JP - 25 legs with the Majestic Q400

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I did not have the time to post on the blog but I moved already from Tokyo (RJTT) on the 18th of November.


Just after TakeOff



Levelling at FL250



Quite a strong wind to get up to X 16°



Some Cu but nothing to worry



We knew that we were going to get a bit of icing during the descent



Then the first snow as we are getting a bit North on the Pacific



Flying the Arc DME at RJCM



Then touch down kust before sunset



Finally parked gate 5 at RJCM with GSX



Quite an eneventful leg. Enclosed flight documents.



ATW #13 - RJTT RJCM.pdf

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Done already a week ago on the 20th was the next leg from RJCM to UHPP (MEMANBETSU - PETROPAVLOVSK KAMCHATSKY)


I am trying to fly daylight as much as I can so in the part of the world were I live now (France) as it is GMT+1 the fying has to be late at night or very early in the morning. Not much sleep!


Line-up at 21.08 (GMT)



Climbing leaving the land of the Rising Sun



As usual since the beginning or this venture, we have tail winds most of he time



As usual our final FL is 250 as the Q400 that we have is not certified higher with passengers



Starting our descent over Russia



Intercept of the ILS Rwy 34L



As we are closing it shows that the ILS is again completely OFF. It happens a lot in that part of the world with FSX.



As we are lucky to be in VMC we have to swich off the A/P and finish manually to be able to land on the 34L. I did not try the RNAV and I do not know if it would have been better for that rwy.


Anyway we arrived at the gate at 23.50 (GMT)



Enclosed the OFP and documents.





ATW #14 - RJCM UHPP.pdf

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On Saturday the 25th our next leg was from YELIZOVO (UHPP) to ADAK (PADK).


When planning we did not have the required minima 1220' and 3 SM (RNAV Rwy23) as the METAR was giving only 2 1/2 SM and OVC 1000' and no TAF available for ADAK. The only alternate in the region with good weather was PADU (UNALASKA) but the approach is very complicated and it is over 400 Nm away. Anyway we took this alternate and 01.00 more fuel to have the possibility to wait in the hold at ADAK for a while. We'll monitor the weather very closely on that leg.


We started to load the aircraft at around 04.30 (GMT) with the help of GSX



Then we were offered to have the plane deiced and we thought it was quite a good idea as there was a bit of melting snow falling



Lined up 16R there were some lightning strikes around the airport and we had to switch ON the storm lights



Leaving Russia and getting dark already during the climb



Then the sunset reaching FL250



Again quite windy with nearly 100 Kt giving us a good bit of drift



It is only when we started our descent in the BAERE hold that the weather beginned to clear a bit with 4 SM visibility and a ceiling OVC 1500' so we decided to have a go. I did not have the time to take sreen shots as being very busy and ready for the missed approach procedure. Anyway landed in ADAK at 08.20 after seeing the Rwy lights at only 1400'. Please note that AS16 is really fantastic as giving the actual weather and the winds aloft exactly as they are.


Enclosed the OFP for that flight.


I have to hurry up a bit to be in SFO by Dec the 5th.



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Monday the 27th is going to be quite a busy day as we'll try 2 legs the same day: PADK / PACD and PACD / PANC.


To be able to do that we'll have to change the clock for the first leg to be able to fly during the day and pull the clock 5 hours backward.


We are planning to leave the stand at 1400 (GMT-real time) and start boarding at 1340



Then the anti-icing treatment



Finally to leave the stand at 1401 but due to the icing treatment we are not allowed to start the engine before the push back is completed



Lining up for take off Rwy 05 at PADK (ADAK) at 1413



Just after the initial climb we are in the clouds with moderate icing



Clearing the clouds just passing the SID WP CEBID



We can see some islands from time to time



The weather was quite nice most of the time but when starting our descent it becamequite cloudy



The wind was 240°/ 22 to 32 Kt so even it is quite short we choose Rwy 26. Entering the hold at GLENT.



