Aerosoft Airbus ATC Replacement

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For the two thousand plus people that were using my ATC mod, I apologize. I attempted to update it today only to be met with file restrictions. Not only couldn't I add the components I wanted, but given the new AS download section restrictions via third-party links, I couldn't do much of anything. Therefore, the file I was attempting to updated has since been removed. This wasn't intentional however, I was updating it when the notification appeared that I could no longer contribute to the page I had created, and the fact that the file in question exceeded the max download size. 


As an issue that's been ongoing for the better part of six months, I just wanna say thanks to AS for all their help. That's sarcasm by the way. Honestly, over the past several months I've never felt more abandoned. But I understand Aerosoft. Gotta get that cash, right?

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I haven't noticed any active "blocking" yesterday and today from anyone. Are you sure that you are not just hitting some default forum limitations which also could be lowered when getting in touch with the right people (e.g. Mathijs) ?

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