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The charts client software is a nice product but I’m experiencing a problem staying logged in (activated?). Why would it need to be activated multiple times over a couple of days’ period? Not the most convenient thing to do while planning a flight. The is Windows 10. Many thanks 


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This has a relatively simple technical reason. 


The NDP Charts application is in fact a web application, meaning it is not more than a web browser while all content comes from the NDP web server. 


If you connect to any web server it creates a so called session for you which is connected to you browser and is used to identify you everytime you load a new page. This session is also getting linked to your login (after you successfully logged in).  


Sessions have a timeout, meaning that they will not live forever, but getting deleted by the web server after some time. 


The next time you come back your previous session is gone and you get a new one. This new session is of course not linked with your login yet, so you have to login again. 


It is a simple login, not an activation. 


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