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On 9.5.2017 at 3:41 PM, Dirk-NL said:

DTMB/DTJJ    Monastir or Djerba Tunesia

Hi Dirk, DTJJ should rather be DTTJ.... (btw. after looking for Djerba's airport I made the same typo when adding it to my list ^_^).


That's my own flight plan (if someone is interested):

(done) Leg #120    LDSP-LGKR (Corfu), B738, 330 nm, 0:52 hrs,  RILI2E RILIM L862 BRD L995 TIGRA UT75 BETAK BETA1U

(done) Leg #121    LGKR-LIBD (Bari), B738, 178 nm , 0:41 hrs, TIGR2F TIGRA L995 BRD L612 DOLON DOLO1P

(done) Leg #122.1  LIBD-LIRQ (Florence), B738, 340 nm , 1:08 hrs, EKMU5B EKMUR T415 VIE L612 ANC M986 GAVRA BIKTU VISUAL 23    

Leg #122.2  LIRQ-LSZA (Lugano)

Leg #122.3  LSZA-LIMC (Milan Malpensa)

Leg #123    LIMC-LFKC (Calvi)

Leg #124    LFKC-LIEO (Olbia)

Leg #125.1  LIEO-DTMB (Monastir)

Leg #125.2  DTMB-DTTJ (Djerba)

Leg #126.1  DTTJ-LEMH (Menorca)

Leg #126.2  LEMH-LEPA (Palma de Mallorca)

Leg #126.3  LEPA-LEIB (Ibiza)

Leg #127.1  LEIB-LEMG (Malaga)

Leg #127.2  LEMG-LXGB (Gibraltar)

Leg #128    LXGB-LPFR (Faro)

Leg #129.1  LPFR-LERE (Requena)

Leg #129.2  LERE-LEVC (Valencia)

Leg #130.1  LERE-LEBL (Barcalona)

Leg #130.2  LERE-LFML (Marseile)

Leg #130.3  LFML-LFMN (Nice)

Leg #131.1  LFMN-LSGG (Geneva) - on the way probably some Altiports in France

Leg #131.2  LFMN-LSGG (Zürich)

Leg #132.1  LSGG-EDNY (Friedrichshafen)

Leg #132.2  EDNY-LSZR (Altenrhein)

Leg #133    LSZR-LOWI (Innsbruck)


Green is done already, red means added by my own decision. I should mention that most of those Altiports - like LFLJ, LFKX and LFHM)  are requiring a special license (a smell of Lukla).


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2017-05-14 [116]: Corfu [LGKR] - Bari Karol Wojtyla [LIBD], Italy


Getting catered at Corfu.


(Corfu X, LIVEinFSX/Aerosoft)


It seems necessary that the scenery included the Vlachenra Monastery (just off the arrival end of runway 35).  Some nice fishing nets also just inside that bay mouth.  Even the more distant marina at Kontokali is included in the photoscenery, but less detail of course.


Nice short/little flight.



Walked up to the observation deck during the cabin preparation for the following longer flight.  I think the drivers at this airport must be paid by the mile, because they never stop.  And there is a lot of them.

(Bari, Holiday Airports 2; 29Palms/Aerosoft)


(The SODE engine seemed to keep the ground vehicles away from the [user] airplane, most of the time.  But there was at least one collision.  In my view, a little too enthusiastic about possibilities resulted in too much ground traffic for an airport size.)


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


Then on to the next flight and another round with some difficulty.


First try for Milan: 




The DIVK5C STAR goes well out over the water, then back over the airport, giving a good look from altitude.2017-5-15_0-53-0-820.thumb.jpg.9e82fb34d6197d07dc0ae469841886e2.jpg


Passing several airliners on the same jet route, heading in the opposing direction.  But, they were all well-behaved and at the correct flight levels.  All was going well, a nice, curvy STAR and the scenic approach following the Po River.

