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We are running new tests. Please do NOT use Discord as a medium to talk to us, we do not monitor it for support. Please ONLY connect with the files that are updated today!
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  2. Well, CFD_A330.cfg worked. As I said above, it's exactly the same file as CFD.cfg but with a different file name. I re-tested CFD.cfg to see if it was a coincidence, and the server just happened to have been reset in the interim, but no - CFD.cfg showed [NOT CONNECTED] and CFD_A330.cfg connected first time. I can't quite believe that the A330 Professional has shipped with an incorrectly-named file because I imagine you would have had hundreds of support requests and that this would've been fixed by now. But at the same time, we could've saved ourselves four hours of struggling if we'd installed the aircraft and had a CFD_A330.cfg rather than a CFD.cfg! So this is probably something that could do with being fed back to whoever needs to know about it for some testing and some fixing. Cheers, Filbert
  3. Thanks for the reply Dave. I wouldn't dream of killing the messenger. 😄 Someone has now sent us a file called CFD_A330.cfg, which is identical to CFD.cfg apart from the file name, and now we're both able to press connect and connect to the server. We haven't had a chance to actually see if we can connect to each other yet but will be testing it out this evening. I'll let you know. Cheers, Filbert
  4. The OVPA Guides won't help you for the Sever Based Connected Flight Deck which is used with the Airbus Professional aircraft. Being unable to get a connection with Server Based CFD usually means the CFD server is down. Unfortunately, you can count on this occurring from time to time. The only way to correct this is email support@aerosoft.com and ask them to reset the server. If this occurs during a weekend then it will be nearly impossible for the server to get reset until the following week. DO NOT KILL THE MESSENGER on this subject, I'm only explaining how things are. Best wishes to you my friend.
  5. Hello, I've spent the morning trying to get CFD to work on the A330 but to no avail. I think I have read every thread under the sun about this, and have tried the following: Every step of the OVPA guides, including forwarding ports 6881 & 6882 on UDP (and TCP as someone suggested this was required). These are given as the ports to forward for the FSX/P3Dv3 version, but no ports are given for the 64 bit versions in the guide so perhaps these have changed? Every step of the "Airbus Professional Uninstall and Reinstall Procedure" PDF Connecting via Hamachi (which I know isn't recommended, but which some people seem to have had some success with). We were able to connect to each other and ping each other successfully. We both have installed and there were no experimental updates available in the AS Updater. We're both running P3D v5.2. The issue is as follows: When either of us goes to the CONNECTED FLIGHTDECK page of the MCDU, we see [NOT CONNECTED] no matter what we do. We are able to toggle CONNECTION between ON & OFF. Neither of us is able to create a session (clicking the CREATE SESSION LSK does nothing). Connection type can be toggled between PF & PM. Seat Select, Sync Displays & Dual Input are not toggleable. I'm not sure if they're supposed to be. I've attached my CFD.cfg file (which I'm pretty sure is as it's supposed to be) and my CFD_Log.txt Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Filbert CFD.cfg CFD_Log.txt
  6. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  7. Alex, since we haven't heard back from you, I'm going to close this thread hoping that your issue has been resolved . If you need further assitance with this particular issue feel free to PM me and I will open this thread back up for you. Best wishes.
  8. Sorry to hear you are having difficulties. I'm the author of the OVPA Guides, so I'll be happy to try and help. First, excellent choice on the Majestic as well as the Airbus! I was on both development/test teams, and they are terrific aircraft. I have one question before we get started. There are three different versions of the Aerosoft Airbus, and the last two are the only ones with Connected Flight Deck (CFD). The versions are the Airbus A318/A319 and A320/A321 for FSX/P3Dv3, and the Airbus Professinal (also comes in the A318/A319 and A320/A321) for P3Dv4 and P3Dv5). The OVPA Guide applies to only the FSX/P3D version which uses a Direct Connection for CFD, while the P3Dv4/v5 "Professional" version uses server based Connected Flight Deck. Which version of the Airbus are you using?
  9. Hello! I am kind of lost with the situation... in fact I follow the whole CTD guide made by OVPA. I open my ports, I check my security, I double, triple check my ports into my firewall. I did check the CFD.cfg file into documents (if it was broken). Nothing looks incorrect but I keep getting no result, when I click connection [ON]... nothing happens and the message [NOT CONNECTED] is showing. My CFG_Log and my CFD.cfg in copy of this post. I have no clue.... the Majestic Software system is working like a charm, and with Aerosoft product, it has been impossible for me to make CFD feature work. Can you please help me? Alex CFD_Log.txt CFD.cfg
  10. Version Does anyone know why it can't connect?
  11. where did you found it? on the updater? or in forum?
  12. disregard this post found all the liveries right here in the download in forums and work fine with cfd.
  13. just first want to say it works very well, with exception to a few bugs. after testing with my buddy we noticed that we can only get a "connected" if in default livery from aerosoft. even just testing by myself will not connect with inibuilds liveries or ones from the aerosoft downloads(atleast the few i have tried). is there a config fix or something else i can do to make this work? also when testing between the two of us we were both using the same a319 united livery from inibuilds. p3d v5
  14. I'm pretty sure it wil not work, and if it does it won't work for all the aircraft functions. Best wishes.
  15. Hi i have friend that haves P3DV5 and i have P3DV4. do wee need to have the same sim for running it or well be working as we have the same addon? cheers
  16. Hi! Working on the issue. Should be solved soon. Will let you know.
  17. Been a little while now, can only hope that the issue is being resolved soon.
  18. Having the same problem. I remember that being the case in summer 2020.
  19. Well, atleast its not on my end then. Lol! Lets hope for a fix
  20. Not the only one having this issue. Hopefully the aerosoft team get onto this and resolve any issues quickly
  21. Having the exact same problem, Did a flight with a friend of mine a few weeks ago, all was great. Attempted another flight today and getting the same problem. Hope they can fix this quickly.
  22. Hey. Anyone else experiencing issues with CFD? Last Saturday I did a flight with a friend of mine, everything worked to perfection. A320/321 Professional. We're using P3D5. Then Sunday, suddenly, pressing "Create" or "Join" or whatever, didnt do anything. Its not creating a session, not joining one. Just doing nothing. It does show "CONNECTED" in the bottom left corner, though. Any advice? Really strange...

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