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I decided to make my tour of the Balearic Islands at a slower pace.  But, it was necessary to make a stop someplace to exchange rides temporarily.  So, I flew past and went to Barcelona.

2017-06-03 [121.a]: Monastir [DTMB] to Barcelona [LEBL], Spain

Early in the morning, still did not beat the sunrise.2017-6-3_21-28-44-9.thumb.jpg.ccb7364d1f84f55f71b269f6ad0b8dc3.jpg


DTMB 25.ABGO1B.ABGOL LOBNA UL874 DIMAO UG6 SALMA UN854 BALEN UM601 VERSO.VERS1V.ILSZ25L LEBLroute.thumb.png.d070313ef7ab3cf9d5b87821942b2ab8.png


We were to expect a landing from the west, but the winds shifted in flight, so we were instead given a more direct approach.

Obviously, much of the flight uninspiringly overwater.  Here, still a few miles offshore, some of the larger buidings of Barcelona are in view.2017-6-3_23-3-37-96.thumb.jpg.77541d0515a410ec5e64b05370f8646f.jpg


And, leaving the runway.  We were eventually assigned the gate near that Delta bird.2017-6-3_23-9-18-12.thumb.jpg.7f7d667c9b7a7e346f05f6ce3e91c604.jpg


Mega Barcelona by Aerosoft.
I believe this is one of the older Aerosoft offerings (I picked it up about 5 years ago).  Gates do not move, but it still holds up well.  The performance is good, no memory problems.

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On 6/5/2017 at 7:51 AM, FlyingAxx said:

The best I can remember of Djerba had been a wild ride with a catamaran while having a gusty 7 bft offshore wind bringing sand from the Sahara. I'll never forget my daughter crying while I balanced the boat on our portside hull while trying to get the pressure from the sail. We returned to the shore without turning turtle but all other did staying outside.


Wow, what a life memory.


3 hours ago, FlyingAxx said:

This file doesn't correct the elevation differences around the airport and I did it myself by using again Don Grovenstin's very helpful tool "Terrain Sculptor" for concealing the resulting cliffs.


Thanks for the reminder Axel, this tool will be very, very helpful to a future project.

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Balearic Island Adventures


2017-06-04 [121.b] Barcelona [LEBL] to Menorca [LEMH], Spain


Honestly, I did not know how to skip by any one of these lovely ladies (I mean islands), so I needed something slower than an airbus.  By prior arrangement, I borrowed a Piper Comanche.  Do not let the light sky in this first picture mislead you, this first one was actually a night flight.2017-6-4_11-56-8-182.thumb.jpg.748f545c18d29c6e5406398dbe2aa973.jpg


By the time the fueling and walk-around was finished, the Sun was already on the horizon.2017-6-4_11-59-14-891.thumb.jpg.65949493a056b3b35a8a55d22ed6c2d9.jpg


There was a tremendous line of departures during the pre-flight, but quieter by the time we were taxiing.  Night had already arrived.2017-6-4_12-42-2-232.thumb.jpg.5a20b46d70d1244645596ee95aa4c63a.jpg




Of course, a night flight, overwater, not much to see.  The waxing Moon helped orientation, with it's reflection.  A little more interesting as we came to the island, the lights of the village Fornells on the bay just to the left and the brightly-lit airport in the distance.2017-6-4_13-47-55-865.thumb.jpg.33479a844d507ab972801e6795bf52b0.jpg


Completely dark by the time we shut down.  I think there was maybe one other parked aircraft, and there did not seem to be anyone ready.  (But, those vehicles kept going around and around.)2017-6-4_14-24-42-622.thumb.jpg.df250c46bf5312f689407e73b10b53cd.jpg


Menorca / Balearic Islands Evo., (Sim-Wings/Aerosoft)

I am quite happy with the upgrade (from the earlier version).  Beautiful islands and no memory problems.  (Of course, the airplane textures are much smaller than the Airbus, so maybe I should go back to flying only small airplanes until switching to 64-bit.)

- - - - -

2017-06-04 [121.c]: Menorca [LEMH] to Palma de Mallorca [LEPA]


We really only stopped at Menorca long enough to get sleep.  Late arrival and early morning departure.  The airport has not even awakened yet.  Here is that Air Europa ATR that was parked overnight.  2017-6-4_21-37-55-934.thumb.jpg.d06d181d00e555edeaf49e30be675f9b.jpg


It was a bit of a mistake to try this shortest of the flights beginning in some solid rain,... they quickly turned into

thunderstorms.  The forecast had it clearer at Mallorca, so I decided to continue instead of returning.  A very rough ride and dogging thunderheads in the early part of the flight.  It was better later on until the traffic encounters.  Carb icing was an issue throughout the flight.




