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Has anyone out there been successful interfacing the CRJ 700/900 with Arduino?  I am wondering if anyone has a list of FSUIPC offsets that work with the CRJ and or Event ID's associated with the various panel buttons?

For example the 1/2 bank, does it have an event ID or FSUIPC Offset that works to activate the button?  I would be interested in any mapping that has been done.  I am currently mapping the auto-pilot to FSUPIC and Event ID's for Mobiflight Controller but I am stuck on a few buttons.  I am willing to share my config file if anyone is interested.

So far most buttons are working.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.

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there are no FSUIPC offsets in the CRJ. There are L-Variables for the controls though. The attached list was generated today. Unfortunately I still didn't have the time to create a full SDK, but I attached what I got:


L-Vars: LVarList.txt


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