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Jetway Operation

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When I start my FSX flight at a gate of an AES supported airport and activate AES (Ctrl+Sht+W), I'm required to set the parking brake and shut down the engines. Once I do, the jetway activates and "couples" to the default Bombardier CRJ-700 I typically fly. My problem is I can't get the engines to re-start no matter what I do (e.g. Ctrl+E). From what I've read, this apparently is an issue with FSX. One way around this might be to re-load the aircraft. However, if you're using FSPassengerX, it will not allow you to "change" aircraft (even though I'd be loading the same aircraft). This, then, leads me to the following question:

Is there a way to allow AES (v 2.08) to activate (jetway operation, etc) without shutting down the engines?

Larry P.


Larry P.

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