The weather was indeed better over Palme de Mallorca, but the traffic was intense.  There were about eight arrivals at the same time as me.  Everyone was coming around to land from the West.  All of the others were Airbuses and 737's.  They were two lines of them, one coming across the North from the East and the others coming straight down the runway from Ibiza.  The guys from the north were passing the island, then making a left turn to join the approach.  So, everyone met up a few KM farther distant from where my STAR was supposed to meet the approach.


Everyone was well-spaced, there did not seem to be any go-arounds.  I struggled to find a space where I could fit without causing problems.  [ATC was no help, as explained later.]

I ended up extending my "downwind" leg to let a couple big birds by, thought I saw some space, and turned to join.

Everything looked good, a nice view of the harbor.  And then "TRAFFIC!. TRAFFIC!" followed by a TUI fly bird running right over the top of me (good thing I was under the glideslope, oops).2017-6-4_22-48-13-807.thumb.jpg.f5b7ef3896cbf0660c0921b7eb70dae5.jpg


His wake turbulence almost ended us.  We got a much better view of the water than I would have preferred, although I do not think we came close enough to risk taking off one of the sailboat masts.  Needless to say, the subsequent landing was completely by hand.


After all that, Ground sent me all the way around the airport to park in the southwest.  Here, just exiting the runway.2017-6-4_22-50-56-298.thumb.jpg.361b95dc162734c7eceb6fcf33339979.jpg


[[Simmer's Note:  ProATCX had some problems with the 1706 AIRAC cycle (v1).  There was a message "no runway available" which seems to mean that there was no runway found that was long enough for the aircraft.  The program could not be used.  I adjusted the aircraft definition in ProATCX to minimum lengths of "0", and there were two updates to the cycle data (now at v3).  There is still an error message at Barcelona, but at least it will now give a clearance.]]


[[Simmer's Note 2:  After a few experiences with extreme turbulence using AS16, I did some research and discovered that many people have this same problem.  Apparently, it is so abnormally strong that the autopilot of the flightsimlabs 320 will turn off.  The "official" recommendation is to adjust only the "Turbulence Effect Scale," and lower that to around 30%.   All the other settings are more related to weather conditions producing turbulence.  The Effect Scale is directly related to how AS16 translates the turbulence into effect on the airplane.  I have found that 35% still gives some difficulty, but at least it is not an instant +/- 1000-3000 ft/min variations.  Others might prefer the 30% setting.]]



2017-06-05 [121.d]: Palma de Mallorca [LEPA] to Ibiza [LEIB]


Enough of that weather, I chose to wait until the next day to complete the trifecta.


Another long taxi to the other side of the airport, which means going around 3 sides.  And this was one busy airport; more dodging out of the way of bigger guys.  Not surprising, late Spring, the summer schedules in effect and all the holiday traffic to the Mediterranean.2017-6-5_23-15-20-305.thumb.jpg.4af3b2a230282747e9b573cfe929fddf.jpg


It would have been much easier if I had just requested 06R to replace 06L, the line of departures from that runway had an opening I could have slipped into easily.  And most of the arrival traffic was landing on the runway I was given.  I just did not know that at the time I received the clearance.  So, I got to practice some meditation while waiting for Volotea, Condor and two Air Berlin (opf Etihad) to touch down and clear.


Once we were off, the weather was so much improved that the minor frustrations were forgotten.2017-6-5_23-39-5-455.thumb.jpg.c524df1c432c8f6c7778d3520fc6c6fe.jpg




It might have been also safer to leave from 06R, since my path had me turning right and crossing that extended line.  However, I was under vectors and the controller had things, well....under control.  This despite 10+ larger birds coming arriving on opposing paths ~2000 feet below our flight path.  There were a couple of times when I could look out the window and see 3 jets all within 1 NM (laterally) of our location.  This was a time when I was grateful for an TCAS display to let me know who [else] was where.


No rain on this day, but enough clouds to obscure the view until approach.  Coming in over the bay, I first thought there were a couple of large helicopter pads out there, but I guess they are some small islands.2017-6-6_0-29-52-426.thumb.jpg.4f47a2ac67b64886e9f88a2a83172bae.jpg


All parked up in the close GA area.2017-6-6_0-44-22-688.thumb.jpg.8de1fd042186939ff3c74481bf841ba5.jpg



Now just the flight back to Barcelona and ready for the next official leg and future adventures.

