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Tom Knudsen

What about X-Plane

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There is already a XPlane export format.

Do you need anything else?


There are X-Plane 10 users in our german X-Plane 10 Forum, who use the PFPX too....

We are discuss about new aircraft templates (performance templates...) for X-Plane 10 aircrafts.

For example the CRJ-200 (JRollon) or the B777 (Ranzzess and Philipp Münzel), Baron B58 (Carenado), C208 (Carenado) .....

It's very difficult to make a template or get the performance tables.

The PFPX is a very good program for the X-Plane 10 users too! But the X-Plane 10 aircrafts are missing, to generate an operational flightplan...

I think, it is a good idea to put some aircraft (performance) templates for x-plane 10 aircrafts into the program.


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Hi, I hope you can help?

I am an XPlane user and I was quite surprised that there are no aircraft templates for the aircraft I fly, namely

Flightfactor 777

Flightfactor 777 Extended

Flightfactor 757 (with the RB211-535E4)

As the aircraft data is very hard to get can you please make aircraft templates for above? It is pointless using a great program like PFPX and Topcat without accurate data.

Thank you very much in advance



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Yes the program isn't bad but its export functions leave a lot to be desired. Although, when I find the time it might be rather simple to store company routes for the FlightFactor planes. The company routes for the Jardesign A320 were extremly simple. Textfile with the Route and done...

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There are already performance tables for the 777. All you need to do is play with the biases to get it to match the sim. Normally for long haul flights, the only one you need to touch is the cruise bias as the climb and descent account for a small amount of the flight.

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