Then the traffic alerts (parallel runways, you know).  I should have caught an intuition when the El Al 737-800 flying next to me was told to slow down, and I turned to see him executing one of those special SU-27 "Cobra" maneuvers... ("Sir, I say, Sir!, You do not have the thrust-to-weight ratio to pull that off.")


I think that pilot needs some remedial training, if he is still able to receive it.  On second thought, if he was able to recover safely from that attitude at that low flight level, then he must be a genius, or a miracle worker.  Maybe he has something to teach.


Unfortunately, that was the last picture for this flight, because FSX crashed.  Not even a memory warning. . . . but, I did try to pop out for an external view to get a better look and of course being outside the plane instantly adds ~200 KB to the VAS.

So, that was probably it.  Try again the next night.

2017-05-15 [117a]: Bari [LIBD] - Milan-Malpensa [LIMC], Italy



Not only was were the winds much better, we were also given the other takeoff direction, which by itself saved a good 5-10 minutes. . . but, a different kind of trouble this time.




Passing by the Most Serene Republic of San Marino (it is right there, can you see it? -- almost the entire country is in this picture.)


San Marino lays claim to being the oldest existing sovereign state and the oldest constitutional republic.  Rather impressive for a country of less then 35.000 people (5th smallest country in the world).  I find it fascinating that they have government elections every six months, and there are two "Captains Regent" elected as heads of state (chosen from opposing parties).  After their term of service anyone can file a complaint which can lead to legal proceedings and conviction.  Clearly, this is rooted in the magistrates of the Roman Republic.  [wiki]

Very shortly thereafter, something happened.  The engine sound changed.  Not that small variation that sometimes happens due to high-altitude wind changes.  Something much bigger, or rather, smaller...
You can see it in this picture.  Notice the N1 reading for engine 2 is down at 11%.  On the left, the speed direction indicator shows that the airplane is slowing.
I tried a couple aerial restarts, no dice.  By the end of those attempts, the underspeed warning was starting to announce the approach of stall speed.  The airplane responded by pitching downward, and we rode the lower edge of the speed envelop for a while.  The controller started to complain, and with no options remaining, I had to declare an engine-loss emergency.  TCAS to 7700, and started following vectors for a landing at the nearest -- LIKP, Forlì.

I was busy following the display checklist to shut down No 2: Pack 2 off, crossbleed open, crossfeed open, Engine Mode to Ign, etc.  Tried another restart once we were down to 15 K, but still no go.

Luckily, we had enough energy [altitude + speed + mass] to land on one engine.  But the copilot was freaking out ((the checklist system was not available)), so I had to handle the speeds, flaps, gear by myself.

Clearly not a situation of "no blue" -- the reporting area is filled with blue.2017-5-15_22-51-59-343.thumb.jpg.e7a9a1eefb2258a73860bdab4a6624a7.jpg


LIBD 25.DIVK5D.DIVKU M872 PES M736 UTENO Y140 SRN LIMC [vectors].30 LIPK

The airport at Forlì does not have any facilities to support an aircraft of A319 size, but the runway was long enough.


(I am not making this up.  I know the Airbuses are not supposed to simulate emergency situation, but I really did lose an engine and was not able to maintain altitude.  Strangely, on the ground with the APU running, the engine would restart [no need to restart the sim].  I did not try to start the APU at altitude, because I vaguely remember they are not designed to be used above ~15000 feet.  Anyway, that was a fun change from the normal.)


A little maintenance check, replace a fuel flow sensor system, and new flight plan, and off again.


2017-05-15 [117b]: Luigi Ridolfi [LIPK], Forlì - Milan-Malpensa [LIMC], Italy




I was worried about the runway maybe being too short for takeoff, but no need.  This flight was not as eventful.

A nice view of the Milan area at the base of the Italian Alps, just before the arrival's initial approach fix.2017-5-16_0-17-45-814.thumb.jpg.8c3945e67a46af2304003b7c077c1230.jpg


More insane traffic on final.  (You know you are in the middle of trouble when the TCAS says "Descend Now!" and "Climb Now!" at the very same time.  Listen, machine, I can't do both.)2017-5-16_0-29-22-772.thumb.jpg.62646589c374fe5f664dc6c883b93d3a.jpg

(A B1900D model converted to FSX from FS9, the prop texture needed work on the alpha channel/transparency.)


