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Community of people who enjoy flying the Aerosoft CRJ, who want to take their CRJ experience to the next level, who want to learn more about (flying) the CRJ or who want to help others with anything related to the CRJ.
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  2. @tankieboy I had the same issue after installing the module using Aerosoft one. Little search and i found the folder needed. Its in the folder you selected to install the CRJ into. In my case: D:\Aerosoft One Library\Add-ons\msfsSteam-3a12-AS15238\gameDirectory~Community\aerosoft-crj\Work_Defaults Just tested it and it works like a charm. Happy flying **EDIT** It worked for my 1st flight, but not for my second. I was puzzled since i deleted the flightplan from tmy D drive folder, but it was still in the CRJ. Another search found the folder mentioned by the earlier posters (in the package folder) was now created. Somehow it copied my flightplan from the folderon my D drive to the one in the package folder. Changed my simbrief downloader folder to his location and now it works like it should
  3. I'm using MSFS with the Aerosoft CRJ and am having an issue with approaches that define a waypoint by Fix/Radial/DME plotting 180 degrees off from where they are suppose to be. Example LFSB ILS Y Rwy 15 has a DME arc interception waypoint labeled D13.3BLM. This is suppose to be a waypoint defined as 13.3 miles from BLM on the 271 radial. It is showing up as a point 13.3 miles from BLM but on the 091 radial on the opposite end of the airport. Just to be sure that it was not a one-off problem, I loaded up the LFLC ILS V Rwy 26. It has a waypoint D14.0CFA that is suppose to be 14 miles from CFA on the 208 radial but plots on the 028 radial instead. I've tried other aircraft. Some stock MSFS and some developer mods. And they both plot correctly. I also thought that it may be an issue with DME Arc approaches in general but on DME Arc approaches that define a waypoint as the intersection of two radials, these plot correctly. Not sure why this is happening.
  4. Ah gotcha, your problem then makes more sense. Unfortunately that seems to be an issue specific to the Marketplace version. Hopefully they can adjust this for the future!
  5. @BobbyFuzzyThank you for trying to help, you're the first person to respond with a comment other than "Noted." I have posted in the CRJ support forum and that was the response I received. Anyways, to respond to your suggestion...the CFG for the CRJ is encrypted and users are unable to make edits. For the record, this was purchased within the MSFS marketplace. Rumor has it, at some point (past or present) you could have purchased it through Steam, and at version was unencrypted. I haven't seen any evidence that it was available on Steam so I was unable to verify this.
  6. Thanks I didn't really consider this a support issue... More a concept procedure issue. I know MSFS ATC isn't great, however I'm not ready for prime time (Vatsim or other "live" ATC). The biggest issues are flight level instructions vs. the FMC especially on approach.
  7. I do not believe the CRJ officially supports the in-game flight planner or ATC due to it's custom flight plan manager, however, your approach seems sound to try and make the best use of this. It's worth bearing in mind that the default MSFS ATC is not great at best [in my experience] and I would say it's entirely possible the issues you're having would occur regardless of the aircraft. Final note, this is the CRJ club and not a support forum, you may often get your question answered more comprehensively in the official support forum - this forum is not frequented by the devs or support staff, for the future - Aerosoft CRJ - AEROSOFT COMMUNITY SERVICES
  8. I have been loading SinBrief flight plans into both MSFS and the CRJ FMC. One so that MSFS ATC will have some idea what I'm doing and will let me file as IFR. Two so the FMC knows what I'm doing. Is this ok? I've noticed issues on approach and was wondering if there is a conflict caused by loading the flight plan into the sim and the FMC. Thanks.
  9. Hey @Muuvie, you've posted here in the CRJ Club which is not really for support but I'll try and help you here anyway. Recommend posting on the main CRJ Support forum if you want help in the future. The atc_model line can be added to the aircraft.cfg. Just open the file in notepad and add it. Funnily enough I have an older version of the CRJ package on my system and found that this file used to have it on there, it seems the more recent models had this removed for whatever reason. Here is a screenshot anyway if you want to copy:
  10. The Aerosoft CRJ-700 is not compatible with 3rd party economic that utilize the 'atc_model' line of the aircraft configuration file. The 550 has this and works fine, I do not know about the 900/1000 as I have not tried them yet. I can not locate the CFG file to make this 3 second edit, I assume I am unable to access this file for some reason. Can we get a fix for this please? I bought this model for this specific purpose, and I don't really want to go through the return process. Thank you!
  11. I'm having trouble with the light switches. I can map them to control the lights but the switches in the sim do not move when switched on the Alpha. Any suggestions?
  12. I don't think so. I believe the CRJ will create these folders once it has been launched at least once. Have you been into the sim and loaded in with the aircraft yet?
  13. Having issues location the work folder to import Simbrief it was working back before the 1.06.xx patch but now it is gone...Can I just add those folders to the location?
  14. All, I looked and don't have this location. I did at one time and had it working, When I did the 1.06.x.x update it broke it. Can I just add the aerosoft-crj\work folder to the location?
  15. Hi, thanks. Yes, I use the method mentioned above and it does work in the sense that it inputs a flight plan. However, this method doesn't allow me to request IFR clearance. If I import a flight plan from the map screen before starting the flight, it all works great and I am able to file an IFR flight plan. However, it would be nice to arrive at my destination and then load in a new IFR route. Is there a way to import a plan into the flight computer which allows for me to request IFR clearance? Thanks!
  16. Hi Paul, You can import a SimBrief flight plan into the CRJ's FMC as shown in this video: and you can import the same flight plan into the MSFS flight planner as shown here: Unfortunately, it's not currently possible to do this all in one move, or for the CRJ to look at the MSFS flight plans. Regards, Filbert
  17. Hi all, I recently picked up the CRJ 550/700 and it's quite enjoyable so far. I want to be able to import from Simbrief, and I did look up how to do that (typing the origin and destination in and pressing "Execute), however this doesn't seem to import it in such a way where I can then request and be directed for an IFR flight plan within FS2020. I tried doing this a few times, even setting the weather conditions so that I would have to navigate via IFR. Is there an alternate method to this, or am I going to have to learn to put everything in manually? Thanks!
  18. There's a ton of shops on shapeways that take requests...especially if you have the model, hint hint ^^
  19. This is very cool. Unfortunately I don't have access to a 3d printer. I do have the CM3 and love that you can customise the detents.
  20. It's suggesting that from ENE you need to self vector to the procedure so sync the heading bug, go to Heading Mode and then turn the aircraft using that to navigate round to intercept the ILS 🙂
  21. My Navigraph Navdata Center 1.0 detects the CRJ, and I just press the add-on package to install/update Airac.
  22. You are wrong, we are not talking about MSFS data, but the CRJ's navdata

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