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Nice flight from Nice ;-).

An airport I visit frequently for business trips to Valbonne. 

Climbed quickly out to cross the mountains, going on oxygen from 12000ft upwards to 18000ft.

After passing the Alps I went down and turned east towards Zurich. Only short hops remaining towards Andras Field, via Altenrhein of Friedrichshaven.



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Almost my last flights.

First from Zurich to Altenrhein. At only 40nm thats just under 15 minutes of flight time in the Mustang. 

Now in familiar territory, as I tore up the skies in this neighborhood for so long hauling rubber dog shit out of Hong Kong Andras Field as a wee charter pilot.



The uneventful roaring start from Zurich


Buzzing the field, Maverick style


Coming up on left hand pattern at Altenrhein.


Turning base


After a short stop and some paperwork, on to Andras Field, climbing out over lake Constanz under a dieing sun.


What colors can do my mount. After all this time, I'm actually going to miss this wild wild machine.


Mountains, skies and clouds.



Final at EAFS Andras Field, over the elongated hill, giving clear view of the main runway, the glider strip and the water field EAFW on the Forggensee and seaplane port and ramp to the big field in the Illasbergsee. Beyond the castle on the hill overlooking the air park where, among others, my home is located. As Meigs was in years long gone, so is Andras my gateway into the sim. With it's different runways and situated along the Alps, it never grows old.


Full flaps on passing the bridge


Safely down and taxi to the end, then home, with the castle on the hill ever watchful.


Andras Meridian VA Terminal and HQ building.


My street



My house. Now to push the old lady in the hangar and empty a beer on the porch.

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Completed Leg 123 (approx.)  LEIB Ibiza to LEMG Malaga









Playing catch up to you speedy chaps :)






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Here is our flight report for the flight LIEO to DTMB which we concluded on 26-May-2017,


LIEO – Olbia
METAR: LIEO 260444Z 00607KT 9999 FEW023 20/15 Q1015
OUT:     05:15z
OFF:     05:25z

Avg winds aloft: 326/28

DTMB – Monastir
METAR: DTMB 260444Z 02102KT 9999 20/11 Q1013
ON:      06:36z
IN:        06:41z

Add on scenery:

- by Hamda Houcine, thanks for this nice scenery.


The route of the first leg today lead us towards west following the SID, then we are heading south.

Compared to last week weather has improved, almost no clouds some reduced visibility when reaching the African coast. The weather map shows a slightly different STAR due to the mechanism I talked about in one of the previous pireps.

Parking at stand 06 ready for taxy and departure.

We are number two at runway 06 after an Easy Jet Airbus.

Climbing out of runway 06.

Turning west following SID POZZO5Q.

Reaching southern coast of Sardinia start crossing the Mediterranean.

Reaching the Northafrican and in particular the Tunisian coast.

We are cleared for an interesting 8-shaped approach pattern to runway 07.

On final approach to runway 07.

Parking at stand P22. All around the Mediterranean Sea you will find more or less the same low cost carriers.

Wish you all always happy landings



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Here is our flight report for the flight DTMB to DTTJ which we also concluded on 26-May-2017,


DTMB – Monastir
METAR: DTMB 260630Z 32003KT 270V350 CAVOK 23/16 Q1014 NOSIG
OUT:     07:03z
OFF:     07:15z

Avg winds aloft: 309/11

DTTJ – Djerba
METAR: DTTJ 260630Z 06010KT 9999 FEW023 SCT030 23/19 Q1012 NOSIG
ON:      07:48z
IN:        07:52z

No add-on sceneries.

The next leg after only a 20 minutes break was again a short one heading south.

Still parking at stand P22.

Our destination airport is in the center of a slightly clouded area.

One more Air Berlin B737 is arriving at Monastir. We have priority on our taxy way to runway 07.

Waiting at runway 07 while a Tunis Ait B737 is landing.

Climbing out of runway 07.

Heading south for Djerba.

We just had arrived cruising level when we already initiated descend again. Heading east for final approach.

At final approach to runway 09.

Airliner and low cost carrier next to one another. We parked at gate P7.

