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We are running new tests. Please do NOT use Discord as a medium to talk to us, we do not monitor it for support. Please ONLY connect with the files that are updated today!
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  2. disregard this post found all the liveries right here in the download in forums and work fine with cfd.
  3. just first want to say it works very well, with exception to a few bugs. after testing with my buddy we noticed that we can only get a "connected" if in default livery from aerosoft. even just testing by myself will not connect with inibuilds liveries or ones from the aerosoft downloads(atleast the few i have tried). is there a config fix or something else i can do to make this work? also when testing between the two of us we were both using the same a319 united livery from inibuilds. p3d v5
  4. I'm pretty sure it wil not work, and if it does it won't work for all the aircraft functions. Best wishes.
  5. Hi i have friend that haves P3DV5 and i have P3DV4. do wee need to have the same sim for running it or well be working as we have the same addon? cheers
  6. Hi! Working on the issue. Should be solved soon. Will let you know.
  7. Been a little while now, can only hope that the issue is being resolved soon.
  8. Having the same problem. I remember that being the case in summer 2020.
  9. Well, atleast its not on my end then. Lol! Lets hope for a fix
  10. Not the only one having this issue. Hopefully the aerosoft team get onto this and resolve any issues quickly
  11. Having the exact same problem, Did a flight with a friend of mine a few weeks ago, all was great. Attempted another flight today and getting the same problem. Hope they can fix this quickly.
  12. Hey. Anyone else experiencing issues with CFD? Last Saturday I did a flight with a friend of mine, everything worked to perfection. A320/321 Professional. We're using P3D5. Then Sunday, suddenly, pressing "Create" or "Join" or whatever, didnt do anything. Its not creating a session, not joining one. Just doing nothing. It does show "CONNECTED" in the bottom left corner, though. Any advice? Really strange...
  13. Connected flight deck won't work for me either!
  14. Hi, On my MCDU I am able to do the first step> connect to server, (the left side of MCDU), but when trying to push buttons of start a session, or join a session, nothing happens. I have updated, I have reinstalled, nothing is working. Have marked off A3XX connect pro in the config, + aktivitated A3XX connect pro. When opening P3Dv 4.5 this panic log is created: couatl v4.0 (build 4475) panic log started on Mon Mar 22 17:04:10 2021 problem raised by addon <unknown> Traceback (most recent call last): File ".\common\__init__.py", line 255, in onSimStart
  15. Hey there, Yeah I'm still having brake issues with CFD. After reading few a few threads it seems FSUIPC is the get around. But then also, Aerosoft have said they fixed it in the update, which doesn't seem to be the case (for me anyway). Whats everyones thoughts on this? Cheers
  16. Hi guys, I just saw an article on FSElite regarding the CPDLC inclusion of the A330. The author also shows a changelog of fixes, improvements or new features. One point: Improvement: Disabled the function where toe brakes automatically released the parking brake This note brought me to the idea of testing the CFD brake issue which is still up-to-date for me and a friend, trying our best to get the A330 up in the air in one cockpit (We do both not own rudder pedals). Good thing is that obviously, the problem of not beeing able to release the parkingbrake once it is set has be
  17. It's a well known issue never fixed, for months now.
  18. Hey, 1. I've read a lot about this error, where P3D would CTD and this error showing, and yes I also read that it has to do with my own windows or so. I however only have this issue when flying CFD. As soon as I start a flight alone (in any of the busses) it all works fine. Only when flying CFD it crashes to desktop (fairly often), showing this error. Was this reported before that it only shows this error when flying CFD? 2. To fix this issue, what of the Redistributables do I have to delete and reinstall? I have a lot from 2005-2019, in another post I read I
  19. Hi Dave, I opened another topic for that, since it was not quite the same problem I suppose. Greetings!
  20. Hello, me and a friend have a problem, where when he is the one taxiing and brakes, they don't release, when he stops pushing the brake button. Neither of us have rudder paddles. When I taxi and brake, it brakes rather normally. He braked, the plane stoped and the brakes couldn't be released. What can be done? Both of us are in Prepar3D V4.5 (latest version) and have the newest experimental update on the busses (it's on all of them we tried). Edit: Could it have something to do with that he apparently uses normal brakes and I use differenti
  21. The parking brake issue is resolved. If you fly CFD offline you should be good to go. Don't try and fly CFD online however as the radios are not sync'd in any respect on any of the Airbus Professional series aircraft (A318-A330). Best wishes!
  22. Hi Dave, any update on this? Wanted to fly CFD with a friend and we had the problem (however only when he was taxiing, when I was taxiing, it worked normally)
  23. It`s passble in 330 but have little problem,(if load payload and fuel after connect it have chance will CTD in V5,but V4 not CTD at all,and other like the radio problem)hope can keep up and fix that. But it`s cool and hope will update to full function.

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