Hi! First let me thank the developers for the v1.04 patch. This product is becoming gradually polished and I can confirm a very good performance increase. This has now  the potential to become the best Madeira Archipelago Flight Simulator Scenery ever.   I would like to point some "out of the box" issues I have found with the latest version. I am running Prepar3D Academic v3.4.22.19868 on a Windows 10 x64 Pro machine.   LPMA airport name is incorrect. The actual name is Madeira Airport - Cristiano Ronaldo.   If you start a flight out of Porto Santo (LPPS), no matter what, one will not have windmills. In order to display the windmills you need to first load your flight at LPMA (Madeira) and then switch back to Porto Santo (LPPS).     Porto Santo island lighthouses situated at "Ilhéu de Cima" islet and "Ilhéu de Ferro" islet have no working lights.   Porto Santo island has no 3D lights.   Porto Santo "Ilhéu da Fonte da Areia" Islet is flat (no mesh).   "Ponta de São Lourenço" islet, located at Madeira Island has no mesh. It is completely flat. Also the islet lighthouse is not emitting any light at night. Probably as the rest of all of the Madeira island lighthouses (not tested).   Madeira, as Porto Santo, is lacking 3D lights with the exception of LPMA airport surroundings.   Madeira island texture is "washed" and "dull" compared with the airport textures. Also there is a partially hanging big building (at the end of the bridge).   That's it! As I said before these issues were caught on the fly... There are probably more things to report that I am unaware of... (e.g. GSX issues, etc.) Regards, Luís