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  2. Good afternoon guys and girls, anyone having issues with syncing both cockpits, both of us connected correctly to the server (it seems) but only things were both able to see working are the throttle and side sticks. Both running P3Dv4.5 and up to date installers and hot fix. Regards Cameron
  3. I have to add to this mate and I found the following along with 1 and2 above. 4. parking break stops working and won’t re connect when you turn on APU and disconnect the GPU. 5. push back sync doesn’t work at all. We can’t seem to both push spent 2 hours on trying to get it and gave up. 6. started to taxi and flight route deleted itself had to abort takeoff. that’s all I got for now. I hope someone can help.
  4. Voice via discord (English) I am looking for someone who wants to fly. Observers are welcome.
  5. Can only agree, exactly what happened to us as well...
  6. Hi, After a couple of problems we finally where able to complete a flight. Everything was going well we quickly learned what is synced and what not. We flown the whole flight but on final we saw that we were quite desynced. I was aiming for the runway but he was more then 2nm of. The GPS coordinates what we checked where not the same anymore. How can this happen and what can we do to fix it? The panels are synced but the whole airplane itself isn't Below picture is us at Vatsim. I am the circle as i was connected as observer and he as flying aircraft. Right his screen when i was on lined up with the runway. Greet Jasper
  7. First of all congratulations for the release of the A330 it is truly a very welcome addition to my hanger. Just some problem that me and my friend encountered. INTEG lights cause simulator to pause Parking brake does not set for both of us engines don't start for both us MCDU/sync displays. What does it do? APU, AC panel, Batteries don't display properly Tables don't extend The printer does not print radios display don't switch on or off MCDU is very buggy in regards to the display This is only how the aircraft behaves under shared cockpit. Other wise when using it as a single pilot it's perfect
  8. Hi. I found that same as you for number 1 and number 2 as for number 3 thats because the internal lights are causing it. The way to stop that is too turn on the internal lights (on the pedestal) and then connect up. That will stop the pausing. However myself and my friend had quite bad lag issues.
  9. Recently, I started trying out the CFD in the A330 and I notice multiple bugs that I hope can be fixed 1. APU start/stop does not sync 2. Cabin lights do not sync 3. The sim keeps pausing after connection and we have to constantly press P to resume It's barely functional and i cant seem to find workarounds
  10. Hello. so myself and a friend have tried shared cockpit on the 330 over the last few days. We have come up with some issues to log. 1. myself and friend not syncing properly. This is the biggest issue we are having. For example if one of us is on the taxiway the other one will be either to the left or to the right. as the flight goes on this gets suddenly worse. By the end of the long haul flight when on finals the below will happen, the pilot flying will be on centre line for the runway, the pilot monitoring will be way off as show below, we are both using same version of p3d,same scenery etc etc 2. When we put the internal light on it causes issues, keeps pausing the sim and makes the cursor go crazy ( we found a workaround for this you have to turn on the light before connecting) 3. The apu, fuel pumps, and batteries are not synced we both have to put them on ourselves if we could sort out the first issue I think its a "lag" type of issue then it would be fantastic, alas in its current state is unusable. Id be more than happy to see if someone wants to connect up to mine to see if they are having the same issues.
  11. A friend of mine and I did now 3 flights and after some "start issues" we were able to finish everyflight. I think, CFD is still a WIP, most of the reported issues have we seen also on our flights: - APU Start sometimes work, sometimes not. Workaround: We are doing the APU Startup parallel. - the pressure is not working [..] Cant confirm that. On all 3 flights we had no issues with the QNH but we both are using the same weather engine. - We recognized if we both work in the MCDU, the MCDU stuck always for one of us. Meaning: 1 is not be able to do any input anymore in the MCDU (doesnt matter 1 or 2). Only a complete reload of the Sim is solving this issue. We also recognized sometimes if 1 is setting up the MCDU, it stucks too for some reason. Am I right if the Buttons of the MCP are still only working for the PF and not synced if the PM is doing something? The strange thing here is, that on our 3 flights it works partially. Some suggestion on that point: I would really like it if both Pilots are able to handle the buttons of the MCP, Overhead etc. at the same time and fully sunced. (Is this a future milestone to have this fixed?) For PF and PM I would priorize the inputs from the PF like throttel and spoilers and joystick. We recognized that eg. Spoiler, need to be set 2-3 times till its synced. Not sure this is a input issue or a sync issue. Last flight we changed inflight from PF to PM (1 do the take off and climb, 1 the approach and land). We recognized that the plane was suddenly "jumping" shortly in the air but that just takes 5-6 seconds than everything was ok. All in all, CFD is a REALLY nice feature and we are only planning our flights together cause it is much more fun than flying alone :) We also looking forward for the A330 to do some long flights together :D Keep up the great work. Really nice and exclusiv feature!