Wish you all always happy landings



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Leg 120 Valencia (LEVC) - Nice (LFMN) complete. date: june 23 2017


Leaving LEVC rwy 12




Approach Nice rwy 4L


LFMN Gate F1







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2017-06-24 [125]: Valencia [LEVC] to Nice Cote d'Azur [LFMN], France




Not only the airport, but the harbor at Valencia was seeing some traffic.2017-6-24_8-57-26-252.thumb.jpg.88772292396b5b5faf899ca917e0e35c.jpg


More trouble with traffic.  It looks like some of the routes created by UT2 were not honoring the correct level separations.  And that airspace over the North-western Mediterranean has a spider-web of crossing paths -- Germany to and from the Balearics and Southern Spain to Southern France.  I had one encounter directly head-on (>900 knots closure rate).


Several layers of clouds over the Nice area.  One lower layer obscured the view of the airport, only after breaking through it became clear that the ILS signal was not well-aligned to the runway.2017-6-24_9-59-45-122.thumb.jpg.51f38b61cefffa8cd656110b858e6b19.jpg

I guess it is not surprising to find VIPs at Nice.  The 747 owned by [Saudi] Prince Al-Waleed bin Talal was parked.  And show in this image, an Airbus A319CJ, operated by Global Jet Luxembourg (rumored to be owned by a Russian company).2017-6-24_10-5-41-581.thumb.jpg.797044d1d46c118f6148e0e9e81abcff.jpg


With the summer heat coming on, it is about time to finish up this set of legs and wait for the last flight.

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Hello guys, here is my flight from Nice to Zurich (actually, it's more than one leg). The overview (to Geneve only) is here:



Leg #130.1    LFMN-LFMR (Saint Pons), PC6, 60 nm, 0:35 hrs, VFR


First towards VOR AZR by crossing the city of Nice...


... and then another left turn along the river La Tinée. The weather is not as nice as proposed.


Approaching Sant Pons.



Leg #130.2    LFMR-LFHU (Alpes d'Huez), PC6, 72 nm, 0:50 hrs, VFR: via Saint-Crépin, Lac de Sierre Poncon,


I left out Saint Crépin and continued to Alpes d'Huez, a first Altiport. Passing the Massif des Écrins having some peaks around 4000m elevation.


The demanding final, however, by using the Porter's STAL ability not a real problem.



Leg #130.3    LFHU-LFLJ (Courchevel), PC6, 45 nm, 0:26 hrs, VFR


After a short coffee-break, ready for using the jump (actually the Turbo Porter lifted off when reaching the marks)


The view became much clearer compared to the remaining early morning fog north of Nice. Here a nice view showing the Mont Blanc (4808m), Europe's highest peak west of the Caucasus.


Courchevel - the first time I saw it in Summer.


Climbing uphill for a lunch break.



Leg #130.4    LFLJ-LSGG (Geneva), PC6, 65 nm, 0:40 hrs, VFR RW23


The Porter began climbing even if I didn't use full power in order to enjoy at least a bit the downhill feeling...


Due to the wind direction I had to fly a downwind track along Geneva's airport. I'd been a bit late, but asked the tower for a short approach to no avail.


I love the city and the promenade around the lake and its nice fountain.


(Scenery: Done by Guy Nemoz, Altiports  - I still used the old version 3, available  there as well. LFMR is from the same source. However don't forget to install the library and read how to install, LSGG is done by Rene Scharlach and available at Avsim, ).



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20 minutes ago, dcda said:

With the summer heat coming on, it is about time to finish up this set of legs and wait for the last flight.


Hi Dale, you're absolutely right! Fortunately the weather is not that nice that I urgently want to sit on my terrace... ;)


Regarding your traffic experience I can't judge as I had been most of the time relatively low while flying eastbound along the coast. Where did you find the nice repaints of celebrity's rides?


However, for me remains reporting about the last flight towards Zurich.


Leg #130.5    LSGG-LSZH (Zürich), B738, 143 nm, 0:38, MOLU3N MOLUS DCT WIL WIL2Z


Due to the wind direction and necessary SID and STARs the short hop took quite a while. After taking of at RW23 we had to pass PASSERY VOR before u-turning left. Here we can see the mouth of river Rhône into lake de Genève and we are about to pass Montreux, well known for its famous Jazz Festival. 1971 the Band Deep Purple wanted to use the Casino complex for some recordings when it was burned by an idiot during the last concert of some other artists. However, this event inspired the band to the song "Smoke On The Water" and Richie Blackmore to his great guitar riff being the most recognizable part of it.


