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    • It wiil has external air condicional unit support?
    • OK so this going to be very annoying. Ive reinstall scenery (alta,svolvaer,varoy) and I installed in default directory which is root folder of FSX. My SODE version is 1.3.4 Non of this 3 sceneries is working. SODE dont want to re-route to AS folder even is in FSX ROOT folder. I dont have a clue whats going on. Any ideas?
    • This has all started happening after my PC updated itself couple days ago everything was perfectly fine until. It had done a major update which kinda messed up my system.

      I was able to fix it all but then it started to mess up my sim. When I fly usually the first couple hours are good but then after a while the keyboard just shuts off and there is no way for me to turn it on again. I have turned off sticky keys and any keyboard shortcuts so I know thats not the problem. I then am forced to quit the flight and restart my computer as to which now the keyboard shuts off after flying FSX for 1 min now. At the moment I am effectively grounded due to this issue.

      Its really been bugging me after this stupid win10 update I was wondering if I could remove the update without messing up my PC, the 2 updates listed are:

      KB3176936 installed on 8/25/2016
      KB3176934 installed on 8/26/2016

      These problems started happening RIGHT AFTER the update so I know its probably that but im worried deleting these updates will mess up my computer even more, but I want to revert back to the state before my PC was updated with this thing that broke my keyboard.

      I had tried re-installing the keyboard driver software and it didn't help.   Now my keyboard becomes inoperative, such as I can't use the buttons they all shut off like the keyboard goes to sleep but I can still use my mouse and FSX runs fine but I can't land since half my controls aren't working.

      First the ATC button would stop working and then after that the other buttons on the keyboard wouldnfail then the entire thing fails. The only way to cure the issue is to restart the computer.

      This all started happening after those 2 updates, I've deleted one but the other one is still there.   So I've reinstalled the driver software, what I didn't do was disable the sticky keys and shortcut keys. Maybe there was a command to turn off the keyboard and I didn't know, possibly the update could have implemented this. One thing is certain these issues started happening after the update.

      Another thing is that I've been flying Aerosofts A321 but I NEVER had issues with this plane and FSX until the update. I can't really go back to a previous checkpoint because I'm worried it will mess up my files. And freaking Microsoft keeps pushing these updates to me even though they break my games!   However I had discovered numerous errors with the keyboard driver software I believe I have the error on the log. I just don't know what to do I want to fly my plane on FS not deal with this...    I dont know what to do, should I defrag my disk is there a program that can help repair the BIOS because I think thats what messed it up?   I have another game installed Grand Theft Auto V on my laptop to but I can play that without any problem its only FSX thats affected.   Here is the error log.

      Someone PLEASE HELP
    • oh, in meinem jugendlichen Leichtsinn dachte ich mir, diese NVMe werden einfach wie eine PCI Karte eingesteckt. Dem ist wohl nicht so, wieder was gelernt. Somit ist für mich diese Alternative gestorben, denn mein Asus PAGERAM 4 Extreme kennt das nicht. In der Zwischenzeit habe ich XP auf meine PCI SSD kopiert und einmal normal über HDD gestartet und das andere mal über SSD   CPU I7-3970X / 32GB RAM / GPU GTX TITAN 6GB Win 10 x64 XP 10.50r3 (das scheint einiges schneller im Ladevorgang - im Gegensatz zur 10.45 - zu sein) PMDG DC-6 EDDF Alpilot Mesh (Stand irgendwann letztes Jahr) World2XP (dito)   nach jeweiligen Neustart des Rechners HDD : 12 Minuten bis Blick ins Cockpit SSD : 11 Minuten   Das ist etwas ernüchternd für mich und keinesfalls 1400,-- Euro Wert für die angepeilte 4TB SSD. IMO wird es vernünftiger sein, dieses Thema für ein generelles Hardware-Update einfach mal in die Zukunft zu verschieben.   Danke -Uwe                    
    • Luc,   any perf that you got in your hands?
    • Leg 81 : WADD - WIII
      Date : 28/8/16
      Departure Time : 07:47 Zulu
      Arrival Time : 09:10 Zulu
      Aircraft : PMDG B737-8ERW CF
      Planned Route : RABO3C RABOL W33 SBR G461 BA W45 ANY W17N KIDET IMU1A
      Cruise level : FL380   Departing a very rough Bali   ILS29L approach and landing. ATC changed us from the originally expected ILS09L which made for a quicker straight in approach. However ProATC does have it's bugs and assigning us this approach came at a late stage in the flight so there was a bit of a panic reconfiguring the arrival in the FMC. For some silly reason when you enter a new approach into the DEP/ARR page in the NGX it doesn't delete the waypoints from the original approach. Knowing PMDG I'm sure this is exactly as it is in real life, but WHY? Surely when you assign a new approach it should automatically delete the old one? Anyway, I had to waste valuable time deleting waypoints and making sure the new approach was correctly configured.    Parked at gate A7
    • cirurgiao,   1) doable 2) that is the hard point and Dassault is shy on relasing data ... i have very good data on F50 but nothing newer ... 3) part of the 2) for some and only title for the other part ...   is there any performance coming with your falcon7x?   Phil
    • thanks. will check out the reverse thrust key or possible configuration of the joystick. I'm actually looking at replacing the joystick but struggling to find a decent airbus like alternative.   Regarding the climb gate. It is just another thrust position but in terms of autothrust when it flashes 'lever climb', reducing it to the climb gate should put autothrust in climb mode and change the FMA. It doesn't do this.   Any other suggestions?   Thanks  
    • Reverse thrust will have to be controlled via the F2 key (default) unless your throttle will trigger a button (such as other throttles do).  Also, I believe you can use the Registered version FSUIPC to set a throttle range for reverse thrust.   The climb detent is just a position of the throttle, nothing special about it.  If your joystick will reach TOGA, then reducing to climb shouldn't be a problem.  You might have to adjust your dead zone and sensitivity in FSX/P3D Control Settings.   Best wishes.  
    • Die arbeiten auch gerade an einem "großen Update" das sogenannte EFASS NG! Die Beta Phase beginnt wohl schon sehr bald...ich bin gespannt was kommt nach so einer langen Pause :-D   Edit: Beta Phase hat schon begonnen