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Community of people who enjoy flying the Aerosoft CRJ, who want to take their CRJ experience to the next level, who want to learn more about (flying) the CRJ or who want to help others with anything related to the CRJ.
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  2. Thanks to the kind assistance of a real CRJ captain, Hans has been provided with V speed data for airport elevations up to 10,000 feet, which I assume will be incorporated into the EFB in an update.
  3. I would like to have an answer too on that. Its strange...
  4. In the Skywest Captain Videos which I enjoyed a lot and those by The Dude, in the REAL CRJ's the PIC in the Safety Checks has to verify the aircraft is safe to fly and all manuals are onboard. Wanting to follow the checks as in Real Life, I spent a few hours first on Google and then in Excel creating a "real" Technical Log that can be filled in; converted to a pdf and then selected by key stroke along with the FOM and the QRH manuals with a program called KV10 which will display them on the screen. I am going to continue working on the Technical Log which BTW is a real CAA-NZ document I fou
  5. Would love to fly around in this livery for flight ops in Nepal: - CRJ 700 - Shree Airlines - 9N-AMO Pics:
  6. Hello everybody! Ditto. I am having the same ILS reliability issues as mentioned in this forum. Has Aerosoft indicated that they are working on a "fix" for these ILS (GS) issues? I've been searching in the forums and have not seen anything to this regard. I really enjoy flying the CRJ from Cold & Dark to Descent, but always the approach/landing is a hit or miss when trying to engage the APPR for GS. The LOC seems to work well, but I've tried several things as recommended by some YouTube tutorials (i.e., cycling to NAV/APPR and disengaging the AP and reengaging it, capture the GS while desc
  7. I noticed lately that some of the passenge announcements are replayed double, they sound like there is an echo effect. Anyone noticed that as well?
  8. Version 2.0 available with an updated FCP template for the Bravo. New feature: ALT/HDG/SPEED/CRS1 knobs can now be accelerated for faster changes by toggling a switch.
  9. Yes, I'm still having issues as well. Same as you but in to KSFO. LOC/GS captured then never followed the rest of the descent. A/P disengage and manually landed. I enjoy "flying" the needles but it is a little frustrating that I cannot take it to minimums without taking control. Hopefully it is "fixed" soon, because I am enjoying the heck out of this aircraft.
  10. Although this is for a CRJ 200 (except the last video which is a CRJ 900), thought it still was pretty interesting to see a full flow in a real plane in a series of 17 videos... 1 Required equipment and documents (CRJ 200): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JAaMmwcxk7g 2 Safety check (CRJ 200): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xbQQT7Swpvg 3 Originating (CRJ 200): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKaEvHQICDA 3.1 Originating check forgot the standby RTU check (CRJ 200): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UrfAehTjwmA 4 Prestart (CRJ 200): https://www.youtube.com/wa
  11. Revisiting this subject: I very much like flying the CRJ - crossed Europe in it on something like 20 flights, each roughly 1h long. Unfortunately, the ILS is still a hit and miss thing. On one landing, it works flawlessly, on the next it does not (usually it fails to capture the GS). I did some tests today at Nis (LYNI), which has an ILS approach for RW29. I came from LYTV and followed the approach procedure to the best of my ability. LOC was captured and followed, but GS was never captured (even though it was indicated in Green on the PFD). I had to disengage the AP, d
  12. Axis and Oh's Templates for Aerosoft CRJ 550/700 Hi! I already posted this in the official discussion forums, but I was requested by one of the community managers of this club to post it here as well . Here are a few Axis and Oh's templates for Aerosoft CRJ to use with the Honeycomb Alpha Yoke and Bravo Throttle Quadrant. The following templates are provided: ASCRJ_YOKE_HCALPHA ASCRJ_TQ_HCBRAVO ASCRJ_FCP_HCBRAVO Additional RPN scripts are also provided to customize your hardware setup. Link: Flightsim.to • Axis and Oh's Templates for Aerosoft CRJ
  13. Hey all! I've been working on a template using LVAR's for AxisAndOhs for use with the TCA controllers and thought I would share it here. I'm super happy with how this all worked out and after messing around in the demo version of AxisAndOhs for a while, after getting this all set up I decided to go ahead and buy the full version. Very happy with how it all turned out! Even managed to work a way out to emulate using the throttle levers and latches to start the engines! Here is a video showing the controls added through AxisAndOhs. If you watch the full video that will give you the full setup fr
  14. I confirmed that DME arcs (everywhere) got accidentally broken. It will be fixed for the next update.
  15. The Bombardier documentation available to the developer regarding V speeds only went to to 6000 feet. I believe they are trying to obtain data for higher elevations.
  16. If it helps, I can confirm the above, had the same issue and removed some of my community liveries and that fixed the problem.
  17. I had the same issue. in my case the root cause was a community livery. at least after removing them it worked again.
  18. What altitude are we talking here? I didn’t realise the EFB took into account altitude but that could be a factor.
  19. Hm, neither Little Nav Map, nor Navigraph nor Simbrief on my end likes AKAN3A. Am i holding it wrong? I suspect it's because the newest AIRAC has changed things but this makes following this from the tutorial --- When you seek support, we might ask if you have followed this guide and exactly at what point things on your screen do not match with what you expect from the text. Please be as exact as possible in that! --- kind of difficult for a "newb" like me, hehe. Well, i try it out wit
  20. My V Speeds will not automatically calculate at high altitude airports. I've read the manuals, cleared out my community folder, tried different weights and set the altitude first in the cabin pressure. At low altitude airports it's fine. Am I doing something wrong?
  21. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  22. It currently being tested at Microsoft and will be released asap. This might take a couple of days though. It's out of our hands for now.
  23. The CRJ has not been updated in the MS Store yet.
  24. does anyone know if CRJ has been updated in the ms store , it's just that I'm not at the computer thanks 🤔
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