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Aerosoft CRJ first impressions by a real pilot

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vor 42 Minuten, Mathijs Kok sagte:

We'll go over the CRJ forums later, you got a fine chance of being contacted, just as Jim Barrett etc.


That's very gracious of you (especially after I asked an off-topic question in this topic) but I'm afraid that I asked more stupid questions about the CRJ than answering sensible questions by other users. ;)

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18 hours ago, Mathijs Kok said:

Believe me, forum users with high scores are always contacted. They save me a small fortune in support costs.


Really? That's news to me.


Guess all the free content I and others have contributed to your products over the years isn't worth much. At least I know there's a distinction now.

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16 hours ago, Mathijs Kok said:

True, you were long due, will contact you.


I'm certainly not the only one, Mathijs. John, Airmax and I'm sure a few others. Of course you'd have to judge said work on an individual basis. 


I simply find it rather disconcerting that you feel I was over due yet I had to point it out publicly to garner a response. Seems rather disingenuous, no offense. However, that's your and Aerosoft's prerogative. It's your company, you're free to do things as you wish. No ill will. I'm past the point disconcertment, anger and the feeling of being unappreciated while helping to sell and extend your products via likes of liveries and other content. People that do things like this are the backbone of your community, and to toss them aside, to not show a semblance of gratitude is just the epitome of little, a nonchalant attitude of who cares. 


With all due respect, please don't contact me. I'll pull my content as soon as a secondary option becomes available. 

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