Then suddenly the Rwy was in sight. We were lucky not to perform a missed approach as it was looking quite rough ahead.



Finally on the stand at PACD (COLD BAY) but as it was a bit cold for the marshaller who decided to stay inside.



All together a nice flight, just a bit rough before landing with quite a strong wind.


The documents for that trip enclosed and the report for the next leg would be continued later.





ATW #16 - PADK PACD.pdf

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Same day, as the weather was quite nice we decided to go to ANCHORAGE and then we were able to fly daylight starting boarding around 1930 (GMT)



Again we had to use the deicing services



Then pushback at 19.49



Climbing out of PACD (COLD BAY)



Very nice clear sky



Then starting our descent to ANCHORAGE , STAR AMOTT3 to land on Rwy 33 with full RNAV procedure



Anchorage in sight



Deboarding at the gate at 22.10



We have 3 more legs and then KSFO.


Enclosed flight documents.



ATW #17 - PACD PANC.pdf

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Tuesday the 28th we move from ANCHORAGE to KETCHIKAN (PANC / PAKT) as there is a forecast of weather deteriorating rapidly


The crew was already preparing the aircraft quite early for leaving the block at 19.00 (GMT)



Then the PAX arrived with the bus and the ground crew started to load the bags



Pushback at 19.03 with the sunrise



Holding Rwy 07L



We were above the clouds quite soon after take off



Very nice and calm weather during all the cruise at FL250



Then we started our descent towards PAKT



RNAV Approach RWY 11 despite a bit of tail wind but much quicker and easier than an approach RWY 29 with a steep final at 6.50°



On final in a Fjord between steep mountains



On final just before switching off the A/P



Then on the stand



Enclosed OFP and weather charts






ATW #18 - PANC PAKT.pdf

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Next flight on saturday 2nd December


As soon as sunrise we start to load and we are ready to start the engines



Then take off at 16.35 (GMT)



Few minutes later the sun appears over the horizon



And a beautiful sky to start this leg to KBLI



Over the wilderness



Getting a bit cloudy - Overcast



Starting our descent towards KBLI



Intercepting the GS - Some bad weather in case of balked landing



Arriving at the gate with the help of GSX under the rain



Finally deboarding



Only one leg to Frisco.


Enclosed PLOG and TOLD












ATW #19 - PAKT KBLI.pdf

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Last leg to KFSO from KBLI on the 4th of December


Boarding at 19.40 (GMT)



Then push-back at 19.58



Starting the climb



Over the mountains covered by the snow



The weather clearing



And finally no clouds left



Preparing for the descent STINS3 arrival



SFO in sight as we'll overfly to land on 28R



The Golden Gate Bridge on our port side



No help from GSX to park. We have to unload and carry our luggages by ourselves.



Next 3 legs to NY quite soon


Enclosed the OFP and TOLD





ATW #20 - KBLI KSFO.pdf

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When things go wrong (with the computer)


We were going for an early start at 04.00 (GMT) and everything was going according to plan.


Boarding at SFO Thursday the 7th December 2017



Then pushback



Taxi to the active



Lined up and ready to go



Then I wanted to take another screen shot and made a mistake somewhere. The flight was gone so I'll go again in the afternoon.


A bit frustrating when you plan your flight about 1h30 before pushback with everything spot on.







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Well done you going the long way round! I chickened out and flew the Pacific in one hop in a B767. Picked up a new Dash in San Francisco and now halfway across the US. Great pictures.

