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Huey X and HTR (Helicopter Total Realism)

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There is a new HTR profile in Hovercontrol for the Aerosoft Huey X. HTR is an excelent freeware utility that provides exceptional flight dynamics to any FS helicopter.

To use this profile with the Huey X you have to apply the fix that bypasses the custom coded realistic flighmodel module by Aerosoft:


HTR can be used by anyone who has unresolved controller problems and was forced to use this fix, consequently loosing the Huey X custom flight dynamics.

HTR can also be used by anyone who would like extremely advanced flight dynamics for the Huey including Torque Induced Yaw, Dissymmetry of Lift, Retreating Blade Stall, Vortex Ring State. In any case you have to disable the Aerosoft custom coded realistic flighmodel module.

You can get HTR here:

and the Aerosoft Huey profile here:

Just read the README file for instructions for the Huey.



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