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Hello simmers and developers!

It is sad that the "improved" version of FSX ,(i mean Flight Sim World) is stopped from further development.
It had some nice features like truesky, windshield rain ,64bit support many improvements etc so..

hold your breath :P
just a suggestion...It would be ideal for the community, aerosoft take the risk and invest on the same platform.I mean buy eula ,source etc and continue the development.
Imagine an Aerosoft Flight Sim World
What's you opinion?

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Well considering P3Dv4.2 already has all of the above features you mentioned (plus a lot more), I think it would be catastrophic move for anyone to take over that project. FSW was always doomed to fail. It was bad all round management on their part, coupled with the fact they had a lot of competition. I feel sorry for the guys that worked for them, particularly Chris and Aimee who used to deal with support issues on the Avsim forums, because they genuinely seemed like good people, very helpful to their customers, and very passionate about their job.

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I agree that FSW doesn't have a future since P3D is already the better platform.


It could however be an idea if Aerosoft would buy the eula, but not the FSW product itself. Since FSW and P3D are ultimately based on the same product (FSX) it could be possible to distribute P3D for the entertainment branch on that eula if Lockheed Martin agrees with it.

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