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  3. Does it support normal for ground textures so that they reflect sun light and night lights?
  4. Speicher für I-Mac?

    Hallo, ich denke schon, dass eine RAM Erweiterung gut ist. gerade weil 8 GB das Minimum für X-Plane 11 sind. X-Plane 11 benötigt viel RAM , aber auch viel VideoRAM der Grafikkarte. Wenn diese ein "Nadelöhr" darstellt, dann wird sich eine RAM Erweiterung wohl nicht so stark auswirken .... Zumindest nicht auf die Framerate. Die Systemvoraussetzungen kannst Du hier nachlesen: Gruß Heinz
  5. Hallo Jan, ja, genau so sollte sein. Danke für die Info..... Gruß heinz
  6. FWIW, I was sitting here with the same issue and did a little troubleshooting. Turns out, at least for me, you have to have the cabin door closed. Closing the cabin door allowed me to remove the GPU/Chocks through DAVE.
  7. Heinz Flichtbeil

    Tag 55 - November/24/2017 Flugzeug: Cirrus SR20 - Kennung: D-ESRT - Ort: PANC Anchorage - Sim: X-Plane 11 Flugzeit: 6 Std 13 min. Strecke: 750 nm (Gesamtstrecke: 10865 nm - Gesamtflugzeit: 70 Std 46 Min) Flug: PADU Unalaska - (Kodiak) - Anchorage PANC Nach einem mehr als 6 Stunden Flug bin ich heil in Anchorage (Alaska) gelandet. Der Flug war alles andere als einfach. Um ca. 8:40 lcl PADU Unalaska bin ich losgeflogen. Die Flughöhe von 8000 ft waren schnell erreicht. Allerdings gab es Wolken und viel Wind. Leider mehr Gegenwind, als Rückenwind. Und ich bin mehrmals in Vereisungsgebiete gekommen. Dann musste ich die Enteisungsanlage kurzzeitig einschalten (die hat ja auch keine unendliche Kapazität) und bin dann höher gestiegen, um aus dem Vereisungsgebiet herauszukommen. Zuletzt kurzzeitig bis auf fast 15000 ft. Auf Kodiak bin ich aber nicht zwischengelandet. Treibstoff hatte ich genug mit und ich wollte endlich ankommen. Der Flug hat schon länger gedauert, als geplant. Hauptsächlich durch den ungünstigen Wind und durch die Flugphasen um aus den Vereisungsgebieten herauszufliegen... Mit Autopilot einschalten und "Zurücklehnen" waren die mehr als 6 Stunden nicht gesegnet Start PADU Unimak Island (09:25 lcl) Kodiak Island kommt schwach in Sicht... Wide Bay Der Anflug auf PANC Rwy 07R war turbulent. Starker Seitenwind.... Endlich auf dem Parkplatz. South Air Park. Der nächste Abschnitt, der jetzt vorbereitet werden muss ist: Anchorage - Juneau. Danach geht es dann nach Bella Coola, Vancouver, San Francisco. Gruß heinz
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  9. From what I understand the new Airbus to FSX nothing new brings. They are more specific for P3D, as well I get the ones I have because I use FSX (SP2). But I can not fail to see what a good job looks like
  10. Mega Airport Johannesburg preview

    This is an ex-FAORot Peter
  11. jimbo_uk

    All set for the trans-Pacific leg - here's the route on SkyVector 4600 nm. SYE3 SID / SYE / Y11 / JD / DAIGO / Y889 / OATIS / OTR3 / PUTER / POXED / AGEDI / R591 / AKISU / ASPIN / SYA / R591 / AMOND / A342 / CRYPT / DCT COORDS / VESPA / REDWD / AMAKR / BDEGA2 STAR. International Date Line would be crossed between AMOND and DRAPP on A342. CRYPT is the halfway point. Since I was flying a United plane, the plan was to 'shadow' their flight UA876, departing Haneda at 4.25pm (local) and arriving San Francisco 8.40am (local), a flight time of 9hrs 15mins. Flight operated by a B787 Dreamliner. We pushed back at 4.22pm local and with winds 40@9kts, took off from rwy 34L at 4.35pm. Taxiing out from the International Terminal with Domestic Terminal 1 and the tower on the other side of the runway. This was going to be a long, boring flight, having reached cruise altitude of FL390, with the only excitement coming with crossing the international date line. I think in all my FlightSim past I've only done that once before when undertaking a RTW in my Noble Air days in the late 90s or early 00s. I think both images will zoom to show 179deg 59' The IRU display is in the top LH corner of 767 overhead. The PlanG map bizarrely would be a good advert for the flat earth society presenting a convincing argument for falling over the edge! Just prior to the dateline we overflew SYA VOR which is at Eareckson air base on Shemya Island. Part of the Aleutian Islands, south west of Alaska. The base still operates as a strategic radar station and an aircraft refuelling stop. The runway runs east/west, is 10,000ft long with ILS on rwy 28. Curiously, the halfway point and most northerly at CRYPT intersection is only 55deg N. Aberdeen in Scotland is 57deg N. Just felt like we should be further north. Next treat was sunrise, followed by US landfall over Mendocino County, 150 miles north of San Francisco. And then the Golden Gate bridge appeared through the early morning clouds Routing then went inland to east before turning onto final for rwy 28R. Landed at 8.45am local and was on gate G92 (the allocated gate for the United flight) on the International terminal at 8.55am. Flight time was 9hrs 10mins, a credible 5mins inside the scheduled flight time, so I felt quite chuffed about that. More so, because a review online showed the actual flight left Haneda an hour late, but caught up 30 mins arriving 9.10am. I must have mixed up my odds and evens; I flew at FL390, but noted that the real flight flew at FL380, with other flights at FL400 coming east across the Pacific. I think the Princess leaves the group in San Francisco. I need to go and find the United Express Dash that will take us across to New York. Nine days rest before we set off again.
  12. Yes i know that...thats why i say what i could be...hope..LOL
  13. Bugged lights at Berlin Tegel.