Certainly happy with a CAT2 ILS landing after the previous one.2017-5-16_0-32-4-530.thumb.jpg.9ab5875ea814dd467ccbb4ce83a4b345.jpg


Nice looking airport, lots of heavy traffic for a change.  But there is at least one problem with the AFCAD -- gates C405 and C495 are both large and overlap each other.  (I have not yet looked for an updated/corrected AFCAD.)

(Milan Malpensa X, David Rosenfeld/Aerosoft)

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On 5/15/2017 at 9:28 AM, FlyingAxx said:

(done) Leg #120    LDSP-LGKR (Corfu), B738, 330 nm, 0:52 hrs,  RILI2E RILIM L862 BRD L995 TIGRA UT75 BETAK BETA1U


Leg #133    LSZR-LOWI (Innsbruck)

Hey Axel,

That's a lot of flights.  I may see you at one or two of those places, but I have different plans/(hopes). ;)

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    DATE : 17.05.2017
TAKE OFF : 16:06z
 LANDING : 18:06z
AIRCRAFT : Lockheed Constellation
      FL : 180


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On 17/05/2017 at 6:57 AM, dcda said:



hey Dale!


This reminds me of Airplane movie .... "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines..." :lol:

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1 hour ago, Philouplaine said:


hey Dale!


This reminds me of Airplane movie .... "Looks like I picked the wrong week to quit amphetamines..." :lol:


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Hi guyz,

Here are some news about the new legs ...


Leg 114a completed (or is it FlyingAxx"s leg 121?)


To Italy!


Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual.



Saturday May 13th, 2 PM at Corfu airport gate 2. After a full week spent in the Paradise Island of Corfu, we’re ready to fly to Bari on the other side of the Strait of Otranto, a short flight.



At 13,000 feet heading northwest, we see the Ormos Ypsou Bay and, on the opposite side, the continent and Albania at north, and Greece at south of the main cape seen on the coast.



Ten minutes later, at our cruise altitude (FL200) we have crossed the Strait of Otranto that closes the Adriatic Sea at south. On our left, the Salentina Peninsula that forms the heel of the Italina Boot, and, behind it, the Gulf of Taranto and the Ionian Sea. The extreme south tip of the Peninsula is the Santa Maria di Leuca Cape.



View from FL190 of Brindisi and its airport (LIBR). We have just begun our descent to Bari.



Maintaining 3,600 feet in the approach circuit to Bari, we fly over the charming city of Gravina in Puglia. In the distance, the heights of the South Appenine range, what the locals call Apennino Lucano.



Taxiing to the gate, most birds here are Ryanair 737s and almost lost among them an Alitalia A320 ready to its flight back to either Rome or Milan.



Parked at gate 111, Bari - Palese Macchie airport after a short flight of slightly more than 45 min from Kerkira. We have all the afternoon and evening to spend at Bari, before resuming our journey tomorrow.





That's all for this saturday afternoon.

Have great flights!




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Here is the report for the second leg of that week, from Bari to Lugano...


Leg 114b completed: LIBD-LSZA

To Switzerland!


Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual.



Sunday May 14th, 2 PM at gate 111 at Bari international airport with some interesting old buildings here and there… We are ready for our flight to Lugano remaining in Italian-speaking area since Lugano is in the Canton of Ticino in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland.



Heading west-north-west, we fly over the harbor of Barletta at 17,000 feet climbing to FL260.



Seven minutes later, at our cruise altitude (FL340), we have a view on mountainous Gargano Promontory projecting into the Adriatic Sea, this is the spur on the Italian Boot. On its north shore, there is the Varano Lake.



At FL340, overflying the city of Pescara on the Adriatic Coast. On our left, the Italian Peninsula which is here about only a hundred miles wide. On the opposite side of the Apennine Range, we see a coastal plain on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. We can just slightly see the Italian capital city, Rome, there.



