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    BAW Airbus A320 IVAO London Gatwick to Jersey round trip
  4. Are you checking all the text channels,? Robert has responded to users several times. Development has certainly not stopped but Robert also has to work on other things. CFD is a very important part of our Airbus, and we invested quite heavily in our proprietary technology to power it. Best wishes.
  5. Good news, it just seems like development has stopped because there hasn't been an update in that channel for nearly 2 months.
  6. In addition to what Emi and Secondator said above, you can also find more timely updates on the Aerosoft CFD Discord Server where our CFD Developer Robert not only monitors, but also provides updates (in the "aerosoft updates" text channel on the server). Best wishes!
  7. Hello Mayerflyer and luke, Meyerflyer, I have read all the issues you have posted, thanks for reporting them. We are currently aware of most of the remaining CFD related issues and trying to work our way through them. But of course always appreciate user reports as well if we had missed anything. Even if we don’t always reply, know that we are monitoring these forums and rarely any bug report here goes unnoticed. CFD project is still alive and well and we still have more plans for it, so stay tuned
  8. CFD is simply still in development, once it is released in full you can be sure to recieve full support for it.
  9. It seems like work has been completely dropped on CFD which sucks because it had tremendous potential.
  10. Is it normal for this forum to not receive replies? I am a little bit dissappointed that I received not a single reply to my 9 threads I opened. It took my time to report issues I found and help you improve the CFD. I expected at least a "Thanks for your report, we'll check that." but no reaction at all.
  11. This facebook group is for italian speaking people who want to share airbus cockpit
  12. Me and @waltervizzi this morning performed a flight from EDDL to LFMN. CFD works quite well. That's the bugs report: 1. FUEL LOAD NOT SYNCHED Captain loaded fuel but only for his plane. That caused engines shut down few minutes after T.O. for both planes. It's very important that both PF and PM load fuel on the plane. So we did in the second flight attempt 2. RADIO FREQUENCIES NOT SYNCHED Both pilots must select the stand by frequence and only after that switch to activate it 3. MCDU NOT PERFECTLY SYNCHED Somethings work and something no. Both pilots must align and do other stuff. Pay always attention to MCDU 4. DOORS Our first flight attempt failed due to doors not synched. PM had got doors closed while PM had got cargo doors opened. In the second flight attempt doors were synched. So before start engines check doors status. 5. BARO QNH NOT SYNCHED Both pilots have to set qnh Unfortunately we have to report managed speed issue. During cruise managed speed suddenly drop to 117. So this bug is still there whatever aerosoft says about it. It's a random issue but still present. When we experienced the bug we saw that cruise ecam page was not more present. So it's like approach phase self activated.
  13. The current version is Connected flightdeck an error. Can you tell me how to fix it?
  14. I understand. Once clean installed and tested, if the problem persists, I would like to issue a support ticket. Thank you for your kindness.
  15. Actually, either MCDU can signal the alignment. It's not necessary to do it on both. Also, the PDs and NDs are fully syncronized Something must have gone wrong with your install, a P3D issue, or their are some Windows issues or other systemic issue going on. I think the best to do is to ask you to put in a support ticket and have one of our specialists take a look at this with you by going to My very best wishes for a quick resolution.
  16. Thank you for your response. The FPS was about 30 to 50 for both the PF side and the PM side. Also, I changed the P3D version to V4.5, but there was no change in symptoms. I solved the problem that PFD and ND display are not synchronized by the following method. Is this method correct? 1. The PF side initializes the IRS with the CDU on the PF side. 2. The PM side initializes the IRS with the CDU on the PM side. Also, PFD was synchronized, but there is a difference in speed and altitude between the PF side and the PM side. (Speed is about 4 knots, altitude is about 300 feet difference) Is this a known issue?
  17. Sorry to hear that you're having problems. The problems you noted are likely due to either low frame rates or an installation that did not go as planned. These issues don't exist on my system or those of many others. I'm leaning towards frame rates. Can you tell us what you're frame rates are when these issues occur? Additionally, I could encourage you to move from P3Dv4.3 to v4.5.
  18. I tried ver with A320x-A321pro. (P3D v4.33) There are the following problems. APU Start Switch Does Not Synchronize Display of PD and ND does not synchronize The PF side displays normally but the PM side remains unchanged from the initial display. Radio power switch does not synchronize Elevator trim wheel behaves strange. For now, syncing PD and ND is the most problematic. Thank you.
  19. In CFD, tje elevator trim wheel behaves strange. It always seems to jump back. We are only able to set the correct trim before departure when the PM spins the wheel quite fast. I do have the feeling, only with fast spinning I'm able to set the correct trim and can override this "trim blocking". As soon as CFD connection is closed, the trim wheel behaves normal again.
  20. When turning off the autopilot, in normal flight the "brt ... brt ... brt" sounds three times. In CFD, the sound comes up 6-10 times.
  21. PF deploys the speed brake and it works. But after retracting it slowly and completely, the speed brake stays deployed. Only after quickly deploying it again and quickly retracting it with a small input, it correctly retracts and the "SPD BRK" dissappears in the ECAM. "Dual input" in the CFD settings is disabled. I think, the speed brake axis is not included in the dual input setting. So it seems, the speed brake axis of the PM and PF are interfering. As all other axis are deactivated for the PM, it should be disabled for him, too, or there is some other small issue with the speed brake axis in particular in CFD.
  22. PF enters the route via flight plan menu. He now enters the SID, let's say the ANEKI9L out of runway 18 in EDDF. He then clicks onto the ANEKI in his flight plan to enter the waypoints after ANEKI. When he does so, it says on the top part of his MCDU "DIRECT FROM ANEKI", which is correct (before selecting the right button the enter the menu, where you can enter the waypoints and airways). But the PM sees "DIRECT FROM EDDF" in his left MCDU. It works nevertheless for both pilots. Only the naming of this particular MCDU page is wrong for the PM.
  23. Would be great if we could see, if the connection is running. Atm, the green connection comes up directly after setting connection to on. I would expect a sign somehow, if the PM is connected to the PF, so only, if there's a connection between two pilots. I guess, it's supposed to show connection, when connected to the Aerosoft server, but it would be great if there would be an additional sign of a connection between two pilots to be sure, you are really connected to each other.
  24. I don't know if the APU sync function has to do with a setting in your Aerosoft CFD server, but when we started flying with CFD, the APU START switch was not synced. Last week, the sync suddenly worked for 2-3 days out of the blue sky. But yesterday it wasn't synced anymore on both flights we did. So just fyi. If you changed settings in your server, there has been a setting that made the APU START switch sync work, but it didn' work as of yesterday evening. Maybe it has a different explanation anyway...
  25. I was PM, my friend was PF. During descent shortly before levelling of at FL110 on approach to LSZH, I as PM saw a target speed of 171, as if the approach phase was already activated. But the approach phase wasn't activated an we flew in managed speed mode. My colleague's display showed 250kt as target speed and the speed held at 250kt as expected. Please see screenshot below of my Airbus display. There seems to be a kind of sync error between us. After my PF switched to selected speed (250kt), my target speed was correct throughout the remainder of the flight. It only happend in descent during approach together with managed speed. Both using Other than that, we had no major sync issues and we even got the absolutely same weather using AS4 in the same AS4 version.
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