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Aerosoft Virtual Airline Program (AVAP)

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Hi Mathijs,

as this is nothing you have to do, it's a very kind offer from you and your company.

Thank you for that, I think that's a really generous offer.

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Guest Pierne Gabriel

Aerosoft have changed their system for VA discounts from this month. Instead of checking pilots lists for each of their partner VA's they will now issue codes for discounted products. That means the VA management will have to tell them by email how many codes they need for which product. will then return the requested number of codes and the VA staff will hand them to their members.

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For all contacts use and it will end up with me. Here is the current list of VA's that have asked us to be included:

Aegean Airlines Virtual
Aer Lingus Virtual
Aeroflot Virtual
Aerosur Virtual
Air Anatolia VA
Air Atlantic
Air Berlin VA
Air Catalonia
Air Celtic Virtual Airline
Air Child VA
Air Europa Virtual
Air Germany VA
Air Golden
Air Holland VA
Air India Virtual
Air UK Virtual
Air Wisconsin VA
AirBilbao VA
Airfrance/KLM Virtual Airline
Airlines of Israel
AirNow Virtual
AirPUERTORICO Virtual Airlines
Alandalus Airlines VA
Altair Virtual Airlines
American Airlines Virtual
Andras Meridian Airlines
Anka Airlines
Any Way
Atlantic Sun Airways
Austrian Virtual Airlines Group
BA Virtual
Buffalo Airways Virtual
Canadian Xpress Virtual Airline
Caravailes VA
Cargolux Virtual
Chech Wings Virtual Airline
Clickair VA
Colour Air VA
Cougar Virtual
Croatia Airlines Virtual
Croatia Cargo VA
Cyber Air Virtual Airline
Cyprus Airways Virtual
Czech Airlines Virtual
Delta Virtual Airlines
Dutch Global Virtual Airlines
Dutchfly VA
Eastern Airlines Virtual
Easy World Airlines
Easyjet VA
Emeraldwings International VA
EuroBerlin VA
Euroharmony VA
Euroline VA
European Airways
European Airwings VA
European Gateway
EuropeSky VA
Eurowings VA
ExecAir VA
FedEx Virtual Air Cargo
Five Stars Airline
Fly Africa Virtual Airlines
Fly Europe Virtual Airlines
Fly Portugal
Fly Star Alliance VA
Fly UK Virtual Airways
Fresh Air
Garuda Indonesia Virtual
German Airlines VA
German Butterfly VA
German Travel Airline
Germany-Pro-ATC n.e.V.
Global Cargo Virtual Airlines
GoAir UK
Greece Airways Virtual
GWI Virtual
Harmony Airlines
Hellenic Air
Highland Aviation Virtual
Hispania Airways virtual
Icaro Group
Intercity Airways
Italian Virtual Airline
JAL Virtual
JetBlue Virtual
Jets Go Portugal
Jetstar Virtual
JGA Virtual Airlines
Leipzig Air VA
Link Express
Livewire Virtual Airlines
London Executive Aviation Virtual
Lusitaniair VA
Malaysia Virtual Airlines
Maurair VA
Metro Air Virtual
NeoFly VirtualAirline
Netherline Va
Noble Air
Novair Virtual
OceanAir Virtual Airline
Olympic Air Virtual
Pacific West Airways
Panorama Airlines
Phoenix Virtual Airways
Platinum Airways
Poyraz VA
SATA Virtual
Scandinavian Virtual Airlines
Sky United VA
SKY Virtual Airlines
SkyFly Airlines
SkyGroup International
Skyline VA
SkyWards Virtua
Slipstream Airways
South African Airways Virtual
South African Virtual Airforce
Southwest Virtual
Southwest Virtual Airlines
SparkJet Virtual
Star Aviation
SunAir Express
Swiss Virtual Airline
TAM Virtual Airlines
TAP Virtual Virtual Airlines
Team Onyx
Thomas Cook
TigerAir Virtual Virtual
tuigroup virtual
UK Direct
United Airlines Virtual
United Virtual
Unity Virtual
UPS Virtual Air Cargo
US Airways Virtual Airlines
USA Flight club
Vbird Virtual Airline
Virgin Atlantic Virtual
Virgin Virtual Group
Virtua lRyanair
Virtual Airline (British Atlantic)
Virtual Airline Alliance
Virtual Airlines of Ukraine
Virtual Blue
Virtual Blue1 VA
Virtual China Southern Airlines
Virtual China Southern Airlines
Virtual Continental Airlines
Virtual Delta
Virtual Finnair
Virtual Hobby Pilots
Virtual International Flying Club
Virtual Norwegian
Virtual Oasis Asia Airlines
Virtual Pakistan International Airlines
Virtual RAF
Virtual United Airlines
Vueling Virtual
WestWind Airlines
Wild Tigers Special Ops Group
Wing Air
WingsAir Virtual
Wizz Air Virtual Airline
XL Group VA
Gateway Virtual Airlines
Cathay Pacific Virtual
Starline Airways
Fly Delta Virtual
Fly Community

