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is it possible you guys when you do the next patch to turn on reflections for the wings noting there are several metal sections on the wings, you have got it on for the fuse-1 but fuse2 & 3 do not, MCX has confirmed this




thanks in advance

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I'll second this request!


However - the devs really need to look at the specular lighting values as well - for all the textures. I had a peek at rhew materials editor in MOdelConverter and can see all sorts of differences/inconstencies in textures.


The main problem is that users of PTA presets that have either "Aircraft lighting & saturation" or "Aircraft VC lighting & saturation" enabled will see all sorts of lighting anomalies. I'm a keen user of PTA and this is the only aircraft in my [massive] stable that suffer from this. If I disable these two PTA settings, then all my aircraft are bleached out.


Here's without PTA lighting tweaks enabled:





... and here's with:








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Thanks,Mathijs - as ever, much appreciated!


It's so great to have this wonderful aircraft in P3Dv4.1!!



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