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    • NVDIA GTX 960 ,,value 7010 nicht erkannt" Problem
      Einmal falsch posten ist wohl nicht genug?
    • NVDIA GTX 960 ,,value 7010 nicht erkannt" Problem
      Und was hat das mit den Aerosoft Mega Airports zutun? Bitte mach dich mit dem Forum vertraut bevor du postest. Oder noch besser: geh in ein dediziertes Hardwareforum zum Thema Übertakten.
    • Airbus macht was er will . . .
      Solche Aussagen verstehe ich nicht.
      Einfach den Schubhebek auf CLB stehen lassen und beim Callout "Retard Retard" auf Idle stellen, flaren und die Kiste landen.
      Wenn der Bauer nicht schwimmen kann, dann liegts an der Badehose.
    • Flights 41 to 50, hug an Inuit at the end of the world
      Finally crossing into my ORBX regions, flying from KPDX to CYVR in the A319. From now I will change to a smaller plane for the legs along the west coast.     Leaving Portland           Approaching Vancouver 10R   On the Runway, and now the airbus will be put in the hangar for a while      
    • Very Bad perfomance in Valencia X
      Mathjis, I don't wish to sound disrespectful, because I have the utmost regard for you. However, I won't mince my words on this subject, so please forgive me if I come across a bit strong. I have in excess of 60 airports, with many bought from Aerosoft. I have been disappointed with some and enthralled with others, however, Valencia takes the biscuit. Talking from my perspective, it's completely useless to me. I have been waiting patiently, like many others no doubt, for it's release. Today I flew in from LPPT, got to within a ten miles and frames dropped to below 10, then the OOM bell began chiming, so I saved the flight, reduced the autogen from dense to normal and started the flight again. The sim was virtually freezing on finals, graphical spikes came up from the ground and eventually the whole sim froze. Please, with respect, don't suggest I need to tweak the cfg and alter the autogen and soforth. This should not be a problem in today's age of efficient design.   I have been disappointed with some other Aerosoft airports due to poor performance, to the point where I have uninstalled them. Great for my bank account, what a waste of money. But I was really looking forward to this release, but being sceptical I purchased it knowing I could make changes to the performance with the control panel (?) Then on installing I discovered there is none! Forgive me but that is rediculous. Whoever develops an airport addon, to this scale, in today's simming world without a control panel. To say I am disappointed would be an understatement.   I think you'll agree, looking at the specs in my signature, more than a capable machine. Autogen set at normal on a machine of this kind returns very favourable performance through most of the rest of my addons. I'd be interested in hearing some thoughts about correcting this scenery so some people can adjust the scenery with a control panel. Having said that, I believe there is more intrinsic issues with the design that cannot be rectified with a control panel, not that I know anything about design, just a hunch. I sincerely hope the eagerly awaited Malaga release will perform better than this, otherwise there will be many sad faces about. Cheers.
    • Twilight Golden
      Fantabulous captures on moody lighting. The shots with the Piper Sport you mean... Hmm, perhaps somewhere in Wyoming? Greetings!
    • NVDIA GTX 960 ,,value 7010 nicht erkannt" Problem
      Hallo liebe Flugenthusiasten, Ich kann meine grafikkarte gtx 960 nicht overclocken. Das ist ein sehr grosses Problem da ich immer die Meldung bekomme Value 7010 ist kein geeigneter Wert .Value sollte zwischen minimum und maximum liegen. Bitte um dringende Hilfe ich kann nur mit 20 bis 30 fps spielen trotz DX10 Fixer.
    • Same question... but help...
      Uninstallef and installed again..  but nothing.. puff
    • Mise à jour airac pour PFPX
      onjour   pour la mise à jour des airac j'utilise Navigraph il y à un abonnement de 9€ttc par moi  avec le Navigraph Ultimate Monthly tu as les cartes les airac les videos télécharge Navigraph FMS Data Manager ce petit logiciel recherche les produits à mettre à jour automatiquement pour pmdg aerosoft pfpx topcat pour evlasoft c'est en manuelle n'utilise pas Navigraph et Navdatapro en même temps c'est la même chose.     
    • unstearable/rolls backward after PB
      Just installed FSX-SE on Windows 10 after having it installed on a Windows 7 computer that pooped out.  I never had the following problem on the Windows 7 computer.   At two airports, Aerosoft's EDDM, gate 222 and a freeware KCLT (don't remember the gate), I used the pushback function through the right MCDU.  I used varying distances of pushback, and when I ended pushback with SHFT-P, I began taxiing and immediately I could no longer steer the airplane and it began rolling backwards.  SHFT-P wouldn't stop the roll backward.  I had to abort the flight.  Putting emergency brakes on would not stop the rollback.     I thought it was just an anomaly with the freeware KCLT airport so I removed the freeware and got Imaginesim's KCLT and haven't had the problem since.  However, just last night I had the problem again at EDDM. I tried a couple of different gates, all the same.  Finally I applied a significant amount of thrust to get the plane going forward and used differential braking to turn the plane.  Of course I couldn't turn very well and ended up off the taxiway, but finally got to 26L.  It was ugly!  As soon as I made it to 26L the steering returned and I took off and finished the flight with no problems.    I noticed from a post in for forums on Jan. 20, 2013 that there was a very similar problem.  If I remember rightly, SHFT-P stopped the rollback.  Not so for me.