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  2. Good Morning, Both my friend and I are enjoying the CFD in the A333. We can fly together well and appears no issues. Both use P3DV4.5 and all the same equipment/software. Only issue we have come across is having my friends throttles and my throttles connected at the same time. If we have both our honeycomb bravo throttles connected we get issues with the throttles when taxiing. We hear a clicking noise when in idle and then then my friend increase the throttles (i.e in take off) they jump up and down (presumably because mine are still in idle). Once I disconnect my throttles via the usb as PM all works well. My question is, is there are fix for this as it defeats the purpose of being able to switch between PF and PM and have PM take control of the aircraft when we choose (i.e. after landing like in real life etc). We both have our honeycomb throttles co-ordinated through FSUIPC (with same settings each). The honeycomb yoke and saitek rudders work great so we leave them plugged in, it appears just the throttles cause the issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regards Ben.
  3. With no reaction on my question, in the meanwhile I found this older post: So, as Aerosoft staff has strong doubts that even mixing P3Dv4 and P3Dv5 will work, it will with high probability not work to mix P3Dv4 and FSX.
  4. For an A320 PF and PM seat I would like to run connected flightdeck between two local machines, a desktop PC and a laptop connected by WiFi. The desktop PC runs P3Dv4 and A320 professional, my old FSX and A320 would need to be newly installed on the laptop. Because I have one licence for P3D and one for FSX, I wonder if it will be possible to connect the flightdecks between the two different simulators? All other add-ons like airports etc. I have identically available for both simulators. Will this be possible? Would like to know before the effort of installing FSX...
  5. Nothing you tried would make a difference. It was the server being reset. I'm saying this purely so that others wouldn't bother with doing those things. Sync Displays will sync the NDs between PF and PM Inputs. Dual Input is covered in the documentation, which can be searched by using Control-F. So, basically, it was the server being reset that made the difference. Best wishes!
  6. I also got mine to work, so it must have been the server reset (though I also had to rename the file). We were having problems in the flight deck itself which was solved by changing from static IP in the TCP/IP v4 settings (windows 10 network settings) to dynamic IP. And it seems that the "sync diplays" needs to be off. What does "SYNC DISPLAYS" do? And what does "DUAL INPUTS" mean? Cheers,
  7. The apu switchover still seems to be an issue, only way was having each person start their own apu
  8. All is working now, maybe aerosoft should create a reset server function that happens periodicailly once a day? When loading from the fuel planner and then initiating the load from MCDU3, is the fuel and printout meant to sync accross the connected flight deck?
  9. I'll speak with Florian, I think he was confused between Connected Flight Deck versions. To the best of my knoweldge, there is no need to change any of the configuration files and therefore they should be left alone. There was a time some time ago when, during a period when we were migrating the server and had not yet updated the CFD.CFG files, we advised some guys to temporarily edit their CFG files. This may be what you came across. Instead, please ensure that you are running the latest version of the Airbus. Depending on the version you currently have, you may need to download the latest version, then uninstall and reinstall the Airbus using the procedure noted at: Best wishes.
  10. I can confirm renaming the file has got me connected and I'm able to create a session!
  11. It was an email from Florian Venus I can pretty much eliminate #3 because I’ve tried it on my other computer and it still didn’t work. Can you confirm about renaming the file to get it to actually initially connect, because I can’t even connect. I got it to connect once by renaming it to something with “a330” but then couldn’t get it to actually create the session. Basically it appears if your file just says CFD.cfg then it never connects. If you rename it to cfd_a320.cfg or cfd_a330.cfg then it works but neither allow you to actually create a session, but that’s something that would be on the server end
  12. Well, I'm not sure who told you that Connected Flight Deck isn't supported for P3Dv4 or P3Dv5, but that simply is not true. Please tell me who told you that so I can get with them and bring them up to speed. The original Connected Flight Deck (CFD) for FSX and P3Dv1 through P3Dv3 was Peer to Peer (your computer to another computer). In other words, a direct connection. This version of Connected Flight Deck does not work with the Airbus Professional (P3Dv4/v5). Instead, there is a different version of Connected Flight Deck (same name, just, you know, to keep people confused... )which is server based rather than Peer to Peer, therefore not Direct Connect. Since you cited "create or join a session" and you're using P3Dv4/v5 I assumed that you were attempting to connect via the server based CFD system (via MCDU#3). The server based Connected Flight Deck system uses a Tunneling Protocol, so your Firewall is bypassed and therefore your Firewall settings do not come into play. If you have a working lnternet Connection, the only things that might prevent you from Creating or Joining a Session are: 1. The server needs to be reset again (it frequently does). I'd rank this as 90% or better as the solution. 2. You are not correctly entering the required values in the MCDU CFD system. I'd rank this as 9.9% as being the problem. 3. I've ever seen this in many years of being a computer hardware engineer (in other words, it's HIGHLY unlikely), but you could have a problem with your Network Interface Card Tunneling Protocol, and troubleshooting this is WAYYYY outside of our support and must be done by Microsoft Windows Support or a computer service technician and/or the company from whom you purchased your computer. I'd rank this as .01% of being the problem. Note: Some Internet Wireless Connections (wireless service to your home, not wireless from your router to your computer) prevent or otherwise have issues with Tunneling protocols. If this is the case, then you won't be able to use server based CFD. Establishing a CFD Session (covered in the provided documenation) is a three step process. A. You must first Click to turn on the Connection, and you didn't mention if you were able to get a Green "ON" when you did this. B. Determine User Input Settings (Connection Type, Seat, Sync, Input). C. Create a Session, the pass the Session ID and Password to the other party who will then Select JOIN SESSION. That's it.