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So, after the mishaps leaving SFO I had to start all the flight again going to CHEYENNE (CYS)


Preparing before sunrise



Power set, 60 kt here we go



The Golden Gate once more



A bit of mist at FL250 our usual cruise altitude



Leaving California



The first time since we left LONDON that we got so strong headwind



It is getting a bit cloudy going East



Just above the clouds



Approaching CHEYENNE with 30 Kt gusts and Rwy 31 being a bit short for the Dash we'll have a bit of Xwind landing on 27



Finally deboarding with the help of GSX but unfortunately it does not work all the time




Enclosed the documents for that flight



ATW #21 - KSFO KCYS.pdf

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Hi JP, thanks for comment. I had stiffer headwinds earlier in the week and a 100kt cross wind at FL250 flying to Chicago yesterday. The Atlantic crossing presents a real dilemma. Flying the Dash round what is essentially their ferry route via Gander and Iceland is very tempting, then pick up the Jules Verne route in Liverpool for the final leg back to London. You're right about the time needed for planning/flying the extra legs. On the other hand, I calculated that I can get a lightly loaded 767 with just reserve fuel remaining into Cork, then fly the Dash to Dublin and Liverpool which really does follow the true route. Dilemmas, dilemmas. Flown out of Cork twice after holidays in S Ireland, 6 and 7 years ago. Took in a trip to the exhibition at Cobh where Titanic sailed from. Fascinating. If not before, see you in London. I've got a drink with my name on it waiting on the bar at the Waldorf Hilton from another Dash pilot!


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On Sunday the 10th we moved from KCYS to KPIA

Excellent forecast with clear sky and good tailwind

Starting N°2 engine



Rotate with the sun showing on the horizon



we were cleared to 13000' and 10 minutes after departure to our final FL



Climbing FL 250



Somewhere in Iowa



Starting our descent to KPIA



Then the RNAV for Rwy22



On the VNAV path with a bit of drift






Shutdown at the gate KPIA (PEORIA)



Enclosed documents





ATW #22 - KCYS KPIA.pdf

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Monday the 11th departure from KPIA to KEWR. It did not work as expected.


Lined up Rwy 13. Ready to go. So far so good.



As usual, V1, VR, V2, positive climb, gear up and in fact ... No gear up



Levelling 2500' outbound for the ILS 13 160 kt

If you are not accustomed to the Dash 8 Q400 modelled by Majestic, here is an explanation: You can program failures and stupidly I did not remove the failure script, so randomly you can get any failure that you have programmed anytime during your flight. So it works very well as you can see.

There are also the gear pins that you have to remove, but this was done and I have also 3 visual flags that I put behind the co-pilot seat when I remove the pins.

Anyway just one thing to do, back to the departing airport and call the engineers.


Intercepting the LOC inbound



Clear to land



Back to PEORIA waiting for the mechanics



Pity as it was really a fine day for that flight. We'll start again when the plane be repaired.



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On Tuesday 12th December, landing gear being repaired we left PEORIA (KPIA) for NEW YORK / NEWARK LIBERTY (KEWR) for our last leg to NEW YORK.

We did not know it was going to be the most difficult flight of the ATW venture. So far as we did not start our Northern leg over the Atlantic yet.


Leaving the stand at 1845 (GMT) arriving at the Rwy31 Holding Point.



Then we checked our TO Fuel and realized that we were short of 26 KG. Usually we cannot legally take off. But there is a trick that we can do to be able to take off: We always take 2 alternates (1 is enough according to the rules) and for the fuel calculations we enter the further away, in our case KISP. Our second alternate beeing KGLA we use it as our primary alternate and have a gain of 265 Kg so we are good to go. All that was my mistake when I ordered the fuel I did not round up the Block Fuel to the next 100 Kg but the Take Off fuel instead (3200 for 3300 Kg).


So, a normal take off with the gear retracting as it should be



As it is the case most of the time in the U.S. we were cleared only at a lower altitude (13000') and cruise level 250 10 mn after departure



The wind was more or less that was forecasted and a bit strong



At a time we had up to 21° crabbing



Then we flew on the shores of Lake ERIE



And it got a bit more cloudy



We had to start our descent quite early and got a good bit of icing



We had to be level at 6000' about 150 Nm before destination due to traffic and there a good increase of fuel consumption and icing conditions



Approaching TETERBORO and NEW YORK in sight



Final on the ILS 22L NEWARK



Taxing to the gate






Enclosed the documents explaining the fuel adjustments.