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Good morning,

where exactly do the codes need to be entered during order process?

I wanted to use the discount but after pasting it into the comment field, no discount is given.

I will be glad about any answer,


Florian Lange


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I have asked my VA CEO (AirWeGo) for discounts on two Aerosoft products and he tells me that he has not received a response for either. The first was months ago and the second about two weeks ago. Is there anyway I (or he) can get some assistance with this?

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What about the new CRJ? Will that be discounted after it's release along with the other items? My VA revolves around the CRJ.

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Hi, is there an updated list for this at all? I remember you said in a cust support ticket you were reviewing it last month?


Thanks in advance.

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On 10/05/2017 at 8:37 AM, Mathijs Kok said:

We'll have new products for this program end of this month.


Mathijs, any update on the new products available?



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Dear VA contact, dear friends,


It’s been a while since we added more products to our Virtual Airline Discount program, sorry for that. But we are happy to announce 6 more products are now available with the standard 20% discount.



  • Mega Airport Frankfurt V2 Professional
  • German Airports Stuttgart Professional
  • Bali X
  • Madeira X Evolution
  • Trondheim-Vaernes X V2
  • CRJ X


The old list:

  • Twin Otter Extended
  • Professional Flight Planner X
  • FS Flight Keeper
  • FSMap
  • Thessaloniki X
  • Mega Airport Oslo
  • Maastricht Aachen Airport
  • Mega Airport Dublin
  • Airbus A318/A319
  • Airbus A320/A321
  • Airbus A318/A319 & A320/A3231 Bundle
  • Mega Airport Rome
  • Mega Airport Zurich v2
  • SimStarter NG
  • Aspen Extended
  • Valencia X
  • Mega Airport Frankfurt V2

NavDataPro Charts (year account)


As always feel free to offer this to your pilots and send a  request to Please note we rather not send codes that are not directly requested by pilots. We do not ask anything in return for this discount.


On behalf of Aerosoft


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I requested discount code for NavdataPro Charts from my VA (Royal Dutch Virtual), they claim to have contacted you, but no answer yet. The request was sent about two weeks ago. I cannot fly without charts at all. Could you please speed up the process somehow?






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Mathijs is not on vacation anymore ;) 


If you got in touch with you should have gotten a ticket id. Please send another email, stating that ticket id. 


VA program questions can't be handled here in the forum but only direct via Support.


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I have already submitted a new ticket, unfortunately forgot to copy the id .... that is now about 26 hours ago. How long does it take to get an answer? In the email stood until 24 h


~ Jason

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Well, if you had sent it yesterday, it would have arrived on a Sunday. Most companies are shut down over the weekend, and that is also true for Aerosoft. They are a regular company with regular working hours.


I don't know how much support traffic they had today, but as you can read above all VA related questions must be routed through Mathis Kok. He was at the FSweekend 2017 event over the weekend in Lelystad, Netherlands, which surely left him with short and full office hours today.


Please be a little bit patient.

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