Twenty minutes later, heading northwest, we fly at FL340 over the famous city of Bologna, the largest city of Emilia-Romagna … No time to land there and enjoy a good meal of noodles with Bolognese sauce… not speaking of wines!



Seven minutes later, we have begun our descent to Lugano. We are at FL290, descending to FL280, and we crossed the Po River.



At FL200, descending to 16,000 feet and heading due north, we arrive at the foot of the Alps. We fly over the Italian city of Brescia. In the distance at the foot of the mountains and meandering a bit among the steep slopes, we see the Lake Garda, the largest in Italy with almost 400 km2.



Fifteen minutes later, maintaining 11,000 feet while overflying huge mountains with a lot of clouds around, we exit from clouds over the Valley of the Ticino River that flows in the Lake Maggiore, seen in the distance ahead of us. The large city below is the Swiss city of Bellinzona, the capital city of the Canton Ticino. Lugano, our destination, is on the left, quite close and we are still at 11,000 feet…



Arriving at 11,000 feet a few miles from the runway, Lugano airport is at 915 feet, so we have to quickly descend about 10,000 feet in  a few minutes to land visually on runway 19. That’s why we have “all out” and aerobrakes on. The runway is on sight, the Lugano Lake just south of the airport and, on our left, the southwest branch of the Lake of Como.



Parked at gate 2 of Lugano airport after one hour fifteen minutes flight from Bari that makes us cross the Italian Boot almost from south to north. A whole week to spend in this pleasant south alpine area of Switzerland. A very nice Aerosoft addon!







That's all for today!

Have great flights guys.





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    DATE : 19.05.2017
TAKE OFF : 15:03z
 LANDING : 16:08z
AIRCRAFT : Lockheed Constellation
      FL : 150


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Leg 114 (maybe?) LGKR Corfu to LIBD Bari






Back over Italy



Approaching Bari



The trek north continues, or does it? .........




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LEG 114 Corfu (LGKR) to Bari (LIBD) complete. Date May 16 2017


LIBD approach rwy 25





Have good flights



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    DATE : 20.05.2017
TAKE OFF : 10:03z
 LANDING : 10:41z
AIRCRAFT : Lockheed Constellation
      FL : 120


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LEG 115 Bari (LIBD) - Malpensa (LIMC) complete. Date: May 19 2017

LIBD Take off rwy 7


LIMC Touch down rwy 35R



Gate D 6





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Leg 115 B  LFKC  LIEO  King Air 350


take off





overflying Ajaccio




landing LIEO








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@FlyingAxx  Hi Axel, Thanks for the correction on Djerba. 


It has been a challenge to get to Lugano. I did the leg to Bari last week and two times I had to cancel Bari to Lugano mid flight. The first time because I was urgently needed elsewhere and the second time because my system failed. But... today (Saturday 20th of May) I succeeded. Here the reports:


Leg 114a: LGKR to LIBD, 205 Nm, on FL200


Duration: 57m   Takeoff: 12:32z   Landing: 13:30z   Fuel used: 919 kgs

Metar departure: LGKR 121150Z 16013KT CAVOK 26/11 Q1013 NOSIG

Metar destination: LIBD 121320Z 09007KT 9000 NSC 27/15 Q1007


After takeoff from RWY17 I followed the TIGR2B SID and stepclimbed to FL200



My PF3 ATC is usually a bit late in stepping me down. Most of the time after the VNAV indicator on the PFD has gone down the sink. So I have to make some adjustment in the descent VS in PF3. Shortly, with 2200 fpm, I was back on VNAV again. Then the VORDX07 approach for RWY07 and that was it for this first part.


Leg 114b: LIBD to LSZA, 490 Nm, on FL240


Duration: 2hrs01m   Takeoff: 11:41z   Landing: 13:42z   Fuel used: 1690 kgs

Metar departure: LIBD 201120Z 01008KT 9999 SCT030 24/13 Q1013

Metar destination: LSZA 201250Z 01011KT 330V060 9999 FEW090 SCT200 23/05 Q1015 NOSIG

Takeoff was from RWY07 followed by the VIE5F SID, levelling off before its end at FL240. 


