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Mathijs Kok


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Aerosoft A320/A321 & A318/A319 professional
Tuesday, July 23, 2019

This text holds the information we gathered after the manual was created.



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HISTORY Non Experimental, Full new installer, save your liveries!
    Bug Fix: Avoiding CTD in Connected Flight Deck
    Improvement: Finishing GSX2 interaction
    Improvement: Refinements to Connected Flight Deck
    Improvement: Vol1 manual updated Experimental
    Bug Fix: Issue with doors states fixed
    Bug Fix: Incorrect deletion of the DISCON after selecting an approach
    Bug Fix: inHG Altimeter dot added
    Bug Fix: Issues with multiple VORs with same code fixed
    Bug Fix: Prevention of giganormous logfiles
    Improvement: Finishing GSX2 interaction
    Improvement: Demo of VC objects removed
    Improvement: Possible fix for printer issues
    Improvement: Some tweaks to PFD Experimental
    Bug Fix: Fixes in STAR loading via CO RTE
    Bug Fix: excessive COMPANY MSG message after loading a saved flight
    Bug Fix: Issues with cockpit printer corrected
    Bug Fix: Diverse issues in IRS INIT corrected 
    Improvement: Tweaks to PFD display
    Improvement: Added more align IRS time steps
    Imrpovement: A few last items synced in Connected Flight Deck 
    Improvement: ECAM indication changed from "NO PED" to "NO PORTABLE DEVICES"
    Improvement: Multiple changes to speed management
    Improvement: Refinements to GSX2 implementation    
    Improvement: Refinements to Checklists Non experimental
    Bug Fix: Fix wrong calculation of deceleration point in geo descent
    Bug Fix: Several sync issues solved for CFD
    Bug Fix: Fix for doors issues in Turn Around State
    Bug Fix: Fix for incorrect fuel burn from Center tank
    Bug Fix: Retard call prevented on take-off in CFD mode
    Bug Fix: IRS not aligning is some cases fixed
    Improvement: Tweaks to PFD display
    Improvement: 2D MCDU resized to avoid overlapping windows
    Improvement: Tweaks to Procedure Turns
    Improvement: vPilot second radio Rx on/off control from aircraft radio panel added
    Improvement: FADEC logic overauled to prepare for A330





- Use the mouse wheel to control the switches and knobs!


Copyright (c) 2019 Aerosoft / Padlabs GmbH
All Rights Reserved.

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