The new skin of DHC-6 Twin Otter for Antarctica X.

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As You see near ready but still WIP proces.

The Argentine Air Force used them on Antarctica since the 1970s with at least one of them deployed the whole year at Marambio Base.


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Great news Yoyo !!!

All your repaints are most welcome!!

Would you consider repainting Aerosoft Huey X into US Antarcitic Programme colours.

Some of UH 1D operated in Antarctica in late 60's - early 70's.


It would be a great combination of Antarctica X and Huey X :)

Hi, quite difficult....I havent this Huey ; > .

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What is this Neasiaie saying!?

Ok back to the point..........Keep my eyes on the clock counting the minutes!!!

Outstading rendition!

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DHC-6 300 Twin Otter Skin T-85 Argentine

Can't open the readme, so need help on install

Just downloaded it and could open the readme..........but either way here it is copied and pasted:

"DHC-6 300 Twin Otter Skin T-85 Argentine Air Force

Textures for payware addon of Aerosoft: Antarctica X or single product of model of DHC-6. Real repaint. Originally built in 1968, T-85 had a major overhaul by Viking Air Ltd in 2010 to bring it up to -300 standard. It was fitted with up-rated Pratt & Whitney PT6A-27 engines and Hartzell 3 bladed props and modern avionics. T-85 is now based at Marambio, Antartica.


Installation (f.ex. if You have Antarctica X and this model of TwOtter):

Put this lines in Your direction of Microsoft Flight Simulator X\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Twin Otter 300 Wheel Ski (Antarctica)\aircraft.cfg where X is the next number of fltsim (You know that ;) :


title=de Havilland Canadian Twin Otter T85 ANTARTICA X










ui_manufacturer="de Havilland Canada"


ui_variation="Antarctica X"

ui_typerole="Twin Engine TurboProp"


Save it.

If You want to have better view (for me) from VC take this view for aircraft.cfg too and overwrite line in [views] section:


eyepoint= 7.95, -1.45, -1.3

That's all. Open FSX and enjoy of the new repaint.

webmaster of YoYosims


Rafal Stankiewicz


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