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  2. Can someone advise me of a route back and forth between the two city? That the CFMU will validate for Q400. Those ones no good EKCH-ELLX 240 NEXEN L990 MARIP N850 LBV M170 HMM Z727 IRBUP Z717 ABAMI T884 AGENI T855 LNO ELLX-EKCH 250 DIK N853 ARCKY T853 NVO T857 ELDAR HMM M170 LBV P615 EKERN M852 ALS T153 TUDLO thank's
  3. Bella Bella (CYJQ) reached. I had only 35-37 knots of sidewind when approaching. For a DC-3 that seemed to be a bit too much... or I have a bug in that plane because that's how it's always been. Fortunately the wind went to 3 knots at landing because otherwise I couldn't have landed, I think. I'll check tomorrow the next target, which lies probably south from Vancouver. Some pics from the trip to Bella Bella are annexed. Bella Bella at night.BMP Storm on the other.BMP Sunny on one side.BMP
  4. Navdatapro servers

    That is an acknowledged bug in the new FF Quantum browser.
  5. Navdatapro servers

    Worked with Explorer.
  6. Navdatapro servers

    Just bought a month of Navdatapro but the servers seem to be down, I cannot download the Airac. Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at
  7. Köln/Bonn airport preview

    Thanks Mathijs, that still gives me some hope . Even though they are now a bit dated, these regional airports are among my favorites. Peter
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  9. YOKE issue

    Still can not hide Yoke. I thought the last hotfix will fix it... what I am doing wrong... v
  10. 20.11.2017: UST Kamtschatsk UHPK - Eareckson Air Station , Distanz: 459 nm, Flugdauer: 2:50 h Start: 18:15 z, Ankunft 21:05 z with Grumman Goose G21 Na ja, die Übernachtung in meiner Goose war schon ok, Schlafsack mit Daunen, keine Standheizung, alles etwas frostig. Ich freue mich auf ein Sonnenbad am Baker Beach in San Francisco, mit Blick auf die Golden Gate Bridge... Aber bis dahin ist es ja noch ziemlich weit. Also, am frühen Morgen bin ich dann von Kamtschatka aus gestartet, das Wetter war gut, ein wunderschöner Sonnenaufgang. Der Flug war ruhig, keine besonderen Vorkommnisse. Wenn das über den Pazifik so weiter geht, bin ich zufrieden. Die Landung war weich, die Sicht war gut. Ich werde mal übernachten, vielleicht gibt es vorher noch einen kleinen Shop für den Proviant. Hier leben ja nur 27 Einwohner, neben 300 Armeebediensteten.
  11. What you wrote would indicate to me that it should work with EDDF for example, which it does not. Just to not misunderstand, but how can something dynamic lighting related be a problem since FS9? Cheers
  12. Rupert's in

    Up and out early this morning. We'll head over to Oakland and pick up two passengers for Las Vegas. Then a parcel hop to San Jose. Finally a stop in Fresno to get two more passengers for Vegas.09:55 Depart KSFO for Oakland. 11:20 Oakland to San Jose for a very quick stop! The couple was late in Oakland!! 12:10 San Jose to Fresno. And then at 13:05 the hop to Vegas. A total of 353 miles with 1.9 hours flight time. The weather was pretty great so that wasn't an issue. And by the way I checked off one of my "Bucket List" items today! We flew through the big hanger at Moffett at almost 200knts" I know you won't believe it, but i have a screenie to prove it!! Rupert Screenies are of the Oakland Bay Bridge, Alcatraz, MOFFETT HANGER Shooting the gap at 14,500' near Mt. Whitney & then approach and landing at Vegas. (KLAS)
  13. Rupert's in

    Actually, other than height the "Lady" might be Lola. The stewardess looks a lot better than either. Looking at the opening shot I thought this might be the original of how you reset an "Automatic Pilot" as they did in either Airport or Airplane. In either case that stewardess certainly was responsible for keeping folks and equipment happy! Enjoy your "Time off!" We're heading to Vegas today!
  14. I appear to be having issues with the elevation with Heathrow Professional. Taxiway lights are clearly under the ground as there is a transparent surface above them, the GSX tow truck sinks into the ground and the planes wheels do too. I have checked my sim folder for any duplicate files such as Orbx EGLL but nothing has showed up. I haven't made any major changes to my sim since this issue started occurring.
  15. Sparkling scenery

    Some scenery such as Corfu and Skiathos seems to sparkle from a distance. Anyone else managed to correct this. P3Dv4 Eva Gtx 1070 FTW Graham
  16. quaxpilot