About 60 Nm south of Ancona I saw some towering cumulus right on my track. So I diverted a bit to the west to pass by a big one:



Below there was a lot of lightning going on and a bit north of Ancona I had to divert to the west again because another one of those nasty clouds had chosen to be on my path. The more north I got however, the better the weather was, so I could prepare myself for the challenging approach to Lugano. Since my EFB is not that detailed, I checked the internet and found the Jeppesen charts. (Yes, of course, before takeoff) The apporach for RWY01 has a 6,5 degree glideslope (and an ILS). So at long final I was on flaps 35, geardown and Vref+5. That should do it and it did. In spite the low touchdown speed of 117 kts I had to go full on the brakes and reverse thrust, but it worked out fine.


The length of the RWY is within limits for the Q400, but given the fields elevation of 914 I must probably be low on fuel and use Maximum Takeoff Power at the coming departure. Maybe I take a short hop to LIMC with my 72 pax tomorrow.





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Of course this zig-zagging across The Med means we will get short flights.


2017-05-19 [118]: Milan-Malpensa [LIMC] to Calvi [LFKC], Corsica


Started even earlier than usual, about 6:30 in the morning, local time.  The airport was not empty, but not much was moving.




We spent about 5-6 minutes a our "cruising" altitude of 19000 feet, and began the descent well before reaching the Italian coastline.  Someplace over the Savona, I guess upstream from the town of Albisola Superiore.  Looking at wikipedia, it seems the Savonai have one lesson to teach: "Do not fight the next-door neighbor to help someone in the next town."  They supported Carthage, so the Romans beat them; the sided with Fredrick II, and later the Viscount of Milan, to fight against Genoa; so the city of Savoy was sacked and the port destroyed.  [oops]2017-5-19_22-38-48-851.thumb.jpg.b1a24312c457bc5154745f6100ea5fc6.jpg


This LIGUR2 star imposes some altitude restrictions, so there was quite some time spent at 14000 feet.  There were a few clouds during the approach, just enough to make me question if there was any place flat enough for a runway ahead.

And, then we broke through, and I realized why our "flight leader" would choose this particular spot for a stop.  I guess that turn for the missed approach would not look so "interesting" when seen from the 1400 feet approach minimums.  Well, at least it is at sea level and is not Aspen, or Telluride.2017-5-19_23-8-7-512.thumb.jpg.538c4568da5d1e015d199cb8c5da12f8.jpg


I suppose there may have been a staffing problem in the controller levels.  As I read the charts, arrivals are only via runway 18, and departures via 36.  However, only moments after our arrival, that Air Berlin A320 was instructed to depart via 18.2017-5-19_23-19-26-450.thumb.jpg.7f45d320d05cb05632c3f7a149b386dd.jpg




- - - - - - - - - - - -


2017-05-19 [119]: Calvi [LFKC] to Olbia [LIEO], Sardinia


When it was our turn to leave, we got the same thing as the Air Berlin bird -- departure to the south, by vectors.  It tried asking for a different departure, but they would not listen to me (ProATCX showed no alternate).  Well, if he could do it, I can do it!


Though, it seemed strange, while sitting still just before pushback and engine start, the speed tape vector arrow seemed be showing some very high wind gusts.  Some almost up to 50 knots, much stronger than the weather briefing reported.


I was happy enough with the departure, we seemed to be climbing fast enough.  Of course the terrain warning started going off.  As this next picture shows, we would have almost certainly have been perfectly okay, I finally decided to dial in a greater climb rate.  I did not know what those clouds might be hiding.
(The views to the left were not nearly as comforting, the peaks over there were still above us.)2017-5-20_0-14-39-993.thumb.jpg.0ebc9a88f91bf0cee0b61fdb2af4bb4a.jpg


A minute or two later and the precaution was show unnecessary.  Out of the clouds and no danger in sight.