Here we are following the approach to RW34 before ATC directed us to RW16.


LSZH is crowded as always...



(I used a quite puristic scenery of Stefan Liebe, available at Avsim,


See you, likely I'll continue today.


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11 hours ago, FlyingAxx said:

Regarding your traffic experience I can't judge as I had been most of the time relatively low while flying eastbound along the coast. Where did you find the nice repaints of celebrity's rides?


Hi Axel,


I have a habit of collecting things before I use them.  The government and vip stuff had been sitting on my disk for probably for at least two years.  I only started to install them as we were passing through India.  (Many still not in use.)


When looking for paints, I always look (more or less) in this order:


For flightplans,

  • I now check the AIG forums (at http://alpha-india,net group) during the Summer and Winter schedule times.
  • They also have "unofficial" flightplan discussion threads by individuals   (I think somewhere in those forums were the main VIP / government flightplans [summer 14, summer 16] for A319/320/321, B737-700/800/900, 747, 757, 777, 787.  By Stephen Croft and Marvin Minere ["MMAI"])
  • There are also some older (and new) files on in the file directories:
  • AVSIM is surprisingly good.  In particular, a gentleman named Jeroen Eekhof ["Fontier"] makes medium and small-sized airlines.
  • A few at and


I will defer any talk about AI aircraft models. :rolleyes:

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11 hours ago, dcda said:

I have a habit of collecting things before I use them.  The government and vip stuff had been sitting on my disk for probably for at least two years.  I only started to install them as we were passing through India.


Well Dale, these are the sentences just describing useful sources for collectors like me. I didn't care too much for AI in the past, mostly because of a lack of time. Otherwise I couldn't practice enough hours per week my guitar play in order to improve it despite my advanced age... :( ('s only Rock'n Roll, but I like it! :rolleyes:).


BTW, I suppose that you are one of the guys having problems from time to time as far as the remaining space on your hard drives is concerned (like me). A full backup takes ages - it's a nightmare.

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11 hours ago, FlyingAxx said:

I suppose that you are one of the guys having problems from time to time as far as the remaining space on your hard drives is concerned (like me)


You hit that nail on the head.  Nothing but FSX on my 500 GB drive, but I still desperately need to install a larger disk right now or I must remove some things.  I have the disk, but want to make the jump to one of the 64-bit sims, . . . but that means a new machine, so that is delayed.


And I certainly understand about the time.  Poetry reading every week, which means I need time to write.


Oh, and by the way, nice route through the Alps.  Highly respectable.  But for me again with the time thing -- and I am still "full-up" with mountains after the Andes.

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Hi guyz,

Some next legs ...

Since i'm living in Toulouse, that is somehow midway between Valencia and Nice, I decided to make a stopover in Toulouse for thta Valencia-Nice leg...






Leg 120a completed: LERE-LFBO

To home!


Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual.



Saturday June 24th, 2 PM as usual, ready for the flight to Nice in two legs this time. I’m living in Toulouse (maybe you knew that?) and, after a two-year journey away from home, I decided to meet the family and friends by having a stopover at Toulouse tonight before reaching Nice airport tomorrow. Well, first, I have to manage a way out of this fully crowded apron… with some nice oldies around and even an ex-KLM bird.



Fewww, the runway was very short (2,800 feet), almost too short for the Learjet … I’m pretty sure to have caressed the top of these small trees at the end of the runway with the wheels.



At 5,000 feet climbing to 13,000 feet, we let behind the small city of Requena, here is located the Palacio del Cid, El Cid was the champion knight of the Reconquista on the Muslim Spain in XIth century.



Heading north, at our cruise altitude (FL350) we cross again the Prime (Greenwich) meridian and are back in the Eastern hemisphere. In the distance, we see the heights of Balearic Islands.



Four minutes later, at FL350 and heading north, we see in the background the Pyrenees Mountains, a wall, that mark the northern border of Spain with France. Ahead is the River Ebro, one of the largest river in the Iberian Peninsula.



View from FL350 of the confluence of the Ebro River with the Segre River. The city just below us is Mequinenza. The Segre river flows towards Spain but its springs are in France.