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LEG 118 C  LXGB  LPFR  Boeing 737/800






to rwy




take off




landing at LPFR






LEG 119  LPFR  LEVC  Boeing 737/800


LPFR parking




take off LPFR





landing at LEVC




at the gate LEVC



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LEG 117b Palma (LEPA) - Ibiza (LEIB) complete. Date: June 4 2017


LEG 118 Ibiza (LEIB) - Gibraltar (LXGB) complete. Date June 6 2017

Gate 27 Ibiza


LEIB take off rwy 24


LXGB approach rwy 27


LXGB gate




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    DATE : 07.06.2017
TAKE OFF : 18:24z
 LANDING : 20:31z
AIRCRAFT : Lockheed Constellation
      FL : 200


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21 hours ago, dcda said:


All parked up in the close GA area.2017-6-6_0-44-22-688.thumb.jpg.8de1fd042186939ff3c74481bf841ba5.jpg


Great story. Love the new livery.

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Slowly gearing up for the full switch to P3Dv4. But for the time being als long as the 737 remains unported it is v3 flying:

Malaga it is.


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Hi guys,


After switching from P3Dv3.4 to P3Dv4 I am not able to fly the Carenado Embrear Phenom anymore because they aren't ready for P3Dv4 at this moment, so hat to switch to another airplane, I choose for something bigger this time the IRIS Spartan Battlefield lifter C27

This plane works in P3Dv4 with the restriction that it won't catch the glideslope anymore so I have to fly every approach manually but that's no problem.


The leg I did fly today was from LXGB to LPFR (Faro) a bit hazy at Gibraltar but the weather was good al the way down to Faro.
























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From Faro to Valencia. Nice flight but just one shot as Accusim bit me in the butt after 180 hr trouble free flying the Mustang.


On approach, on downwind, doing me checks and setup. I bump into my flaps switch a bit too much and jam my flaps. Bummer...

But little did I know I also blew a hydraulics line so hydraulics went to zero, fast!, as I was still pushing pressure on the flaps and my gear had to come down.


I thought the gear didn't lock by the sound and indeed: 2 greens instead of 3. I wobbled to get the right main locked into position, heard the telltale thump but light remained out, so assumed I was good. Assumption is the mother of all fuckups... I should have dumped the hydraulics power handle then and there, as that would have let gravity do the rest on the wheels. But I didn't, and my nice though bit fast landing ended in sparks and smoke as my right main gave in on touchdown.




Maintenance at Valencia: prop replacement, main bearings replacement, hydraulics lines check and replacement, oil line and filter replacement, cylinder compression test, lots of whisky and a big dent in my pride and confidence as a Mustang pilot.

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Nice story - including your summery.

5 hours ago, Tobus said:

Assumption is the mother of all ups... 


Nothing unusual during my next legs (I think in schedule???).

Leg #127.1    LEIB-LEMG (Malaga), B738, 369 nm, 0:57 hrs, BAVE1R BAVER UM603 ALT UN851 ROLAS RO1DCQ


Following the STAR led to a nice terrain warning. I wouldn't like it when flying in clouds... :blink:


Taxi to the gates.


(Scenery: Peter Hermans,


Leg #127.2    LEMG-LXGB (Gibraltar), B738, 100 nm, 0:21 hrs, PIMO1S PIMOS B28 XAVIR XAV01 RW09


After nearly doubling the short flight we have Ceuta to our left and Gibraltar's rock at the right side.


The finals to Rw09


(Scenery - including all fixes - by Klaus-Peter Kniffka,


Fortunately there is no need for international procedures even if the situation between Spain and Gibraltar is <err> complicated. In about two years we gonna have a real frontier here...


See you guys.

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Faro to Valencia is also finished a nice flight again.


Leaving Faro





Nice copilot on this flight



Coming close to our destination airport LEVC




Final approach









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LEG 121  LFMN  LSZH  Boeing 737/800


LFMN at the gate








hold for traffic




take off





Mont Blanc




overflying LSZH













gate E42



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Leg 120 (or is it 3,041?) :) DTTJ Djerba to LEMH Menorca

Decided to fly this one at night, so screen shots are a tad limited :):):)








Next a bit of Island hoppage....


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Valencia to Nice another nice flight done.