LFKC 18.vectors.AJO UM858 CORSI.CORS1Y.[vectors].MILES.ILS23 LIEO

A very short and uneventful flight.2017-5-20_0-46-23-145.thumb.jpg.c131009d3f7765e3e5df0e658e420562.jpg


Costa Smeralda is the hub for Meridiana, and I read in wiki that the reason this airport was built (in the 1970's) was to handle the jets being introduced into Meridiana's fleet.
(Olbia X, Aerosoft)


And a repaint of the new SkyWork (Switzerland) livery on a Saab 2000 (the Do-328s are scheduled to go away this summer).  Since they fly all over these Mediterranean islands, it may be seen again.  I just had to make a 2017 flight schedule and new paint.


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It took some time to scramble my usual 72 PAX to get onboard the Q400 after loading only 1300 kgs of fuel for a short hop to Milan Malpensa. So this became leg 114c: LSZA to LIMC, only 67 Nm on FL60: The route was a no-brainer because SID and STAR are connected: LSZA  SRN1W SRN SRN1H LIMC. The wind was 180/05 so a RWY19 departure (the easy one). I used flaps10 and Maximum Takeoff Power which gives a Vr of 121 kts. No problem. IAP was the ILS35RY NOV transition and I choose to make it a long field landing because that means less taxi time. Airtime was only 24 minutes using 393 kgs of fuel.


AN then this week's two legs:

Leg 115A: LIMC to LFKC, 213 Nm, on FL170


Duration: 49min   Takeoff: 10:10z   Landing: 10:59z   Fuel used: 792 kgs

Metar departure: LIMC 210920Z VRB03KT CAVOK 22/04 Q1022 NOSIG

Metar destination: LFKC 211030Z 32009KT 270V010 9999 FEW056 21/11 Q1020 NOSIG

After takeoff from RWY35L I followed the FARA5C SID with an interesting scenery below. For me, enjoying the scenery is only possible during departures because my system is not giving me a detailed scenery during approaches. Most of the time on short final I see trees and houses popping out of the ground. I know. I can pause the sim on final and wait for P3D to catch up, but sometimes that takes so long, that I simply continue. So I was a bit surpised that after the LIGUR2 STAR on the LOC18 approach I saw this:




The apron is all the way on the end of the RWY so I could let speed bleed off almost without reverse thrust.




Then... my third flight of today: leg 115B: LFKC to LIEO, 196 Nm on FL150


Duration: 46min   Takeoff: 12:25z   Landing: 13:12z   Fuel used: 792 kgs.

Metar departure: LFKC 211130Z 32009KT 270V010 9999 FEW056 21/11 Q1020 NOSIG

Metar destination: LIEO 211320Z 02010KT 340V070 9999 FEW035 25/06 Q1019


Because in PF3 ATC I can 'program' each RWY for Takeoff(36) only, Landing only(18), Both, or Not-in-use, I was able to get the right calls from ATC. Not that AI aircraft will follow that rules as I've seen with others. But since my AI slider is at 10% there were no other planes in the vicinity.


Takeoff was from RWY36 and ATC stepped me nicely to FL150 via the AJO7C SID. This time (and because I adjusted a bit too much) ATC was very early with the descend 'at pilot's discretion'. This is mainly because PF3 ATC does not 'know' the length of the STAR (CORSI9) that goes overhead the field (SME) and then to the west. After a U-turn you have to lineup for the ILS of RWY05. It was a bit too much for my FMS, so I flew it manually. No problem. Only a few 'terrain' warnings.




Let's see if we can find a hotel for the week to come.






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Hi guys,


Three legs finished today, LSZA to LFKC, LFKC to LIEO and the last one LIEO to DTMB (Monastir).


















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Leg 115 LIBD Bari to LIMC Milan Malpensa, complete, via Switzerland's Lugano LSZA






The views became dramatic once I got to Nothern Italy and headed into Switzerland


The approach for Lugano airport was "interesting"


An over night stop then a short hop back to Milan




I'm sure the aircraft are a distraction for those drivers!


