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  • Posts

    • X - Plane Fehlstarts
      Hallo allerseits !   Gerade fiel mir ein Thema ein....nämlich Fehlstarts mit X - Plane, denn zu Beginn hatte ich solche Probleme und fand aber so manches Bild trotzdem ganz lustig. Solche Dinge passierten nur während meiner Anfangszeit......aber in letzter Zeit nicht mehr. Nun aber mal ein paar Beispiele....viel Spaß !    
    • Aerosoft A330 preview
      How beautiful is to see our new family member, getting shape. This will make the "maiden" flight more special. Congrats Aerosoft!
    • Mein erster Flug....
      Mein erster Flug mit X - Plane 10 war von EDDL nach LSZH ( Zürich ) und dabei muß man über die Alpen..... Also habe ich mir gedacht, ich nehem den Airbus A 320 NEO....   Nun bin ich gespannt, wie diese Bilder gefallen....   Mit freundlichen Grüßen an alle,   Papierflieger  
    • Taxi Fuel
      Taxi fuel, strictly speaking, includes fuel for engine start, taxi to the active runway and APU burn before departure if significant (if you're only running the APU for a couple of minutes prior to engine start, as is standard at most airfields and with most operators, the fuel burn will be negligible but if you're keeping it running throughout a long turnaround it will be -- the A320 APU burns around 130kg/hr and the main thing is that there's no point loading 200kg for your taxi out if you burn 130kg through the APU before you push back). Taxi fuel will is not (measurably) affected by aircraft weight and different operators will have different policies -- some may load a standard figure, others may have collected statistical data for taxi times at different airfields and will load fuel accordingly which could result in some fairly significant savings across a large fleet. Either way, the taxi fuel burn is around 8kg/min for the A320 with IAE engines, so just estimate your taxi-out time and work from there.   As mentioned, contingency fuel is there to take in to account unplanned delays (though use some common sense -- there's no point loading 10 mins of taxi fuel at JFK in peak time if you know you're going to be crawling around the airfield for 40 minutes or more!) -- also bear in mind that you can only use it once and you might just want it en-route...   Fuel for the taxi in is not taken in to account, because it's insignificant. The fuel plan is to ensure that you land (touch down) with at least the minimum 30 minute final reserve in your tanks. Once you have touched down, it becomes irrelevant -- you can burn every last drop in the tanks during the taxi in if you want. So when you are constructing the plan, you are working back from the moment of touchdown.   Single-engine taxi is perfectly safe, approved by Airbus and SOP at quite a few operators (especially taxiing in, and increasingly taxiing out). However, remember that the engines have minimum warm-up times which must be respected (so you will need to plan when you start the second engine on taxi out and if you have a short taxi it may not be worth the hassle), bear in mind any steep gradients and think about which engine you start first (which hydraulic system powers your brakes & steering...?). Some airfields also have a requirement that both engines must be running when crossing an active runway etc.
    • Bergen taxiway lighting issue.
      After updating the V3.3.5 the night lighting is now completely missing.   Any chance an update is coming up in the future to make it compatible?
    • VatSim im 4 Monitor Set-up
      There are a few different options to do this with FSX, but I've never heard of anything like it for X-plane.  The MSFS series has a lot of serious third party development for home cockpit type software, and I've not seen anything like it for X-plane.   My best wishes.  
    • Twin otter extended and F1 GTN
      Count me in for the GTN integration. They second transponder can stay since most have a second transponder. Not sure if it is ever used but I guess that's up to the developers to decide. On another note, the Twin Otter that this product was based on was very unique in that it had an Autopilot. Most Twin Otters have standby attitude indicator in that place or a Sandel ST3400 type unit. I say the best way to upgrade this product is to offer options for the cockpit such as an AP and non AP version. It doesn't seem like there will be much improvement to the Engine simulation to match a well known turbo prop currently on the market, so I think customers will be willing to pay a small upgrade for cockpit options.
    • Wieder mal: Cessna (AirfoilLabs und Default) zieht extrem nach links
      Hallo marexel, freut mich zu hören, dass du mit "deiner alten Möhre" nun zurecht kommst ;-) Die Speicherung im Planemaker darf man nur mit der Standard-Cessna machen, auf keinen Fall mit der Airfoillabs-Cessna. Die Standard-Cessna fliegt danach exakt gerade. Also falls du die weiter nutzen willst und noch nicht ganz zufrieden mit deiner Lösung bist, kannst du es ja mal probieren. Aber vergiss nicht, die acf vorher zu sichern. Die Airfoillabs Version 1.52 läuft bei mir in der Standardauslieferung prima.   Viele Grüße Dirk  
    • IP address changes
      Hello again   Here are the relevant screen shots!   Regards   PBN
    • Samos X
      That fits perfectly to an approach tutorial a friend did a while ago. I flew the approach many times with the freeware and I loved it but with this scenery ... unbelievable!   Keep up the good work Lars and maybe you return to the northern Germany again, after you recreated Skiathos