumbling around my CRJ trying to get it to stay in the air so I tend to have to reload my scenario often and when I do I have to re-enter the entire FMS FPLN. Is this normal? Also it seems that since my update I lost my nosewheel steering with the yoke. Not so much a big deal I am more inclined to think I am doing something wrong. Would appreciate all the help I can get. Thanks Tom V
  10. I‘ll check on my next night flight (but I admit I do prefer daylight flying…)
  11. Soorry to use this topic for my lighting issue. The CRJ has very poor lighting with Taxi/Landing lights at night. Barely visible. Di you have a similar problem?
  12. You won’t need to fully delete the flight plan in the actual aircraft. You may however have to reconnect the last waypoint on the flightplan to the first fix of the arrival. When they give us an arrival change when we are already on the arrival we will normally have to re-sequence the FMS as it will normally keep navigating direct to whatever our last fix was followed by a discontinuity.
  13. Hi Matthew, A question for you: when I import a flight plan from SimBrief, it comes with departure and arrival runways. The arrival part is separated from the rest of the route by a discontinuity. I usually close that discontinuity during cruise in oder to see my complete route in the Nav Display. Sometimes (too often!) ATC gives me another runway for landing. I then look up that runway on the DEP/ARR, pick a transition and hit EXE. I usually end up with all kinds of confusing weite lines drawn on my Nav Display. How is this done correctly? Mus I first man
  14. Sorry to hear that! Do you use Navigraph? Maybe updating the sim and CRJ to the latest cycle helps…?
  15. OK, let me ask again: - from where did you get MSFS? - from where did you get the CRJ?
  16. I'm glad some guys are getting good results. For me, not so much. Had to do a complete re-install, but mine was like 2.36 GB. CTD while loading the aircraft. I removed all the 3rd Party Liveries and am able to start from C&D, taxi and take off, fly the downwind leg, but no LOC nor GS capture on the ILS, followed by a CTD on short final fully configured. There's another thread which I posted on and am watching. Hopefully this gets resolved. The CRJ is my currently my favorite aircraft, so this experience has been disappointing.
  17. I am eagerly awaiting to get in the air and try it out. Thanks Aerosoft. Tom V.
  18. It works beautifully now!
  19. I installed via MSFS Marketplace. As a matter of fact, the only option I had was a complete re-install, with a 1,8GB download. Once in the plane I checked the throttle calibration. Nothing I needed to do. My old calibration was still there and it worked just fine. Flying: Like a charm! - GS capture works - no more zig-zagging en route - no more center of gravity / load issues - better ground handling I always liked the CRJ, even with the glitches. But now I‘m really impressed! What a superb plane! Well done, Hans!!!
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