Frame Rate Problem With My Traffic X.

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I am running XP SP2 and have FSX SP1. I have installed My Traffic X, and this gives me extremely low frame rates at (for example) London Heathrow Airport. I also have Mega Airport Heathrow, and with that installed, at Heathrow the frame rate drops to less than one frame per second!

Please could anyone suggest how I might improve the frame rate without losing any AI aircraft?

Also, I am unable to get the additional menu 'Extras' even though I am running the De Luxe version of FSX. Any ideas about this, please?

Many thanks,

Stuart. :unsure:

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Hello Stuart,

There is a post on the FAQs section regarding the Extras Menu, as for the frame rates and the AI, you will slow down the sim quite considerably with loads of AI aircraft as Heathrow is a rather crowded airport you can expect a lot of CPU time taken just to display the scenery and full AI.

You need to compromise until much faster systems come out to cope with the work. You either need to cut down on the scenery slider or the AI or both till you come to a happy medium.

It was the same when FS9 came out. Full AI would bring FS9 to a standstill, but with todays machines its not an issue any more.

I suspect the same will be true of FSX in a few years.

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