Getting ready to cross the pound soon.



ATW #23 - KPIA KEWR.pdf

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We did not stay very long in NEW YORK as we started to move again at 1500 (GMT) on Thursday the 14th.


As soon as our passengers were in and lugguages and small cargo loaded we closed the main door



Starting to taxi and hold short of Z Rwy 22R 



A long taxi for about 15 minutes, then took off, departure cleared to BREZY 11000'



Some clouds but nothing to worry at the moment as we leave them behind us



Turning WP over ALBANY



Passing over the St Laurent river that we could barely see



Quite a long trip of over 3 hours today and quite pleased to start our descent



So far the weather does not look so bad



But few minutes later the story was a bit different



As we were landing on Rwy 26, we choose the BACK CRS Z and we should have choose the RNAV as the TACAN (DME) does not work for us. So a quick change to have our distance to the Rwy with the FMS and we are good to start our final descent


On final



Touching down with a kind of sleet. As is saying a friend of mine: "It could be worse, it could be raining!!!)



Ariving to the stand with this sleet and the marshaller got a bit wet



Thats all for today with enclosed all the documents for this flight.


See you,





ATW #24 - KEWR CYYR.pdf

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Friday 15th December from GOOSE BAY to NARSARSUAQ (CYYR / BGBW).


There are not much alternates available in Greenland so we choose KANGERLUSSAQ (BGSF) and we took 01h30 of extra fuel in case of something goes wrong  at BGBW to hold there as the weather forecast was quite allright for this time of the year. The only problem is that most of the procedures have to be done in daylight (12h13 - 30 mn to 17h43 + 30 minutes GMT) which does not give much latitude.


We started to board at GOOSE BAY slightly before 1400 GMT



The snow started to accumulate on the plane



We had to ask for a treatment



A soon as it was done we ask for pushback



Cimbing in icing conditions



Then finally at our cruising level 250 we were above the clouds quite confortably



Nothing to mention during the cruise and we started our descent



The first islands in sight



The environment does not look too friendly in cas of emergency landing



We managed to be on the ground just on time before sunset



Then deboarding at NARSARSUAK



The approach there is quite special and you have to follow exactly the procedure due to the mountains everywhere. Quite an interesting experience. I had a friend of mine who landed there few years ago when he ferried a F27 across the Atlantic and he confirmed it was not a piece of cake.


Enclosed the Flight Logs and all documents.



ATW #25 - CYYR BGBW.pdf

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Good logs JP, great pictures and good luck flying round via Greeland and Iceland. I opted again for the B767 across the Atlantic and am currently resting in Cork before flying on to Dublin and Liverpool.


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On Sunday the 17th, from BGBW to BIKF. Forecast not too nice with icing and turbulence but what can we expect at that time of the year.


I was expecting to do the ATW in 25 legs but in fact it would be 28 legs as I wanted to visit the Bay of Halong and on the way back a stop in Cork (EICK) as I was based there for quite sometime in the 70s and 80s and I had lot of fun there.


Starting to board in NARSARSUAQ around 1215 (GMT) as the daylight there does not last long in December



Again we have to ask for ice treatment due to the weather



Usually the take off should be on Rwy 24 but with a 20 Kt tailwind it was outside the aircraft possibilities so, as there was a good visibility and a 10 000' ceiling we decided to take off on 06.



