Unable to install NDP

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Hello, After a full install of my OS (W7 x64) I'm trying to install this software. I have an active on year data activation code. I have a message " the version is not mixable with my windows OS. Contact aerosoft admin.





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Not sure if there is something that Aerosoft knows about this, so my advice should be secondary to what the NavDataPro developers says.


I had the same error when trying to reinstall Microsoft Office. Windows is seeing a conflict between 32-bit and 64-bit install when it shouldn't be.


My solution only applies if you had NavDataPro installed previously on the same Windows installation.  Solution: Clear all folders, files and Registry Entries related to NavDataPro. Some of the files will be located in areas that are foreign to most Windows users, so I would go through Microsoft Tech Support for assistance with this.  Of course you should always backup your Registry before editing it.


Best wishes.



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