Leaving Valencia











Final approach to LFMN



Taxiing to the gate





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    DATE : 12.06.2017
TAKE OFF : 16:18z
 LANDING : 18:22z
AIRCRAFT : Lockheed Constellation
      FL : 190


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    DATE : 12.06.2017
TAKE OFF : 18:40z
 LANDING : 19:26z
AIRCRAFT : Lockheed Constellation
      FL : 120


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Hello guys,


Here is my report of my last leg in order to complete all alternatives of this choice.


Leg #127.3     LXGB-LPFR (Faro), B738, 213 nm, 0:52 hrs, XAVIR DCT AMPIR T100 ORTOP DCT GIMAL GIMA6C (TOGA AT LPFR)


Climbing out of Gibraltar (I'm wondering how long the rock's monkeys will remain loyal to their place after Britain's Brexit - there'll be much less tourists feeding them, I think).


A Ryanair sitting at the runway too long forced me to go around, adding quite some minutes due to the subsequent hold over GIMAL - probably the PF had a short nap after a long day.


Faro is obviously crowded. Many planes are sitting here. (A nice scenery done by Peter Hermans (,


As I have quite some stages on my way to Valencia I'll continue today via Lisbon to Madrid (different to my first planning) before changing my gear.

See ya...

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All right, here is the first batch of legs bringing me to Valencia. As I want landing at Requena as well, I need a smaller aircraft before.


Leg #128.1     LPFR-LPPT (Lisbon), B738, 127 nm, 0:28 hrs, ODEM6E ODEMI DCT ESP ESP9B


Approaching Lisbon, before overflying the airport and following the ILSLOC Z RW21 approach (fortunately without any holding).


Just docked in at gate A17


(It's an old Megascenery I bought years ago together with Stockholm just for EUR 5,-. It lacks a proper adaption to the surrounding mesh and I think I'll do it again myself - not yet, I'm afraid.)


Leg #128.2    LPPT-LEMD (Madrid), B738, 330 nm, 0:52 hrs, IDBI3N IDBID DCT PORLI DCT OGERO DCT TLD TLD1J


Here we go again before having a night stop (ore more) at Madrid.


After a quite fast flight with nice tailwinds at FL410 we arrived at Madrid's Airport Adolfo Suárez.


(Nice freeware done again by Ray Smith. It should be not only availabe at but at AVSIM, too.)


Now there is a bit time to think about the plane to take for the next flights to and from LERE. See you guys...


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Hi guyz,

Next legs ....



Leg 118a completed: LEMH-LXGB

To the Rock!


Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual.



Saturday June 10th, 2 PM, we are taxiing to the runway at Menorca airport.



Heading north, at 7,000 feet we climb to FL180. On our right, we see the city of Port-Mahon, the capital City of Minorca Island and its natural harbor, one of the largest in Mediterranean Sea.



View of Barcelona and its airport El Prat from FL360, as we are heading northwest and we will soon turn left. On our right, in the background, the Pyrenees mountains that form the natural between Spain and France. The name of these mountains stems from Pyrene, the daughter of Bebrix, a king of ancient Greece, and she became the girlfriend of Hercules. Later,  she came to die here in these mountains, hence their name. It is told that Hercules came back in these mountains to build a magnificent grave to her; some old people even say that the whole Pyrenees mountains were erected by Hercules…



While heading southwest, we fly by the huge Delta of the Ebro River. This delta is intensively sued for agricultural purposes: rice and fruit (mostly lemon and orange) culture. The name, Ebro comes from the Roman name of the river: the Iber, from which derives the name of the whole Iberic Peninsula. In ancient times, the Ebro River was, for a while, the natural border between the Roman republic (on its north bank) and the Carthaginian Empire (on the south bank).



View of Valencia from FL360 and its Manises airport. The Turia River that flows through the city can be seen as the Garden of the Turia, the green line that crosses the city and that were edificated in an old bed of the Turia River. We are also crossing the Prime meridian and entering in the Western hemisphere.



We are descending, at FL170, to 12,000 feet over the Baetic Range, not very far from Marbella on the coast. On the other side of the Mediterranean Sea, we see the African coast. And we also see the Gibraltar Rock, can you spot it?



Maintaining 2,800 feet hading due south, we are flying over the mountains of Los Alacornocales national park. Most of the industry down here is devoted to making corks from the very common cork oaks covering the whole area. Can you spot the Gibraltar Rock?



