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Mathijs Kok

Changelog Experimental


Fixed: Updates of GSX2 compatibility
Fixed: Issues with brake fan sounds solved
Fixed: AUTO ELEV value in CAB PRESS ECAM page was always 100 feet too high, now correct
Fixed: CVR GCTRL logic corrected
Fixed: APU RPM corrected for IAE engines
Fixed: CTD issues with print avoided
Fixed: Flaps/trim now corrected reset on runways change
Fixed: Speed/mach and alt values on F-PLN pages corrected
Fixed: Constrains displays incorrectly
Fixed: Display of MagVar for WPTs on F-PLN corrected

Improved: Minor tweaks to PROG and REPORT pages
Improved: Minor graphical tweaks to PFD 
Improved: Minor functional tweaks to PFD 
     added RNP AR capability….L/DEV
     added DH indication
     added MDA indication
     added landing elevation indication
     added tailstrike pitch indication
Improved: Logic behind CPT BARO and ISIS BARO changed
Improved: Print margins 
Improved: ET timers now reset on loading Cold & Dark and Turn Around

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