We have begun our descent and at FL220 we fly over the French Pyrenees and their very narrow valleys. Below is the French mountainous city of Bagnères-de-Luchon. This city of the Comminges Province is called “the Queen of Pyrenees” and is a famous ski resort.



At 15,000 feet descending to 11,000 feet, we are at some 45 nautical miels south of Toulouse. We fly over the valley of Le Salat River with the city of Saint-Girons of the Couserans Province on our right. Below, the airport of Saint-Girons can be seen.



At 6,300 feet, descending to 3,000 feet, we turn to take the LOC for runway 32L. On our left below is the city of Auterive on the banks of the Ariege river. This is summer and the corn fields are almost ready for crop.



On finale for runway 32L, we fly over the southeast part of Toulouse. The red arrow points to my house!!! Funny to fly here close to your own home, after more than two years of a World Tour visiting so distant and weird places.



Short finale for runway 32L with a nice view on the La Cépière racecourse, and the Garonne river.



Parked at gate A15 at Toulouse-Blagnac airport after a 45-min flight from Requena. The salmon building is the old Toulouse airport terminal that was in use in the 1950s. This is now the terminal for business flights.





That's all folks

Have great flights and happy landings









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HI again,

And, now, the following leg ...




Leg 120b completed : LFBO-LFMN

To French Riviera!


Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual.



Sunday June 25th, 2 PM at gate A15 at Toulouse-Blagnac airport. We’re ready for a short flight to Nice, for the last legs of our wonderful World Tour. An Airbus SuperGuppy is taxiing to the active runway. A common sight here in Toulouse.



Takingoff from runway 32R with a view on Airbus (A330 and A350 building) and ATR plants on Blagnac side of the airport.



And, on Toulouse side, the huge Jean-Luc Lagardère assembly line of the Airbus A380, not so busy those days. You can visit them.



At 9,000 feet climbing to 11,000 feet with a view on Toulouse.



Seven minutes later, we are heading due east at FL240 and climbing to FL310. View of Castres and its airport Castres-Mazamet (LFCK).



Seven minutes later, we are flying over the city of Montpellier along the Mediterranean coast. With huge lagunas separated from the sea by narrow pieces of land with wonderful beaches.



We are flying over the delta of the Rhone River (the east arm of the river can be seen right below us). This area is known as Camargues, a famous and quite wild wetland with huge amounts of pink flamingos, horses and fighting bulls raised in semi-feral conditions.



Seven minutes after Montpellier, we are flying over Marseille. We have begun our descent to Nice and at FL290 descending to FL210.



Descending to 3,000 feet we see three successive gulfs. The immediate one is Gulf of La Napoule on which is located Cannes (and its famous film festival) with, on our left, Cannes-Mandelieu airport (LFMD) and on the other side of the Pointe de la Croisette peninsula, the small Gulf Juan on which is located Antibes. On the other side of the peninsula Cap d’Antibes, is the Bay of the Angels (la Baie des Anges) on which is located Nice. A nice view of the French Riviera.



Long finale for runway 04L, overflying Antibes and Golf-Juan, with high value estates mostly inhabited by wealthy Russians.



Parked at gate Kilo-26, a quite remote place on an eastern apron of the Nice- Cote d’Azur airport, after a flight of about 45 min from Toulouse. Now, we will enjoy the night life of Nice and Cannes for the rest of the week!





That's all folks ...

Enjoy your week at Nice and have fun at the French Riviera.







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Here is our flight report for the flight DTTJ to LEIB which we concluded on 2-Jun-2017,


DTTJ – Djerba
METAR: DTTJ 020430Z 07014KT 8000 NSC 22/18 Q1015 NOSIG
OUT:     05:04z
OFF:     05:15z

Avg winds aloft: 279/18

LEIB – Ibiza
METAR: LEIB 020430Z 36003KT 9999 BKN012 19/17 Q1018 NOSIG
ON:      06:56z
IN:        07:02z

- by Sierra.Foxtrot-Design, thanks for the nice freeware scenery.

The route for this flight led as first northwest to the Mediterranean coast at Jijel Taher Airport in Algeria then along the coast until Alger/Houari Boumediene Airport before we headed northwest across the Mediterranean Sea towards Ibiza.

Early in the morning the airliners had been gathered like pearls on a string.