    Aloha! Hmmm, reduced the internal Carenado sound down to appr. 15% that's far enough still to enjoy the reverser sound and the swirling engine sound outside. And the following leg was a long one hopping along the Kurilian Islands to Kamchatka Peninsula, leaving Japan from RJCB Orihibo and landing in UHPP Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky or Yelizovo. What happened overnight? expected. But a sunny and not too freezy morning gave us a wonderful start, then a relative cloudy trip along all these fantastic Kurilian Islands, rocks and volcanos. This ends at the former military airport Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky which is now a modernized including an extended runway. A long pause followed waiting for the research team before entering the Aleutes today together with my new passengers. Sorry for that huge photo load now but the scenery is a bit unique together with the weather conditions. snowy beginning in Obihiro enjoying taxiing right before takeoff a morning to have fun mile for mile... ...and mile ...and more miles getting closer to Japan's norther end the last hills from inside End of Japan and leaving Japan at Hokkaido's most northern edge Russia ahead...Kurilian Islands доброе утро Россия...dobroye utro Rossiya looks like the first volcano here we are this is not Santoriin in Greece... more gateways of hell with some smaller and larger ones weather situation was ok for photo sessions from 6000fts scattered clouds more from the Ring of Fire there most be more than 20 islands from different size and arrived on Kamchatka Peninsula UHPP at the end of the bay as dark patch the old taxiway is now the new runway 16/34 ...and still snow but comfortable -3°C The meteorological situation won't change for the better until Alaska on the contrary I expect more wind and snow and lower temperature. But I will see today what happens. The route map: and Google Earth: rjcb_uhpp.kml safe landings Lem
  17. RTW 80 days

    Hello pilots........ Today, Monday Novvember 20th I made WSSS to VTSS The weather was very quite, and the following was the FP WSSS VMR M771 DUDIS/K0828F400 L644 CN/K0828F390 W9 NIXUP VVTS FL 410 The SID was VMR5A Snapshots Preparing the aircraft for the journey Pushing back and starting engines Taxi Waiting for landing And now waiting for take off of Asia Airlines Taking off Cruise level We found other aircraft. A B747 400 Desceding Approaching Landing at VTSS Ho Chi Min Taxi to the gate At the gate I hope see you soon.... Next step VVTS to VHHH Best regards
  18. Oslo/Gardermoen v.20 SODE issues

    I have tried that, also moving it way forwards from the line, and backwards as you suggest... Still getting the same issue with heavy airplanes that actually uses these stands IRL
  19. A321 Overhead Panel Problem

    Hi I have just encountered a rather annoying problem with my A321 overhead panel ie. the one you get when hitting the F12 key. The background to this is black instead of the usual bluish grey colour. This problem is only with the A321; the A319 and A320 are quite normal. Is there a known solution to this? I just recently moved from FSX to FSX:Steam and had no issue previously.
  20. Good Afternoon, It looks like you are using P3D V4. If so, you must update to v4.1. - Audi.
  21. Put route in FMS without selecting a runway and saved .Given that would be a standard route it would not have runways. I would not expect it to?
  22. FMS file load

    Thanks. I just tested it. May I ask how that file was created? Because it contains ICAO codes as runways: [CoRte] ArptDep=EGBB RwyDep=EGBB ArptArr=EGAA RwyArr=EGAA
  23. P3D v4.1 is required for CRJ v1.0.2. I make use of several fixes in the new version and that made it necessary to use the 4.1 SDK.
  24. Yes, is my version!
  25. Skiathos boxed update?

    Thank you Mathijs!
  26. Various FMS/AP Issues

    1. The plane randomly turns off course and then back on course in cruise. 2. FMS doesn't load STARS properly. Tried to load the MAUDD4 with the ILS 17L into KSDF and it never loaded any points past TUKKR. UNCKL was the last waypoint I entered as part of my route. It's also where I intended to pick up the STAR from. When I chose the MAUDD4 with the UNCKL transition from the arrivals page, it loaded a bunch of random waypoints after the UNCKL that I put in, and then loaded the STAR from UNCKL to TUKKR. Then like I said, it never loaded any of the STAR waypoints past TUKKR. It went straight to RACRR from the approach. 3. Can't clear discontinuities. It won't let you delete discontinuities and if you try to click on the next LSK to close the discontinuity, it deletes the selected fix. 4. Autopilot will track a course with the CDI a dot and a half off center. 5. FMS randomly deletes waypoints when you try to line select them. This aircraft is clearly not finished and never should've been released in the condition it's in.
  27. Problem F14X FSX

    Bonjour à tous, Je m'appelle Wilfried, je suis un petit nouveau sur le forum. Passionné d'aviation, je suis sur FSX depuis un petit moment. Je viens de m'offrir le Tomcat X de Aerosoft, j'ai installé l'avion hier en suivant le guide fourni avec. Je rencontre des problèmes ou pas, c'est pour cela que je crée ce post net que je liste ci-dessous, votre aide serait la bienvenue 1) Quand je suis en place du RIO, je n'ai pas de visu sur le radar mais un écran bleu avec le logo FSX dessus, on voit un peu la trame du radar mais impossible de l'avoir en clair. (photo attaché) 2° Le second c'est que je n'ai que la version A du Tomcat, je n'ai pas la B, il y a t'il un lien avec le paintkit qui est ma question suivante? 3) Le paintkit télécharger en plus avec le soft, il fourni des escadrons supplémentaire et le fameux du film Top Gun. Je trouves des fichiers PSD à l'intérieur, comment puis-je les installer? 4) et ma dernière, ensuite je vous laisse tranquille, je ne trouve pas le porte avion une fois en vol, comment peut-on le positionner? Merci infiniment pour votre aide, Amicalement, Wilfried
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