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We are running new tests. Please do NOT use Discord as a medium to talk to us, we do not monitor it for support. Please ONLY connect with the files that are updated today!

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  2. Affirm. i have those numbers in the CFD.cfg. I tried on both of my computers. one is windows 10 and does NOT connect, other is windows 7 and does connect properly. both on the same network. to people that have the connection problem, could you precise if your OS is Win 7 or 10?!
  3. Hi Is your CFD.cfg file, located in Documents/Aerosoft/ correct? It should look something like: 0 3 6900 10 Cheers Pete
  4. Hello everyone ! :-) I have still the same problem, I have the latest version of A330 and I'm in P3D v4.5... Any ideas ? I try to check on Internet but I only see people downloading "himachi" or something like that... But I already heard that was not a good idea. Take care and thank you ! :) Best Regards
  5. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  6. Neither have we, because there is no P3Dv5 version of the aircraft out (yet). We'll try soon and publish the results. I'll say this though, I'm not at all hopeful. We have trouble getting the same changes into different versions of the Airbus, so if the code is different (different changes and fixes) between the two aircraft on two different sims then a CFD session might only work partially. Anyway, it's a "to be tested" thing right now.
  7. We are aware of the problem. For now when it occurs, simply switch back in MCDU3. We are working towards (but no promises) people being able to join a flight in progress automatically, however until we are able to sort this out a bit more try the following: 1. Pilot Flying: Pause the flight, save the flight, and send the saved flight files to the other person. 2. Second person loads into the same flight, allows the aircraft to stablize, pause the sim, and then connect to the CFD Session. 3. Both people un-pause the sim. Note: Two days ago we were able to load into an existing flight directly by positioning the second person at an airport close to where I was flying, but it took some time and extra work to get some systems sync'd up, and later on the aircraft FCU seemed possessed changing course and speed by itself, and selecing and changing vertical speed. We still don't know what that was all about. Bare in mind that CFD is still in Beta. I hope this is helpful to you.
  8. Hey just thinking about P3D v4 + v5 versions. Will therer be a possibility to connect between the both sims? (haven't tested it yet tbh) Cheers Bernd
  9. Hi Guys, I can see that the guidance is to sort out Pilot roles after connection but is there a way to force connection as PM please? The behaviour we have seen is that whatever you selected before joining a session, the joining pilot always becomes PF. We have also noted that it looks like the settings, including location, come from PF. The reason for asking is that although when starting a flight both planes are clearly in the same location, sometimes it would be useful to join a flight in progess. For example yesterday we had the PM sim crash during descent so PF completed the flight on their own , it would have been nice to be able to rejoin but we didn't as when the joining pilot becomes PF (as it seems to do each time) I assume the aircraft in flight would jump back to the location for the the new PF as this seems to be the behaviour observed when we ran a couple of tests on the ground using the same airport but different locations. Thanks Pete
  10. Hi. Have you tried just starting the APU individually before connecting? Not totally cold and dark I know but would mean most of the the set up could be done together.
  11. Please help this is ruining the experience for me and my friend, we always have to start from taxi state and its not fun
  12. thank you Dave for your help and good Sunday
  13. Guys, I verified that we're still having an issue with the Differential Brakes in Connected Flight Deck. Things work fine so long as both parties (Captain and F/O) have rudder pedals with Toe Brake Axis assigned, but if one or more people do not have Toe Brake Axis then the Brake Command is constantly sent to the aircraft, thus making it impossible to move or set the parking brake (the latter is normal). We're working on this, and hope to have an update out really soon (via the ASUpdater). I will also let you guys know in this thread when it's been fixed. My deepest apologies for the inconvenience, and my greatest thanks for your terrific patience with this! For anyone who posted here or suffered this problem, send me a PM and I'll be sure to include you and your CFD Copilot (or provide you with one) for a very special Connected Flight Deck event coming soon. Best wishes!
  14. That's the point, i've only the A330 this is why i don't have the CFG inside the Documents. I have putted your attached CFG, and now works well. Tank's a lot for your time, i really appreciate it. For every other think or test i'm at your disposal
  15. Okay, I have a handle on what's going on. There are several issues, and can quickly assist those who experience them. This has been a little complex to track down given that some people have one or two versions of the Airbus Professional aircraft such as the A318/A319, the A320/A321, the A318/A319/A320/A321 Bundle, and the A330. Plus some people download the installer(s) from our shop while others download them from elsewhere. From what I've seen last night when troubleshooting this (took over 3 hours) and this morning (only took about 1.5 hours), there are several different issues and they affect people differently depending on what Airbus products are being installed and where the installer came from. Installers The A318/A319 Installer does installs the old CFD.CFG file, which will not work with our new servers. If you open this file contents shown in the screen shot below then you know you have the wrong file, but it's easy to resolve. If you own more than one Airbus Professional product then please keep reading as there is more important information. I'll provide the resolution at the end of this post. If you installed only the A320/A321 then you get the correct CFD.CFG file. This file works for all versions of the Airbus Professional (A318/A319, A320/A321 and the A330). The A330 Installer does not install the CFD.CFG file at all. For those (like me) who installed each product in order (A318/A319, then the A320/A321, and finally the A330, the correct file was present because the bad file from the A318/A319 was overwritten by the A320/A321 Installer, and since the A330 didn't install the file at all it the file from the A320/A321 install wasn't touched so it was good so long as you installed the A320/A321 before installing the A330. We are still investigating another possible issue with an installer from another shop. This is based on one customer who had many different folders and files fail to install despite having the Anti-Virus disabled during the installing. We are not ready to say the installer was bad, it very well may be that the customers Anti-Virus was simply too aggressive. We are still investigating this, but if you have many missing folders/files from the Documents/Aerosoft/General folder then please let me know via Private Message. RESOLUTION: Below is the correct CFD.CFG file. Simply place this file in your Documents\Aerosoft folder and you should be able to connect to a Connected Flight Deck session. I'd like to thank you guys so VERY much for your patience with this. Given it was a weekend we were not able to respond and investigate this as quickly as we normally would. I also want to offer my most sincerely apologies for any inconvenience you experienced. Here is the correct file: CFD.cfg Best wishes!
  16. Hello Same problem for my friend I have installed A320 and 330 He only has the Airbus A330.
  17. Guys, Hold tight, I will have an answer for you in about 30 minutes... I'm going through a series of uninstalls and reinstalls. Many thanks.
  18. Something going wrong, i've only a part of your file, during a installation where you have put the direcotry installation? @peteb101 This is mine
  19. Looks like you are sorted now which is good news but it if helps others, here is my folder and cfd.cfg file contents
  20. Also fyi, this only happens when switching from External Power to the APU. This issue doesn't happen when we land and change from engine power to APU.

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