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We are running new tests. Please do NOT use Discord as a medium to talk to us, we do not monitor it for support. Please ONLY connect with the files that are updated today!

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  2. We just tested the A319 and it seems most switched do have the ability to sync up but its extremely intermittent weather the data actually gets sent to the PM/PF. its either really slow or doesn't sync until something that does sync gets pressed. Its nowhere near the same as the 330. I would say this makes the small buses unflyable in CFD until they are of the same standard as the 330 or better. its extremely hard to pinpoint what does and what doesn't sync up since its so intermittent and seems to either take a long time to realize buttons have been pressed or it doesn't realize at all. is this something other would agree with or do people actually have the small buses working really well in CFD? during the 330 test we did we did find that at some points it seemed like messages were not being passed but a lot less noticeable than in the small bus. Do the servers sometime have issues or could it be a firewall issue or something? I can direct ping my partner with 30ms and no packet loss. we have had a successful flight in the 330 but never managed in the small bus due to not being in sync enough. were in the uk both of us so wouldn't expect it to take so long to send and receive from the aerosoft server. these tests were done at 2200z so would not expect our or your traffic load to be so high that it could cause this.
  3. we found that using the handle to release the parking break and make sure your hardware is the same and setup the same worked. if i now release with diff brakes then my partner has to tap his to deactivate them his end. its easier to just use the PB command to disconnect not the foot brakes.
  4. how did you fix the brake issue? Me and my mate have a problem where the brakes are stuck on differential and we cannot get them off unless he restarts his whole p3d
  5. Is this still a file needed to get CFD to work in the small busses.
  6. No Problem at all, Say good evening to them for me and just thanks as well for trying.
  7. yeah, we're very sorry about that my friend. It's 8pm for our IT staff, and while I can't say for sure, I don't think we'll have it back up this evening - but maybe! If I hear back from them, I'll shoot you out an update. Very sorry for the inconvenience.
  8. Thank you very much, I've just spent the last 20 mins trying to connect
  9. This is usually in indication that part of the server code has stopped so I doubt there is anything you can do about this. I'll look into this.
  10. Airbus A320 in P3D v4.5 and cannot create a CFD session at all. I can connect so it shows 'Connected' in green by LSK6 but clicking the Create Session key does nothing at all. Any ideas how to resolve this?
  11. Pushback worked great for us i used GSX as PF and i mean it just moves the partner with me sooooo.
  12. did a FD the other night to test all the updated stuff in the 330 me and my friend agree its better than ever before with just the pausing when you touch the flood lights and a few other very minor non issues which are overcome by making sure we confirm thing and good crew management. We had a strange brake desync but we are sure that was a hardware issue we have fixed. One question we had was are the baby buses at the same standard all on the latest beta updates.
  13. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  14. Cameron, Support for CFD is done via the Support Forum rather than here in the Club. If you still need support you can create a post in the Airbus Professional/Support/Connected Flight Deck Forum, and PM my a link to your post. Best wishes!
  15. Hello Ollie. The reason for the issues you're having is most likely the other person's ping to you or their internet speed in extremely low. You don't need the Hotfix if you have the latest version. Support for our Peer to Peer CFD (FSX and P3Dv3 only) is in the Connected Flight Deck section of the Airbus X forum rather than here in the Club. There are also Shared Cockpit Setup and Troubleshooting Guides located in the CFD Forum. Best wishes!
  16. Hi, On PF everything is smooth, controls fine, when I switch to PM, controls are sluggish and my aircraft jumps in the air sometimes. Also, I couldn't get the IRS to align or the autothrottle to engage (autothrottle button went to green, no "Max flex or Man toga". Are these known issues? Lastly, I saw a post from this guy: I have the latest version,, do still need this? Many thanks, Ollie.
  17. Good afternoon guys and girls, anyone having issues with syncing both cockpits, both of us connected correctly to the server (it seems) but only things were both able to see working are the throttle and side sticks. Both running P3Dv4.5 and up to date installers and hot fix. Regards Cameron
  18. I have to add to this mate and I found the following along with 1 and2 above. 4. parking break stops working and won’t re connect when you turn on APU and disconnect the GPU. 5. push back sync doesn’t work at all. We can’t seem to both push spent 2 hours on trying to get it and gave up. 6. started to taxi and flight route deleted itself had to abort takeoff. that’s all I got for now. I hope someone can help.
  19. Can only agree, exactly what happened to us as well...
  20. Hi, After a couple of problems we finally where able to complete a flight. Everything was going well we quickly learned what is synced and what not. We flown the whole flight but on final we saw that we were quite desynced. I was aiming for the runway but he was more then 2nm of. The GPS coordinates what we checked where not the same anymore. How can this happen and what can we do to fix it? The panels are synced but the whole airplane itself isn't Below picture is us at Vatsim. I am the circle as i was connected as observer and he as flying aircraft. Right his screen when i was on lined up with the runway. Greet Jasper
  21. First of all congratulations for the release of the A330 it is truly a very welcome addition to my hanger. Just some problem that me and my friend encountered. INTEG lights cause simulator to pause Parking brake does not set for both of us engines don't start for both us MCDU/sync displays. What does it do? APU, AC panel, Batteries don't display properly Tables don't extend The printer does not print radios display don't switch on or off MCDU is very buggy in regards to the display This is only how the aircraft behaves under shared cockpit. Other wise when using it as a single pilot it's perfect
  22. Hi. I found that same as you for number 1 and number 2 as for number 3 thats because the internal lights are causing it. The way to stop that is too turn on the internal lights (on the pedestal) and then connect up. That will stop the pausing. However myself and my friend had quite bad lag issues.
  23. Recently, I started trying out the CFD in the A330 and I notice multiple bugs that I hope can be fixed 1. APU start/stop does not sync 2. Cabin lights do not sync 3. The sim keeps pausing after connection and we have to constantly press P to resume It's barely functional and i cant seem to find workarounds

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