  13. You’re the only one replying on here so would never shoot you haha. but even Mathijs said he reset the server and it still doesn’t work, and then another support sent me this “CFD is not supported for the Aerosoft A320 professional P3D version, as written on the product page. ”
  14. It's probably the server needing to be reset again. This is pretty routine, and the only way to reset the server is to email support / put in a support ticket. If you're wanting to fly Connected Flight Deck during an online event, I recommend emailing support 4 days in advance and request they reset the server for you the day before. Do NOT kill the messenger (I mean that).
  15. Yeh same issue with mine. Been told twice by different support that it’s fixed and then someone from support told me it’s not even supported. Seems like no one knows what’s actually going on
  16. Hello, by renaming CFD.cfg to CFD_A320.cfg I was able to get the 'connected' to go green. However I still cannot create or join a session: the buttons do nothing. Any ideas? This is in P3d v5.
  17. Hi Jkatz, I tried renaming to CFD_A320.cfg and that worked to get the green 'connected' at the bottom. From there though I was unable to create a session, so still doesn't work.
  18. This seems to be an ongoing issue. I've read through other posts and tried all the fixes, the contents of my CFD.cfg is correct and still get "not connected" CFD_Log.txt CFD_A330.cfg
  19. This is still an issue, if you use the CFD.cfg file shipped with the A320, it doesn't connect at all. Tried renaming to CFD_A330.cfg like above and still nothing
  20. Well, CFD_A330.cfg worked. As I said above, it's exactly the same file as CFD.cfg but with a different file name. I re-tested CFD.cfg to see if it was a coincidence, and the server just happened to have been reset in the interim, but no - CFD.cfg showed [NOT CONNECTED] and CFD_A330.cfg connected first time. I can't quite believe that the A330 Professional has shipped with an incorrectly-named file because I imagine you would have had hundreds of support requests and that this would've been fixed by now. But at the same time, we could've saved ourselves four hours of struggling if we'd installed the aircraft and had a CFD_A330.cfg rather than a CFD.cfg! So this is probably something that could do with being fed back to whoever needs to know about it for some testing and some fixing. Cheers, Filbert
  21. Thanks for the reply Dave. I wouldn't dream of killing the messenger. 😄 Someone has now sent us a file called CFD_A330.cfg, which is identical to CFD.cfg apart from the file name, and now we're both able to press connect and connect to the server. We haven't had a chance to actually see if we can connect to each other yet but will be testing it out this evening. I'll let you know. Cheers, Filbert
  22. The OVPA Guides won't help you for the Sever Based Connected Flight Deck which is used with the Airbus Professional aircraft. Being unable to get a connection with Server Based CFD usually means the CFD server is down. Unfortunately, you can count on this occurring from time to time. The only way to correct this is email support@aerosoft.com and ask them to reset the server. If this occurs during a weekend then it will be nearly impossible for the server to get reset until the following week. DO NOT KILL THE MESSENGER on this subject, I'm only explaining how things are. Best wishes to you my friend.
  23. Hello, I've spent the morning trying to get CFD to work on the A330 but to no avail. I think I have read every thread under the sun about this, and have tried the following: Every step of the OVPA guides, including forwarding ports 6881 & 6882 on UDP (and TCP as someone suggested this was required). These are given as the ports to forward for the FSX/P3Dv3 version, but no ports are given for the 64 bit versions in the guide so perhaps these have changed? Every step of the "Airbus Professional Uninstall and Reinstall Procedure" PDF Connecting via Hamachi (which I know isn't recommended, but which some people seem to have had some success with). We were able to connect to each other and ping each other successfully. We both have installed and there were no experimental updates available in the AS Updater. We're both running P3D v5.2. The issue is as follows: When either of us goes to the CONNECTED FLIGHTDECK page of the MCDU, we see [NOT CONNECTED] no matter what we do. We are able to toggle CONNECTION between ON & OFF. Neither of us is able to create a session (clicking the CREATE SESSION LSK does nothing). Connection type can be toggled between PF & PM. Seat Select, Sync Displays & Dual Input are not toggleable. I'm not sure if they're supposed to be. I've attached my CFD.cfg file (which I'm pretty sure is as it's supposed to be) and my CFD_Log.txt Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks, Filbert CFD.cfg CFD_Log.txt
  24. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  25. Alex, since we haven't heard back from you, I'm going to close this thread hoping that your issue has been resolved . If you need further assitance with this particular issue feel free to PM me and I will open this thread back up for you. Best wishes.

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