Airway preceded by waypoint which is not one of its points

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PFPX will not validate the route:


I get the IFPS Response:

Error code Route139; description: "UG851 is preceded by CABOJ which is not one of its points"

This appears to be incorrect as CABOJ is on airway UG851 and the World Map in PFPX confirms this, as does Navigraph Charts.


Skyvector.com identifies the airway as UG851G but that identification is not recognised in PFPX.


This is not the first time I have encountered this message, I had it with another route but I do recall which one.



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Hi Mike, 


I can't check the details as I am on the road at the moment, but what you see is the direct result of the validation against EU control. So it is not PFPX telling you that the route contains a problem but EU control. 


It can't get any more officially correct when it comes to route validation. 


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I just checked my enroute Charts (LIDO) and they also know UG851G.




I just tried a validation of your route where I manually added the G behind UG851 in the validation dialogue your error no longer shows, but another one for a different part of the route will show.

This confirms that the airway should be called UG851G and the Navigraph data seems to be wrong for this airway.

PFPX's map is fully based on the AIRAC. If the Navigraph AIRAC installs a wrong name for the airway then PFPX will show is wrong, too.

Skyvector and LIDO are right here, the airway is called UG851G and therefore the message you get from the CFMU is correct, CABOJ is not on airway UG851 (because CABOJ is on airway UG851G instead).

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24 minutes ago, datguytho said:

To me it seems like PFPX is just unable to show more than 5-digit airways. Just a guess though.


If you check Mike's post on the Navigraph forum you'll see Richards response that the ARINC database 428-8 format for airways can only contain five characters.


The database only contains UG851 accordingly.


Additionally UG851G cannot be entered in an FMC as it is does not comply with the standard.



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