Long finale for a visual approach to runway 09. We are flying over the port city of Algeciras. Gibraltar is on the other side of a huge bay, the Bay of Algeciras for the Spaniards or the Bay of Gibraltar for the British.



Short finale and the weather turned a bit hazy. A view over the huge Gibraltar harbor and many big moored ships, and the tall buildings of West Side Gibraltar.



Rolling down the runway, we cross the road that links Gibraltar to Spain, with the border just on our right and the Spanish city of La Linea. This unique road is the only link between Gibraltar and the continent and is in permanent use, except when a plane is landing (as we are doing) or takingoff.



Parked at gate 2, Gibraltar international airport, after a flight of nearly one hour and a half from Minorca. The Rock stands right there, and, on the left, we see the British army buildings of the devil Tower Camp.





That's all folks!

Have great flights and happy landings.






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Hi guyz,

Next leg of that series ...



Leg 118b completed: LXGB-LPFR

To Portugal


Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual.



Sunday June 11th, 2 PM, after a night and the morning for visiting the tunnels inside the Gibraltar Rock built by the British Army, we are ready for this new flight, to Faro in Portugal. The panorama behind us, including the Rock, nicely reflects onto the huge glass wall of the Terminal building.



Holding at runway 27 entrance while a RAF C-130 Hercules takes off bound to Lakenheath RAF Base (EGUL).



Takingoff, we pass the famous Gibraltar – La Linea road, this time with a view over the Gibraltar side. it’s very british, the stadium is named Victoria Stadium and, if you look closely, you see a monument (just in front of the red CEPSA gas station. This statue is called The Cradle of History, erected on 1997. This monument presents an historical snapshot of Gibraltar, beginning with prehistoric man, the Phoenicians, the Romans, and finish with ... a British Grenadier, of course!



The Gibraltar Cradle of History monument





Takingoff from runway 27, with a nice view on Gibraltar West Side, its marina, and the huge Rock.





Above Algeciras, a last view over Africa on the other side of the Strait of Gibraltar.





Heading northwest, we climb to 16,000 feet. The surroundings are of high meanings for naval history. We are flying just ver a small sapnish city, Medina-Sidonia. In the 16th century, the Duke of Medina-Sidonia, Alonso Pérez de Guzmán, who led the Spanish Armada against England in 1588. And, in the distance, a cape can be clearly seen on the coastline. This is the infamous Cape Trafalgar … sorry, guys, I’m French so it’s a infamous landmark! LOL.





While at FL210, climbing to FL240, we have a view over Cádiz and its Bay, the oldest continuously inhabited city in Spain. It was founded by the Phoenicians, and is sometimes counted as the most ancient city still standing in Western Europe. The combined Spanish-French fleet that confronted Nelson’s Royal Navy departed from this harbor.





Five minutes later, we have begun our descent to Faro airport. At FL220, we are descending fast to 12,000 feet. We see on our right, the huge delta of the Guadalquivir River that flows into the Atlantic Ocean at the Gulf of Cádiz. On the east bank of the main arm of the river, we see the city of Sanlucar, and, on the west bank the Doñana National Park which is a natural reserve that covers 543 km2, one of the biggest in Europe. The park is an area of marshes, shallow streams, and sand dunes in the delta of the Guadalquivir.




Finale for runway 28, with the city of Faro on our right. The whole area is a national park, the Nature Park of Rio Formosa (the beautiful river). The Nature Park was created on 8 December 1987, and is considered one of the seven natural wonders of Portugal. It includes the river and a lagoon system, interspersed with dunes, forming a series of small islands, islets, marshes and channels.





Parked at gate 6 at Faro – Algarve international airport, after a very short 30-min flight from Gibraltar. We leaved Gibraltar at 2 PM and, since Portugal is one hour ahead of Spain, it is only 1:50 PM local time. As can be seen from the birds at gates, this airport is an important touristic destination for the most common European low-cost airlines: Easyjet, Ryanair …








That's all folks!

Have great flights.










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Hello again,


This morning I took the B200 and left Madrid towards Requena. It had been a mixture of VFR and IFR as I filed a plan between LEMD via CLS VFR and checkpoint N (Chera) north of LERE. The circling to land under IFR rules.


Leg #128.3     LEMD-LERE (Requena), PC12, 157 nm, 0:58 hrs, RW36R CJN A33 CLS - VFR:CHERA (N)


A short landing and roll out.


Turning for parking.


(The airport is my own work. I added some landclass around and a few buildings according to Google).


Final part for fulfilling this leg will be Valencia. See ya guys.

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