• ! This Saturday, VFR DAY GERMANY !Diesen Samstag,  VFR DAY GERMANY !!


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  • Posts

    • After takeoff rudder problem
      By Tom A320 · Posted
      Hello jerpap,  are you by any chance under Windows 8 or 8.1? There is bug within the USB stack of these Windows versions. From all the hints on the web only one worked for me: using FSUIPC, which completely omits the Windows USB stack by getting the data directly from the device and pushing them into the sim. 
    • Aircraft Sharing
      By Wolfko · Posted
      It is illegal, because it is against Aerosoft's EULA. If PMDG allows it for its planes, fine. But PMDG's EULA has (thankfully ) nothing to do with the AE Airbusses.
    • PBY Catalina stopping on water?
      By Merlin59 · Posted
      Seem to have corrected my issues on the water. Although I'm still not good at it. Landing is fine but parking it is a nightmare. Big wide open pacific no issues. Tight docks, look out I may redecorate!!       Thanks PatrickZ for the help though.
    • After takeoff rudder problem
      By jerpap · Posted
      Hello everyone!   As in the title I've got a problem with rudder in A320/A321, not only after takeoff but also while taxiing. When I taxi and I want to turn left the plane turns right and when right plane turns left, everything is setup correctly in the controls menu and also rudder works normaly in other airplanes. And now the worse problem, couple seconds after takeoff rudder stucks on the full left or full right position and I cannot do anything to stop this... I can control the ailerons and elevator but not rudder. Even when autorudder is turn on, it happens.  I'm using rudder pedals and logitech joystick and my Airbus is updated. Thank you for your help!   
    • PBY Catalina help?
      By Merlin59 · Posted
      Never mind about the help. I figured it out myself, with a little help from an older post. Thanks to Snave for answering the other guys question which answered mine as well. It was a spelling error in the panel.cfg file. The post was several years old. You think Aerosoft could have corrected it and re upped the file since I just bought it. Oh well no harm no foul, I guess. Great airplane by the way.
    • Aerosoft (DA) CRJ Preview
      By Mathijs Kok · Posted
      I am not 100% sure on these issues, but I am just curious.  As far as I can find there has NEVER been an occasion where gravity deployed landing gear was used in the real CRJ. I did not spend a lot of time searching but I could not find it. Not in the hundreds of thousands of hours (millions?) these aircraft have flown. Why is that feature you feel is important? What would you say if I told you it did have that and if after say 50.000 hours of flight you ran into a situation that needed and it did not work I would refund you. Seems like a solid deal, you get refunded for a feature that we did not even promise! I have said it a few times, but it remains true: ALL airliners make more unscheduled landings because if toilet problems than they do for engine failures and no add-on ever simulated that.ALL airliners make more unscheduled landings because if passenger health problems than they do for hydraulic, electrical and pneumatic failures combined and no add-on ever simulated that.In millions of hours of flight the RAT on an Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321 was only deployed one time (during the Hudson landing).There are dozens of pages in ANY modern airliners systems that simply have NEVER been shown on real flight because the conditions are just too unlikely.Yet many customers feel we should simulate these things. I honestly do not understand that. I love FS because it simulates flight and let's me pretend to be a pilot. If you want realism we should simulate heart attacks, clogged toilets and accidental ammunition in the cockpit (Google that one, it is some story). Because THOSE are the emergencies pilots deal with. Not a gear that does not deploy. Sure that happens, but it does not even get close to the top 100 reasons a pilot starts to earn his living.  Please do not read this as a negative comment, I really try to understand why people want certain features.
    • Doors are messed up
      By Asadik · Posted
      Just so everyone is aware, Pete has updated FSUIPC and the doors work properly with the new FSUPIC. I am currently doing a flight on the A319 and GSX and all that good stuff worked properly with FSUIPC

      And for anyone who may need the link in the future, the updates are posted here:

    • A330 preview
      By lindbergh72 · Posted
      I really hope so... It was a mistake to forget in the airbus 320 :-( 
    • Zurich performance
      By Rob Ainscough · Posted
      Agree, I seem to be having an issue with Zurich V2 1.01 performance also, lots of stutters  ... it does look impressive.  I'll dig around and see if I can find the source of the stutters and/or FPS drop.  The odd thing about the performance issue is that turning down graphics settings doesn't seem to make any difference (tested in P3D V2.5). Cheers, Rob.
    • Missing engine information
      By Phil Reynolds · Posted
      Hi Matt, What OS are you on? I've had an issue like this on Win 8.1 and it was to do with trust of one of the DLLs. Let me know and I'll dig out the fix. Phil
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