Aerofly FS 2 VR Hands Have Arrived!

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The following announcement was released by IPACS today:


"Dear Aerofly F2 2 Flight Simulator users,

we are proud to announce yet another major update to our Flight Simulator
Aerofly FS 2, that will set new standards in VR experience:

Aerofly FS 2 VR Advanced Motion Control ‘VR Hands’ Has Arrived!

After much effort working to get universal advanced motion control to work across
multiple VR headsets we are proud to say that it was worth the wait.
We originally planned on releasing ‘VR Hands’ only for Oculus users but decided to
go all in and offer this spectacular new feature to everyone!
With the need to make this available for both Oculus Touch and Vive, and to present
a universal code to add support for other motion control devices in the future,
we opted to write our very own version of ‘VR Hands’ that we know you will enjoy.

With the addition of this exciting new feature, Aerofly FS 2 blurs the line between
reality and virtual flying even further. VR pilots with motion controllers can now
fully operate any Aerofly FS 2 aircraft with your own hands; every button, every
switch, every lever that is currently operational in the aircraft can be operated
with your virtual hands, using real-world gestures the same natural way that you
would in real life.

So what about the flight controls? We have you covered! Grabbing the yoke with your
virtual hand(s) gives you full control of the yoke.

So what happens if my arms get tired keeping my hands in the air while flying?
We have you covered here too! We have designed a system that will allow you to fly
with the analog sticks/pads of your motion controllers so that you can not only put
your hands down for a rest during your flight but also give you the ability to keep
control of your aircraft while in other views.

This new feature will also allow you to use one or two motion controllers in
conjunction with other physical controllers, so whether you have your own flight
yoke and rudder pedals or just a basic joystick that you can’t part with you can now
add this new freedom to your configuration for an ultimate flying experience.
The possibilities are endless.

Your new VR Hands were designed to use your motion controllers as the only controllers
that you will ever need to fully operate Aerofly FS 2 and fly, so there is no need
for additional controllers or even your keyboard if you so choose.   

Let your new virtual hands and full freedom take your flight simulator experience to
the next level. So try this out today and be warned, you will be hooked.
For detailed instructions on how to use your new virtual hands check out the
Aerofly FS 2 user manual on our wiki at

As developers we have a continuing and growing passion for developing Aerofly FS 2
into the best virtual flying experience ever seen, and it's fueled by the growing
community that has stood behind us the entire way. We are committed to building upon
the solid foundation that we already have, and will continue to build until we have
the best flight simulator ever made.

Kind regards,
  The Aerofly FS Development Team"










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48 minutes ago, Mathijs Kok said:

Please note that images stored at http://i.cubeupload.com are blocked for many users as this server has been used for malware many times. Why not attach then to the post?


It hardly ever occurs to me to attach pictures, since my experience is that many forums compress images badly, or only allow very small images. I got out of the habit of even considering it as an option! :lol:


Anyway, here are the pictures.





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