    Pretty creative!
  14. I am aware that I'm responding to a two month old topic, but I had the exact same issue today (version 1.0.2). I had axis assigned via FSUIPC for spoilers, flaps, throttle 1 and throttle 2 and the CRJ-900 just wouldn't climb. The issue was solved after I cleared the spoilers axis and the flaps axis in FSUIPC (I obviously should have tried one at a time, but I didn't).
  15. Bugged lights at Berlin Tegel.

    Hi, I used fx_2.bmp and just copied it then renamed it to the same as the missing file ( Aerosoft_LSZH_LightsA.bmp ) , drop it in the effect folder and sorted.
  16. Very nice. I wonder if this feature could be expanded to offer the option to put any PDF file on that clip at the side window. That could be a checklist, a chart or whatever the user decides to load up to the Airbus. Just brainstorming here.
  17. Liveries not showing in FSX

    Have you started the livery manager as administrator (right click on exe file, then "Run as Administrator")? If not, please do so and install the liveries again. Please report back, if that fixes your problem.
  18. Hi there; Just installed Aerosoft Airbus A320/321 from Steam store on my FSX-SE. The base models show fine in FSX but none of the liveries I downloaded from Aerosoft are showing. All were installed using the Livery Manager and I have the "Show Variations" checkbox in FSX checked. I installed them while FSX wasn't running and restarted my PC but still liveries "no show". I've attached the aircraft.cfg file from the "Aerosoft Airbus A320 CFM" where most of the liveries are installed. Thank you, M aircraft.cfg
  19. Repaint request

    I was wondering if anyone would be willing to make American Airlines A319 IAE variant as I can only find the CFM variant on the downloads thank you again.
  20. Rupert's in

    Bonus Day!! Almost as soon as we landed at KRAP and signed in for charters a wealthy couple asked about seeing Devils Tower up close. Luckily we know a Huey guy who operates out of HPDT (Devils Tower chopper base.) Sadly there's no airport nearby to drop the Honda into to pickup the Huey. So we jumped into a local rental Grand Caravan and made the trip to Hulett airfield (W43). From there we'll take the tour bus down into the town and meet my buddy with his Huey. Apparently my pal Mike and the FBO at Hulett had a falling out so he's not allowed to land there anymore. Of course after the chopper flight we'll have to take the bus back to pick up the Caravan. Total of 3 hours flown. 156 miles counting out and back to Hulett. Screen shots include Tower from the Caravan before we landed at Hulett. Hulett hangers, Hulett tour sign. Huey Idling The village right after taking off and going out to get some altitude built up & a view coming from the backside of the Tower.
  21. Jeff W

    DC-6 Ferry Flight – Leg 4 CYFB-CYQX ARRIVED GANDER CYQX –(STOP)- FERRY FLIGHTS TOTAL DISTANCE 5780 -(STOP)- AIRCRAFT READY FOR PICKUP –(STOP)- Inqaluit - Pushing Back After Takeoff, Gear Up. Over Labrador Gander Tower, Runway In Sight. Completion of Ferry Flight Operations. DC-6 G-AOMP ready to resume RTW80 duty.
  22. Why no sloped runways?
  23. Habe heute eine Email von Flight Factor Support Team bekommen. Sie schreiben mir folgendes: Dear Jan Bovermin, You key xx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx has been reset. You can now use it again.Flight Factor Support Team und nun läuft auch die 777 mit den update 1.9.9. Habe aus Sicherheitsgründen natürlich den Key unkenntlich gemacht. Gruß Jan

    Hola, buenas. Tengo un problema con el 737 PMDG, la cosa es que cuando inicio el avión y quiero tocar algún botón/palanca no me deja. Tengo prepar3d v3. Gracias.
  25. Aerosoft A318/A319 problems

    Well, at that point you must have installed something on your computer (either within or outside of FSX) that reduces the amount of memory for FSX and the Airbus within it below a minimum needed amount to display everything correctly. But again, you are using the product outside of it's specification. There is nothing we can do here for you. Put more RAM into your machine (e.g. 8 GB as recommended), make sure the HIGHMEMFIX is properly added to theFSX.cfg file, and you will not have any such problems anymore.
  26. Aerosoft A318/A319 problems

    but it was working fine about 3 weeks ago
  27. HUD Display Outline Depicted in ASCA Clouds

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