  12. Problem found. FTX Vector AEC was set on one machine but not on the other. I set it now, and everything works briliant
  13. Hey all, just tried first time the CFD with a friend. After connecting to with him, my plane jumps into the air and I was 10m above ground. Could it be possible if FS Global Mesh can here create some troubles with height data ? BR Bernd
  14. Airbus A319 British Airways or easyJet Gatwick to Innsbruck at 05:35 and then return to Gatwick. if free more flights
  15. Aerosoft A319 British Airways Gatwick to Innsbruck and back, more flights if people are available
  16. https://discord.gg/WgK5vz7 But know that they are all using the Airbus Pro, until more people with the 32 bit version come around.
  17. Thank you for your answer. I'll post it on the other forum.
  18. Sorry to hear that you guys are having difficulties. First, a little update for you. This Club is for Connected Flight Deck Version 2, which is server based instead of direct connect (like what you're doing), and for The Airbus Professional (P3Dv4 - which is 64-bit). The correct forum for your post is https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/705-connected-flight-deck/ Our forum software does not allow me to move your post to the correct forum (since this is technically a "Club" and not a forum), so if you don't mind, please open a new post in the correct forum, and then leave a link to it here in this thread. Then I will remove this thread, and I will answer your question in the new thread you created. Also, you'll find many helpful posts pinned to the top of the Connected Flight Deck forum for the 32-bit Airbus. Best wishes!
  19. Hello, I am desperate in trying to get Connected Flightdeck on the A320 to work. Me and a friend have tried "LogMeIn Hamachi" as well as "TeamViewer14 VPN". We have disabled our firewall and virus scan. We have put each others IPv4 into the configurator but each time we try to establish a connection via FSXSE it shows "Conn Error" on one side and "Not Connected" on the other. The port 6881 has been opened on both our rooters but nothing works. I hope that someone can help me with our problem, Tim
  20. Thanks very much for these reports, we are aware of them and many are already resolved in the current Beta, and we're working to correct the others and several others. Thanks again! Best wishes.
  21. maybe you have noted this errors, but if it helps, here is wat whe notice in tree CFD whe have done. -apu start button has sync problems. just the start button. we need to push that button at the same time. -antiskid button is not sync. -at certein point of flight the ecam stop sync. at the beginiing of the flight is perfectly sync but after 2 hours of flight the ecam stop sync anymore. same for flaps (but not always) -the pressure is not working ok on the pilot who join the session. So the pilot who create the session pressure works of but for the one who join the session pressure will not work. -radio on/off button is not sync. so both pilot need to turn on the radio at the same time. - the touchdown of the planes are not sync very well. for example. If make touch of 230 ft/m the PM, will have a smother touchdown of 79ft/m. -videocam button and door lock button are not sync. -just sometimes, the mdcu flicker when other pilot add data. but are perfeclty sync and separete. -the MCP panel, sometimes gives flicker or change mode atomaticly. anyway the flight can be done from A TO B with no problems and the experience is amazing. I think the huge work its done and it only need to be polish in a few things. Congrats!
  22. Always welcome my friend! After the next update, please consider joining us on Aerosoft Discord Server where there are 6 Aerosoft CFD Captains and others who are always looking for CFD Flights. In the near future, we'll have some important and rather incredible news about what's going to be taking place there! Best wishes for Happy Flights!
  23. MDCUs are fully separate and sync'd. PAX, Cargo and Fuel should be done after the other person has connected, and all they need to do is select Load Instant twice for the values to register. We will likely work to improve that. There are still a few issues we're trying to work out prior to sending out the update. Best wishes.

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