The first three quarters of our flight we had to expect limited visibility and light clouds in the vicinity of Ibiza.

Taxiing to the runway the sunshine had been reflected in the terminal windows.

Climbing out of runway 09.

Leaving the island of Djerba behind us heading northwest to cross the Tunisian dessert.

We reach the Mediterranean Sea coast at Jijel, Algeria and turn west for Alger.

Leaving the African coast for the island of Ibiza.

On the right side Formentera the island south od Ibiza comes in sight.

After 1 hour and 40 minutes in flight we are on final approach to Ibiza runway 06.

Business as usual, lots of low cost carriers around at the airports in the Mediterannean.

We parked at gate 27.preparing for the next leg at this day.

Wish you all always happy landings



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Here is our flight report for the flight LEIB to LEMH which we also concluded on 2-Jun-2017,


LEIB – Ibiza
METAR: LEIB 020750Z 05806KT 9999 22/17 Q1019
OUT:     08:11z
OFF:     08:27z

Avg winds aloft: 326/6

LEMH – Menorca
METAR: LEMH 020750Z 10702KT 9999 21/15 Q1018
ON:      09:00z
IN:        09:05z

- by Sierra.Foxtrot-Design,

- by Steve Morrell, thanks for the nice freeware scenery.

The next flight was again a short island hopping flight towards east passing by at Mallorca island.

For this short flight we should expect pure sunshine.

Still parking at gate 27, reaqdy for push back.

Climbing out of runway 06.

Crossing over the center of town and marina of Ibiza.

After 30 minutes into the flight we are already on final approach to Menorca runway 01.

Parking at gate 10, preparing for the next hop in short time.


Wish you all always happy landings




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Here is our flight report for the flight LEMH to LEPA which we also concluded on 2-Jun-2017,


LEMH – Menorca
METAR: LEMH 020856Z 06102KT 9999 26/16 Q1018
OUT:     09:26z
OFF:     09:38z

Avg winds aloft: 330/5

LEPA – Palma, Mallorca
METAR: LEPA 020856Z 07602KT 9999 22/15 Q1017
ON:      10:15z
IN:        10:24z

- by Steve Morrell,

- by, thanks for the nice freeware scenery.

Although this flight was only half the distance of the previous one it would take even more time than the previous one because other than stated in this picture we had to make a big loop in order to prepare for landing in easterly direction.

Weather has not changed compared to previous flight, still easterly winds.

Ready for push back at gate 10.

Waiting at runway 01 for landing Spanair Airbus.

Climbing out of runway 01.

On downwind leg passing south coast of Mallorca towards west.

On final approach to runway 06R.

Strange feeling if you are on a runway and you have another plane in sight heading in the opposite direction! We had been the lucky ones, they didn’t initiate their start until we left the runway.

Parking at gate 31. That’s it for the day. Now we prepare for the beach and later on for some drinks! :cheers_s: No, not at Ballermann's :D

Wish you all always happy landings


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That's my last batch of flights before our grand final. Time again taking a really old lady specifically as the distances are not too long.


Leg #131.1    LSZH-EDNY (Friedrichshafen), JU52, 45 nm, 0:26 hrs, VFR


Tanking off at Zurich Klothen, RW 34.


Heading direct for Friedrichshafen.


The Bodensee is covered with clouds, not serious enough foiling our plans.


Landing at Friedrichshafen, a smaller "cigar" is towed outside its hangar.



Leg #131.2    EDNY-LSZR (Altenrhein), JU52, 11 nm, 0:10 hrs, VFR


The Zeppelin is still under treatment when we left a while later for a really short hop over the lake.


Just 10 minutes to go.


It's time for a break. I only need to turn the tail a bit.



One day later, the weather became worse meanwhile and it rained.


Leg #132    LSZR-LOWI (Innsbruck), JU52, 92nm, 0:40 hrs, VFR via Feldkirch, Bludenz, St. Anton/Arlberg, Landeck, Nassereith 


After a 270° right turn heading for Feldkirch.


After passing St Anton/Arlberg


Almost done, after passing Landeck we are going to leave the peak in front to our right before turning for Innsbruck


We had to take RW08, rolling no to the stand



Now I start waiting for a pleasant summer, the flightplan to Paderborn is prepared (I don't have the nice, but fake alternate, sorry Toby) and hope for a grand final where most of you guys can participate.