The load was so light (only 22T) that we climbed out very quickly over the mountains



And reached FL250 in no time



Leaving the Greenland coast behind us



At this time of the year the lighting is quite nice



The cruise was very smooth but when we started our descent the weather deterioted as forecasted and we had to switch on the storm lights



CBs everywhere



Finally Iceland in sight



Final Rwy 28 KEFLAVIK






Enclosed the flight documents



ATW #26 BGBW - BIKF.pdf

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Hi JP, thanks for post. Just about to write up my diary for Monday when I flew on from Cork to Liverpool via Dublin. Happy days back in the Dash. Love the Majestic version of it. It reawakened my interest in MSFS, which had waned, when it came out a few years ago. And now flying it for this Aerosoft inspired RTW has been great fun. Learned so much more about it and the other tools (SimBrief, AuraSim and PlanG) which I'd never really used to any extent. After the pressure from London to Tokyo, planning and flying every day or every other day, it's been a lot less pressured having opted for the B767, with the big gaps for the Pacific and Atlantic crossings. I admire your determination for sticking with the Dash all the way. I don't think I would have completed sticking to the stage dates, but could have done if I'd pushed ahead. Happy (cold) landings, see you in London



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Wednesday the 20th December, time to move from Keflavik to Cork (BIKF / EICK) and looking at the METAR and TAF not a good idea to go to Cork but I have to go there in remembrance of the old flying days.


Starting to board at 07.45 (GMT)



A bit of snow on the taxiway



Then lined upon 29, ready to go



Waiting for quite a while to see a bit of sunrise



The weather quite good so far



Not a single cloud over the Atlantic



A good bit of drift



Over Ireland we see some lakes around Athlone



60 Nm to go



Then the Kerry mountains just above the stratus



The question was with the RVR Rwy17 650 m, Fog, sct 100' and Bkn 200', do we divert now or do we go down and have a look. Quite accustomed to that type of weather in Cork, we decided to have a go and with the 2 ILS set pilot and co-pilot CATII our minima was 100'.

At 110' ready for the GA just saw the Rwy. Pity that the lights are not on with FSX. It would have been a good help.



And we went to our usual stand



One last leg to go and the ATW in 80 days shall be done.


Enclosed plog, weather, TOLD.



ATW #27 BIKF - EICK.pdf

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Hi JP, great sunrise pic in Iceland, to be swapped for the damp, drear conditions in Ireland. Cloud looks worse for you yesterday than it was when I flew out on Monday up to Dublin. Worst of the low cloud looks to be in SE England currently. Liverpool wasn't too bad when I left yesterday morning but it was not good at Biggin Hill on arrival. You may get better conditions at Southend which I overflew at 9000ft on the way in from JACKO.

Safe landings, James

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Last leg from Cork to Southend (EICK / EGMC)


The weather was not looking too good with this Anticyclone over Europe but we have to go to finish the trip


Nearly ready to start



Then taxi to Rwy 17






Maintaining 5000' during the SID just above the stratus



Dublin below



Then Liverpool on the other side of the Irish sea



Beginning of the STAR SPEAR 2L



Nearly ready to GA and suddenly the approach lights



The gate where we departed 80 days ago



Deboarding at EGMC Gate 7



In case of I cannot make it to the Waldorf Hilton, cheers



A similar picture some 45 years ago but there you cannot see the Paddy bottle. The good stuff is already gone inside



This ATW tour is finished now and I enjoyed every bit of it. The Majestic Q400 was perfect. PFPX very precise and the difference of fuel just around 2.5% in just less than 80 ... not days but hours.


Enclosed is the last log and flying documents for this leg and also a table with the distance, time, fuel.


Cheers my fellow flyers, we'll meet again.




ATW #28 EICK - EGMC.pdf

ATW 80 DAYS.xlsx

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Hi JP, thanks for comment, sharing the drink in the cockpit and the picture of your setup. That's very impressive. I'm probably not going to post a picture of me at my Sony Vaio laptop, 2nd monitor (for Navigraph charts) and Logitech 3D Pro stick. It does the job (just), but FSX does run it at the limit with the chipset fan making more noise than the Dash 8 itself!

This adventure has been a great shared experience - good luck in the future,


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