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We are running new tests. Please do NOT use Discord as a medium to talk to us, we do not monitor it for support. Please ONLY connect with the files that are updated today!
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  2. It's a well known issue never fixed, for months now.
  3. Hey, 1. I've read a lot about this error, where P3D would CTD and this error showing, and yes I also read that it has to do with my own windows or so. I however only have this issue when flying CFD. As soon as I start a flight alone (in any of the busses) it all works fine. Only when flying CFD it crashes to desktop (fairly often), showing this error. Was this reported before that it only shows this error when flying CFD? 2. To fix this issue, what of the Redistributables do I have to delete and reinstall? I have a lot from 2005-2019, in another post I read I
  4. Hi Dave, I opened another topic for that, since it was not quite the same problem I suppose. Greetings!
  5. Hello, me and a friend have a problem, where when he is the one taxiing and brakes, they don't release, when he stops pushing the brake button. Neither of us have rudder paddles. When I taxi and brake, it brakes rather normally. He braked, the plane stoped and the brakes couldn't be released. What can be done? Both of us are in Prepar3D V4.5 (latest version) and have the newest experimental update on the busses (it's on all of them we tried). Edit: Could it have something to do with that he apparently uses normal brakes and I use differenti
  6. The parking brake issue is resolved. If you fly CFD offline you should be good to go. Don't try and fly CFD online however as the radios are not sync'd in any respect on any of the Airbus Professional series aircraft (A318-A330). Best wishes!
  7. Hi Dave, any update on this? Wanted to fly CFD with a friend and we had the problem (however only when he was taxiing, when I was taxiing, it worked normally)
  8. It`s passble in 330 but have little problem,(if load payload and fuel after connect it have chance will CTD in V5,but V4 not CTD at all,and other like the radio problem)hope can keep up and fix that. But it`s cool and hope will update to full function.
  9. Hello all, Me and a friend was doing a CFD from Frankfurt to Heathrow in the latest version of the A320. We connected well, I was PF, he was PM, and en route we went to FL300 and direct to DENUT. After entering DENUT in the DIR TO page, the FMC data completely disappeared! The speed was dropping and we were on stall speed, I was entering DENUK by mistake, and I ended up taking control as it wasn't recovering out of the stall. The route was re-entered from DENUT manually, so I managed to do DIR TO DENUT, recovered the speed and altitude and all seemed well.
  10. Did our first flights today with Crossplatform v4 and v5 and it worked so far so good, really nice. Only strange thing what append was that the Aircraft was turning to the left without input from anybody. Only strange thing is that radio panels will not be synced :-S Really cool
  11. I solved it as well by removing the Axis Assignments from P3D completely and assign the left and right Brake Axis in FSUIPC. Works much better anyways. For Joystick/Pedal brakes: in FSUIPC Go to Axis Assignment -> detect your brake pedal -> Send direct to FSUIPC Calibration AND tick LeftBrake below! Then in tab Joystick Calibration look for the Left Brake (direct!) and and press [ Set ] -> here you can alter the slope and finetune stuff. Same for right brake pedal of course. For keyboard key assigntment: tab Key Presses -> press the key you want to assign -> first pull do
  12. Trying to fly with the A330 in connected Flight Deck setup and we run into this problem as well. Both have version Maybe you could add an option to disregard brake input as currently it is not working at all.
  13. It is ver1.3.1.0. Even if you press both Create and Join, it does not respond.
  14. Good day! I have a little problem. When I or PF activate reverse, on ECAM not seeing for PM (Recerse Green), or not. And other problem is who should edit something in FMGC? PF or PM? Best regard!
  15. Greetings, I and my friend are trying to fly CFD together on the A330 newest update. First we had the Brake issue but now we got another one. If the master pushes back the slave doesnt move. While he also got the parking brake ect off. And the same. It only doesnt move. Does anyone know an fix for this? Greetings Rohaim.
  16. Greetings, I and my friend are trying to fly CFD together on the A330 newest update. First we had the Brake issue but now we got another one. If the master pushes back the slave doesnt move. While he also got the parking brake ect off. And the same. It only doesnt move. Does anyone know an fix for this? Greetings Rohaim.
  17. I read the changelog and I didn't find that brake issue fix. Do you confirm it is fixed? (I didn't have time to try yet...)
  18. And if possible, can you add new option on A320? Settings of ND and PFD for F/O only in right panel, as on A330. and next, what we are seeing, that FMGC is freezing, when we both clicking here. But I click LEFT MCDU, he click RIGHT MCDU
  19. That brake issue is solved (with many others) in the next update.
  20. That is a known work around for Brakes, but not the Parking Brake issue which raises it's head about every 3 to 4 flights or so. One used to be able to hit the toe brakes to clear the parking brake issue, but it doesn't work with the latest iteration of the issue. But compared to the other CFD issues, it's a minor one.
  21. we found a desicion of problem with brakes. Both pilots need set axis left brakes and axis right brakes on keys via FSUIPC and will be okay
  22. Yes, you probably will. Connected Flight Deck has so many serious problems that it's not worth even attempting, and because of a server change it's not possible to go back to an older version. I honestly don't know what is going to happen with Connected Flight Deck, but I would completely ignore it unless you here something different from Mathijs.
  23. if we will use only keyboard button, will we have this problem?
  24. Mathijs told me today that we hope to do some more work on Connected Flight Deck next week. That's all I can say at the moment.
  25. My friends, Please accept our sincere apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Our failure to get back to you is anything but typical. I don't have answers to your questions and the person who does has been on travel and otherwise out of the office, but I believe he is due back soon. I've sent him an email with a link to this topic, so hopefully he will reply here very soon. Again, please accept our sincere and heartfelt apology. Yours truly, Dave Hodges

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