See you.


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Leg 124.1 complete, Malaga LEMG to Gibraltar LXGB

Having a few PC problems of late, so I going to try and finish the legs off before re-formatting and the marathon reloading of FSX dvds :(










Down safely on "The Rock", now to find some fish and chips, washed down with a pint of warm bitter ;)




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After two years finally back to regions where I can speak my own language:

Leaving Nice



Mount Blanc



The Rhine. Not quite as majestic yet.




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Back home for a few days I started up my PC´s and guess what... Microsoft has an update: W10 1703. I waited for the update process to finish, updated Navigraph and started P3D with my Q400 at Djerba (DTTJ).


What is happening?????  On my PFD and ND things are spinning around, there are weird figures on the MFD and the UTL dll killed his process. This is serious Sierra Hotel India Tango. So I restarted serveral times, left things out, and three hours later..... well.... I decided to go back to 1702. After that.....: back was my sim working as it should. ThankYou MS.


So because of this, only one leg 'catching up'. (Knowing that others are at Zurich already.)


Leg 117: DTTJ to LEMH (never been there before, so I picked that one), 575 Nm on FL240, later FL200


Duration: 2hr38m   Takeoff: 14:01z   Landing: 16:39z   Fuel used: 1881 (this time I did not forget to make notes)

Metar departure: DTTJ 301330Z 35007KT 320V020 CAVOK 34/22 Q1007 NOSIG

Metar destination: LEMH 301430Z VRB01KT 9999 FEW025 22/15 Q1014


I prepared myself for a FRW09 takeoff, but the wind was 350 so ATC told me to go for RWY27. SInce I wanted to test the way to ask ATC for another RWY in PF3, I accepted a light tailwind on takeoff. After a very long takeoff run (in 34 degrees C) I followed the KBIR1A SID and levelled off nicely on FL240.



Approaching the Tunesian coast


When I reached the clouds you see above (just 4K above tops) it started to get bumpy and we had ICE. A bit later cloud tops were around us;



With ice protention on and off and on and off, I decided to leave it on. I had to keep it on until halfway the MORS3F STAR for an ILS approach for RWY19. While in the STAR ATC kept me on FL60 and kept on telling me that untill after landing. That will mean a bug report for PF3.




Hopefully I can do two legs tomorrow.





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 Leg 124.2 LXGB Gibraltar to LPFR Faro complete, in spite of Avast fighting my Malwarebytes :(

Leaving the Rock behind






And now Portugal


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One day later (Saturday July 1st)........


Not two, but three legs:


Leg118A: LEMH to LEMG, 526 Nm on FL200


Duration: 2hr15m   takeoff: 09:29z   Landing: 11:45z   Fuel used: 2038 kgs

Metar departure: LEMH 010830Z 02009KT 350V060 9999 -SHRA SCT025 FEW030TCU 18/16 Q1019

Metar destination: LEMG 011130Z 11009KT 080V140 CAVOK 24/12 Q1019 NOSIG


It rained on Menorca, but while taxiing out to RWY01 the rain was gone but the RWY was still wet, so a lower V1. I followed the EDUL1H SID with U-turn and then over the airport heading Mallorca.


On the turn to Mallorca's east coast


The flight to Malaga was over a well known territory. I lived for seven years north of Alicante (LEAL). In that time I've been 5 times to the Costa del Sol by car for business trips. It is great fun to see the roads below that I enjoyed to drive on. Also the mountains near Granada and the Sierra Nevada (this time without white tops). While I was following the ROLA1Q STAR for an ILSY13/TOLSU approach which goes east first an then south later, I saw a Lufthansa A320 cutting corners and landing before me. AI does not fly SIDs and STARs, although UTL claims they do. Never mind. Time for a coffee and lunch stop.


