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Community of people who enjoy flying the Aerosoft CRJ, who want to take their CRJ experience to the next level, who want to learn more about (flying) the CRJ or who want to help others with anything related to the CRJ.
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  2. There's a ton of shops on shapeways that take requests...especially if you have the model, hint hint ^^
  3. This is very cool. Unfortunately I don't have access to a 3d printer. I do have the CM3 and love that you can customise the detents.
  4. It's suggesting that from ENE you need to self vector to the procedure so sync the heading bug, go to Heading Mode and then turn the aircraft using that to navigate round to intercept the ILS 🙂
  5. My Navigraph Navdata Center 1.0 detects the CRJ, and I just press the add-on package to install/update Airac.
  6. You are wrong, we are not talking about MSFS data, but the CRJ's navdata
  7. You don‘t need to update the AIRAC manually. The FMS data manager doesn‘t work with MSFS but Navigraph released an app to install and update navdata. https://forum.navigraph.com/t/navigraph-navdata-center-released/133
  8. OK, in case of MSFS it can not be installed automatically by the FMS Data Manager. In the Navigraph Forum there is a post how to do it manually.
  9. I opened Navigraph FMS Data Manager. It says I have no addons mapped. I performed a scan and it found nothing. I purchased my CRJ through the marketplace in MSFS and I was able to update it to 1.0.9. What do I do now?
  10. If I want to fly into a small airport (e.g. KAUG) without STARs and connect with ILS17, how do I enter this into the FMS? I loaded the SimBrief flight plan and I got discontinuities between the last waypoint and the runway. SimBrief Flight Plan: DCT CREEP DCT KLYNE Q29 JHW Q84 PUPPY Q822 ENE DCT Flying out of KMGY going directly to waypoint CREEP. That seems to work okay. But how do I connect waypoint ENE to ILS17 at KAUG?
  11. If you have a valid Navigraph subscription you can update the navdata in the CRJ via the Navigraph FMS Datamanager.
  12. Well, I got notified that there was an update. Do I have to do something to update the CRJ? I have the Navigraph FMS Data Manager, but I'm not sure what to do.
  13. I've run into this a few times. SimBrief will use a STAR that I can not find in the CRJ FMS. Example: Flying into Portland, Maine (KPWM), SimBrief used the STAR CDOGG4 connecting with ILS runway 11. However, the CRJ FMS could only provide CDOGG3, which Navigraph knows nothing about. I imported the flight plan from SimBrief and had discontinuities I couldn't fix. I'm pretty new at this. Can anybody enlighten me? This is the flight plan from SimBrief: DCT KLYNE Q29 JHW Q82 PONCT DCT CAM CDOGG4 I'm coming out of KDAY. They don't have any departure SIDS. You just have to fly direct to some waypoint like KLYNE. That seems to work okay. The CRJ FMS had a discontinuity between CAM and ILS11. It could not use the STAR CDOGG4.
  14. Thanks for your answer Herman. I Agree, Except it can create some confusion for customers seeing patch notes and looking for the related version, asking to support etc.. ( me for example but i'm pretty sure i'm not alone here ) . Now i know that i must wait for the patchnote ( /loop) ... joking The more appropriate white smoke should be official post in new release i guess.
  15. No, it's not yet released yet. (as of 0630 UTC August 10). As for release of the patch notes early, why not? They simply say what will be fixed as a minimum, and lots of people want to know this information now instead of waiting for the software to be written and tested. True, many patch notes come out when the patch does, but there's no reason why, as above, they can't come out early too. You don't write patches that are "done" at some arbitrary date (like last Friday) and then do notes for what you've managed to fix. Releases often work that way but not patches. Patches fix (or try to) issues in releases.
  16. Hi, i saw some patchnotes but it looks like it's not yet released ? ( i have no update notification on the store and after an uinstall / reinstall of the CRJ it's still in 1.0.5) Anyone confirm ? If so, it's strange to post "patchnote" way before releasing the module ( except if the module is avail outside the MS store )
  17. My advice: don‘t bother with complicated flight plans at the beginning. Just fly the same route between two airports (not more than 50 miles apart) again and again. Just use the CDU to input departure and arrival airports - no complicated flight planning. After 3 flights you will know that route by heart, and some flights later you will start getting the CRJ! I remember how I did EDDF-EDDS back and forth at least 20 times for training, and each time I achived a higher level of control over the CRJ. Believe me: the day will soon come when you won’t struggle with this beautiful bird anymore, but instead enjoy how it handles… Good luck!
  18. Hi, I just made this for my throttle to have 3 "clicks" for Climb / Toga / Max thrust positions. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4912467
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