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Hi guys, i have brought the Aerosoft A320 few Month ago. ( i can't play it for these few month because of the same problem, & go to play XP11 A320)
But i really want to fly the aerosoft a320.

The problem i have is after i loaded the a320 in Steam FSX. An Extreme Lag occurs. Nothing i can do. 

p.s.: my computer runs PMDG777 very well, the XP11, JAR A320, DCS 2.0 alpha. Falcon, BattleField, Battlefront. Whatever game you name it, i can run it well, except Aerosoft A320.


SPEC: Window7-SP1
Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-6600CPU@3.30Ghz

H170 Pro Gaming Mother Board

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20 hours ago, Tom A320 said:

Is the Airbus also the Steam Edition? 


If not, please re-install it according to these instructions:




It is Steam version,Both the FSX & the aerosoft a320

The problem is once i finish loading & get into the cockpit of aerosoft a320. The entire FSX become lag. I guess less than 1 FPS.
But meanwhile the other programme like chrome & other games can run like nothing else.

of course i did try close them all & run FSX only. But nothing change.

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Protocol of AB_ND_GDI.dll

company: aerosoft

file version:


start time of application : Mon Jan 01 22:09:59 2018

22:09:59 : ERROR :Opening file failed! Filename: 'X:\Program Files (x86)\Game\STEAM\steamapps\common\FSX\NavDataPro\NavData\airports.txt'
22:09:59 : ERROR :Opening file failed! Filename: 'X:\Program Files (x86)\Game\STEAM\steamapps\common\FSX\NavDataPro\NavData\navaids.txt'
22:09:59 : ERROR :Opening file failed! Filename: 'X:\Program Files (x86)\Game\STEAM\steamapps\common\FSX\NavDataPro\NavData\waypoints.txt'
22:09:59 : INFO :Opening SimConnect...
22:09:59 : INFO :SimConnect opened successfull...
22:10:06 : ERROR :At least one ND graphic file seems to fail at generation!
22:10:32 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:10:34 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:10:36 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.
22:10:39 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:10:41 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.
22:10:43 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:10:45 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.
22:10:47 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:10:49 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.
22:10:51 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:10:53 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.
22:10:55 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:10:57 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.
22:10:59 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:11:01 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.
22:11:03 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:11:05 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.
22:11:07 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:11:09 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.
22:11:11 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:11:13 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.
22:11:16 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:11:18 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.
22:11:20 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:11:22 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.
22:11:24 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:11:26 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.
22:11:28 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:11:30 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.
22:11:32 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:11:34 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.
22:11:36 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:11:38 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.
22:11:40 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:11:42 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.
22:11:44 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:11:46 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.
22:11:48 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in processTerrOnND.
22:11:50 : ERROR :Exception (2) caught in doProcessWxRadar.

i hope these help.
Do anyone know what is going on??

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Your installation is definitely faulty. Neither the navigation database nor the terrain database can be opened.


I strongly suggest you uninstall everything, and make a clean re-install.


Make sure to start everything as administrator, also the FSX:SE every time you run it. 

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8 minutes ago, Herman said:

And turn off your antivirus during installation to ensure nothing is blocked.


+1!!  I've had more than one install ruined by my antivirus program!  I



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Yes there are some antivirus scanners that are truly horrible in this aspect. The Norton stuff muct have costs us thousands in support this year. 

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