Leg 118B: LEMG to LPFR, 216 Nm on FL180


Duration: only 56 minutes   takeoff: 13:12z   landing: 14:09z   fuel used: 744 kgs

Metar departure: LEMG 011230Z 13008KT 080V160 CAVOK 22/16 Q1019 NOSIG

Metar destination: LPFR 011330Z 22011KT CAVOK 25/09 Q1019



Taxiing out behing a Monarch A321 while a Lufthansa A320 was landing


It was busy on Malaga airport (with AI on only 10%, otherwise my PC can't handle it). More AI would be more fun in the views on airport and on the radio but it has it's price on performance sadly enough. After takeoff from RWY13 ATC kept me on RWY-heading instead of the JRZ2H SID that I programmed in the FMS, but they vectored me to the NAPES WPT without letting me bump into a 'cumulus granitus'. The Q400 on low fuel was climbing like a rocket so no problem. After a short flight and changing the approach for RWY10 into the NIRA6A STAR/ILS28 (GEBTI transition) one. Nice landing and applause from the back (my wife just flushed the toilet).


Then number three of the day: Leg 119, LPFR to LEVC, 429 NM on FL250


Duration: 1hr58m   takeoff: 15:31z   landing: 17:29   fuel used: 1525 kgs

Metar departure: LPFR 011430Z 24012KT CAVOK 24/12 Q1018

Metar destination: LEVC 011630Z 12009KT 080V160 9999 FEW025 26/09 Q1020 NOSIG


This flight was over well known turistic places. I went on a guided bus tour through Andalusia in visiting all the 'must see' places in 2015. Something that takes a week instead of two hours, but you see and experience a lot more. ;)


Well then... Takeoff was from RWY28, then the TUPI8V SID that makes a U-turn over the sea and then north east. According to the SID, there is an altitude constraint of B6000 feet at TUPIX, but ATC cleared me direct to FL180 after takeoff which makes a lot more sense. Given the high temperatures, even the powerfull Q400 only climbes with 500 fpm over the last 3000 feet to FL250.




I had to pause the sim for dinner and continued thereafter. The ASTR1P STAR and the ILSZ12/OPERA approach brought me back to LEVC where I've been several times in real life. S0 I know exactly where to go in the beautiful city Valencia.:cheers_s:






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And the story continues....... Today, Sunday, with two more legs that brings me on schedule again.


Leg 120:  LEVC to LFMN, 478 Nm on FL250


Duration: 1hr57m   Takeoff: 09:38z   Landing: 11:36z   Fuel used: 1702 kgs

Metar departure: LEVC 020930Z 12104KT 060V190 9999 FEW025 24/10 Q1023 NOSIG

Metar destination: LFMN 021130Z 18005KT 140V220 9999 FEW033 21/15 Q1016 NOSIG


During flight preparation RWY30 was the active, but that had changed just before taxiing out to RWY12. While at the holding point, a Germanwings A319 landed on RWY30, so I had to 'line up and wait´ until it cleared the active. Then I got takeoff clearence and followed the SOPE4B SID being step-climbed untill levelled off at FL250. The rest of the flight along the Spanish east coast and then crossing the Mediteranian was a no-brainer. Crossing the coastline far west from the airport of Nice. Then the ABLA6R STAR for a VORA22L approach, MUS transition. That means you have to do it all by hand which is absolutely great fun to do.




Leg 121: LFMN to LSZH, 358 Nm on FL180


Duration: 1hr24m   Takeoff: 12:55z   Landing: 14:19z   Fuel used: 1432 kgs

Metar departure: LFMN 021200Z 17004KT 9999 FEW033 22/15 Q1016 NOSIG

Metar destination: LSZH 021400Z 21008KT 180V260 9999 FEW016 SCT035 BKN060 18/13 Q1023 NOSIG


ATC gave me takeoff clearence less than one minute after the TO of a Lufthansa flight, so I waited 'the 2 minute rule' to be safe. Especially with only a 4 kt wind from the left, wake turbulence might still be there. Then takeoff from RWY22R, and then the IRMA6X SID.



The scenery below was interesting although a bit blurred. I know, I can pause the sim and wait. But that is not ´my cup of tea´. 


One thing you can´t miss in this neighbourhood.... the top of the Mont Blanc:


ATC was so kind to step me down 'on pilot's discretion' but I waited a while because the RWY28 approach is a very long one:


Keeping in mind that ATC slows you down to 180 and later 160 knots starting at ZH204 that was a good thing to do. Otherwise I would have been too long in the bumpy clouds. So after the DOPI1G STAR there was the ILS RWY28 approach. It could also have been RWY16 because a Germanwings landed just before me on that one.


Time to go nuts in Kloten (only Dutchies will smile now).


Have a good one.





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