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  2. "Time for a small friday update: Texturing of the main gear bay proceeds on the A330...." WOW, that looks so real that though I don't normally spend time under an aircraft, I am tempted to do do so with this level of detail. Looks pretty darn real. Beautiful!
  3. Question: What's the refresh rate of the gauges for the Airbus Professional products? Also, will it be possible to change it or is there any limitation on that? I'm asking this because a recent product for V4 locks the maximum refresh rate for gauges to 18hz which make the gauges look laggy.
  4. Damn that's some great looking landing gear. Amazing the detail. Legend Stefan.
  5. Good Afternoon, I was hoping if someone can comment when this update will be available to download. I am a AEROSOFT customer and purchased the aircraft from your website. Hope I downloaded two days ago in the hope it would be the new version but its still not available. If someone could comment when we likely to get the update I would appreciate. Thank you Jason
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  7. I'm shure he added some details that are not even there in the real thing
  8. Very kind of you to say! On behalf of everyone working/helping with the Airbus projects... THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!
  9. I really just want to commend you guys for having done such a great job thus far.... to the Admin and his associates... guys keep up the great work... Doing this and having your families to also look after, it has to be a serious juggling act - even if you're single lol your own mental destressing has to be taken care of... I look forward to both releases, the small buses and the 330... keep pushing and have a great weekend. Regards' P'Rez
  10. klosterweide

    Installation X-FMC

    Hallo, ich habe vor ein paar Monaten gelesen das X-FMC nicht mehr weiter entwickelt wird.
  11. CaptainLHKLM


    Hi guys, Just a quick touch-and-go question from me. P3D looks pretty enticing to me (an X-Plane user), especially for the wide-bodies. But does LM or Microsoft not really mind it being used with e.g. the Academic version, or just P3D in general? I can imagine that some of us are helping LM make an even better sim for the 'professionals', by using it. Thanks!
  12. This has to be the most detailed landing gear in fs history!
  13. It's a shame that we have wait so long...
  14. About time to show night city lights!!
  15. *Jaw drop* WOW! Great way to start the weekend! Cheers!
  16. Time for a small friday update: Texturing of the main gear bay proceeds on the A330....
  17. How do you run this script?
  18. And to add: Please read the comment on top of every page which ich also shown on top of your post when posting it. please keep in mind that there is always the possibility that another unexpected show stopper is being found. But I´m sure AS are working hard on the busses to get them out to the community;)
  19. pa.walty

    Installation X-FMC

    Ich habe noch einen Stolperstein gefunden. X-FMC Version 2.7 mit X Plane 11.20, Start und Landebahn geht nicht, damit lässt sich zwar eine Route Fliege aber Aber keine ILS Landung aud die Ziel Landebahn durchführen. Hat jemand Bemerkungen dazu?
  20. Heinz Flichtbeil

    Ortho4xp - Frage zu den Kachel-Leveln

    Verschoben: Habe den Titel auch angepasst. Einfach nur Ortho4XP ist nicht aussagefähig genug Gruß Heinz
  21. dsb

    DA20 Katana P3Dv4

    Wow, that sounds very convincing, like you would treat this project with priority ;)
  22. masterhawk

    Aerosoft A380 PLEASE!!!

    And let me add one thing, developing an A380 is a hell of work. A current A319 FCOM has 3520 pages, while an current A380 FCOM has 8122 pages. And you would need access to an aircraft.
  23. Sorry guys, but this was too funny not to quote
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