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  3. Dave, no problem at all Just FYI: it is not a problem of the installed SimConnect but that the CRJ Manager is explicitly asking for the LM SimConnect. There are two versions of the CRJ manager available: one for 32bit systems which connects against the standard SimConnect, and one for the currently only supported 64bit system (P3Dv4) which connects explicitly against the 64bit LM SimConnect. The error message above states that the Manager can't connect to the LM SimConnect, which means that the P3Dv4 version of it seems to be installed. Let's wait and see if this is getting proven by the filename.
  4. Hallo Uwe, ja, ich habe FSUIPC, dann werde ich das mal ausprobieren. Vielen Dank für den Hinweis Lieben Gruss Stephan ..Moin Uwe, leider kann ich hierzu im Forum nichts finden, habe hier nachgeschaut, siehe Link unten ? Kannst Du mir bitte den Link zuschicken... Danke
  5. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Under that panel is the paper printer for acars messages etc. By pushing the button the printer will ”print out“ blank paper for as long as you keep the button pushed. This is used when inserting a new roll of paper or when you need a piece of paper to write the ATIS on for example. This function is not modeled in the sim.
  6. FlightSim Commander or PFPX

    Gentlemen, thank you very much for your information. Since I am only looking for a really good flight planner, I will pick up FS Commander at the Aerosoft Shop. Also, I checked Volker's support forum, very informative. He seems to be very good/through with his product support.
  7. been 5 day's now, really, was it that hard???
  8. I never saw that "slew" button on the lower pedestal before. What does that do? BTW nice work, Stefan.
  9. Pisa X Autogen and landclass problem

    any News ? and what is with P3Dv4 ? @Joakim Tychesen | KDM
  10. Aerosoft Airbus 2018 editions preview

    Very nice pics of the newly updated VC. Can the development team show screenshots of the dynamic exterior lights in P3DV4?
  11. Crash to Desktop

    Installing vc++ 2017 Seems to have corrected my issue. Thanks for the help
  12. HUD Fades in Heavy Clouds

    F-14a or b? the "b" is tricky for me at times with horizontal line where I he glass combines... ill look tonight to see if it does this on mine.... but I can't recall this problem...
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  14. Twin Otter Extended Extended?

    I was able to integrate it this way in P3Dv3. It is fully clickable (surrounding buttons on a black bezier doesn't work, of course), but looks weird, yeah.
  15. Having two or more people give you tech support may sound like a good idea, but often it can be confusing. Tom is terrific at support, and I'm going to let him help you instead me having you go down a second path. Besides, he's German and I don't speak/read German, while he can read the errors right away. If it turns out that Tom thinks you should reinstall SimConnect, he is plenty capable of helping you to do it. Tom.. sorry for having jumped in my friend.
  16. Repaint requests

    Hi! Can somebody make repaint for CRJ700ER House Color? the file in the liveries dipository doesn't work ... i'm talking about the following repaint: any help ?
  17. CRJ700ER House Color

    doesn't work for me too ...
  18. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.

    Time to close this. Aerosoft doesn't market an AI traffic program, so a better place to pursue this would be over on Avsim. There's some action there with strong opinions and some useful advice too on the subject.
  20. El Hierro X

    Moved to a forum section where support is available.
  21. Heraklion & Thessaloniki

    Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  22. FSX installed Simcheck A300 annoying clicking sound

    I found the cause of this clicking sound! It was caused by a 3rd party add-on for FSX CALLED 'Real ATIS'. It seems that each aircraft that you want to be associated with the real atis add-on, has to have a real atis addition to the panel installed. It was this that caused the clicking sound, when I de-installed the real atis feature from my Simcheck a300b4-200 aircraft the clicking was gone. Result!
  23. Yes I have more files related to GCLA, but I unchecked them in the scenery library, so they are not loaded. I also checked and unchecked the base scenery 0502 APX43210, which is the default GCLA, however with no result.
  24. I liked that the forum post included a date when the last changes to the list were made and that those changes were in a different color. Might it be possible to do something similar with the one in the shop?
  25. Throttle problem airbus X extended

    Do you mean "calibrating" by "resetting"? Please take a look into the manual (Vol7-Thrust Lever Setup.pdf).
  26. hi there, i guess you guys seen 10000 topics of this issue but i can't find a fix. I use the thrustmaster joystick with throttle and when i do a full throttle the airbus x engine only goes to 86%, the problem is that i almost stall or can't take off on time. Someone knows how to set the throttle to 100%? i tried resetting everything, didn't work.
  27. The compatibility list to be used for reference should be from now on the one in the shop: The one here in the forum still exists but AS (i.e. Fabian) has indicated lately that it will be removed shortly:
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