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Client Set Up - how to?

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Dear Pero,


first of all thanks for this really great soft!


Getting along with the key features was really easy. I like the surface and the usability.

Only the client set up made my head smoke a lot for two complete days, until I figured out, how to.


So I thougt, I just post some learnings ;-) so you can check, if it's worth enhancing the manual for the next release. Or maybe for other users, whose heads are also smoking :-)


1. the path to be set on the client must refer to the folder on the primary PC (I entered the folder on the secondery PC, where I placed the client.exe)

2. In the client settings it is required to check the box "search for trigger file after client start" to get the client in listening mode. Maybe it makes sense to make this setting default, because I assume, this is, what the client is supposed to do for everyone.

3. last but not least, the meaning of that large "stop/start" was not clear at all to me. Because the logging page showed "Client started" and so I thought it is already in listening mode. So maybe it's more self explanatory if you group the 3 listening modes on the settings page only:

- "start listening only after start up of simstarter server"

- "listen continously"

- "set listening mode manually" (button)


But again, really great software!






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