That's better, departing the "easy" way :)




Straight in approach to Malpensa


A busier airport here, as far as default FSX is concerned anyway



Now, I'm off to the old Innocenti factory, to see where the iconic Lambretta scooters were made...



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Did my legs from Corfu to Bari to Lugano. Wonderful stuff, especially around Lugano.

I must admit, this close in Switzerland to Paderborn I can almost smell it. No matter how wonderful this trip has been and is, I feel I'm growing weary.

So gonna enjoy the mountains here before I move on to Calvi.














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Hi all!

Back to flights ...


Leg 115a completed : LSZA-LFKC

To Corsica!


Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual.




Saturday May 20th, 2 PM at gate 14, Lugano airport, we are parked close to an Austrian bird and ready to go to Calvi in North Corsica, back to my country after two years and a half wandering around the globe.




At 5,000 feet climbing at 9,000 feet, viewing the U-shaped Lake of Lugano.





Heading south, with on our right the Italian city of Varese, and further right, the small Lake of Varese and, behind it, the Lake Maggiore and, in the background, the huge snow-capped Mont-Blanc, which is, with its 4,808 m, the highest mountain in the Alps and the highest in Europe west of Russia's Caucasus peaks.





Twelve minutes later, we cross the Mediterranean coast near Genoa and its airport, Genoa-Sestri. Genoa has been nicknamed la Superba ("the Proud one") due to its glorious past and impressive landmarks. Christopher Columbus, the Discoverer of the Americas, was born here.





Our flight at cruise altitude lasted merely four minutes only, and , after having begun our descent, we are at 12,000 feet descending to 8,900 feet, heading south, we approach the north coast of Corsica. Ahead is the Ligurian Coast of Corsica with the famous (and believe me it’s a gorgeous place!) Gulf of Saint-Florent on our left, we are approaching the isolated beach of Plage de Ghignu, well seen on the coast as a single thick white line. This part of the Corsican coast is uninhabited and called the Desert of Agriates.




Maintaining 8,900 feet, heading south, we pass over the northern part of Corsica which is highly mountainous. On our right is the Monte Cinto Range.





Maintaining 8,900 feet and heading north-west-north, we have the tooth-looking Monte Cinto with its 2,706 m it’s the highest point of Corsica. It’s better to follow strictly what ATC asks you to do in this high terrain surrounding us.





Monte Cinto (viewed from the opposite side relative to the pic)





And soon after, we arrive at the coastal plain, if I may say so, and we have to descend fast from 8,900 feet to almost zero just a few miles from the threshold of runway 36.





Parked at Calvi-Sainte Catherine airport, at gate 5, after a short flight from Lugano. Its’ a beautiful afternoon. A French Air Force (Armée de l’Air) Hercules C-130 is parked, visiting Calvi airport. In the background, are the mountains that we just overflew a few minutes ago.








That's all for today.

have great flights







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Hi again,

Now the following leg of that week, to Olbia.



Leg 115b : LFKC-LIEO

From Corsica to Sardinia


Flight route. Green, planned; Red, actual.




Sunday May 21st, 2 PM at Calvi airport. It’s time for the second leg of that week. We’re going to Olbia in Sardinia Island, the second largest island in Mediterranean Sea.





At 3,800 feet climbing to 6,000 feet and turning south, we fly over the Gulf of Calvi, with the Monte Cinto range t background and the city of Calvi, its citadel and the famous Calvi beach on the right.





From 17,000 feet (we will soon begin our descent without reaching the expected cruising altitude, so short is this flight), view over Ajaccio and its airport, Ajaccio-Napoleon Bonaparte (LFKJ). The city of Ajaccio is the capital city of Corsica, Napoleon Bonaparte was born there on 1769, August 15. The Bay of Ajaccio is delimited by a huge beach of white sand, the Beach of Ricanto.





At 9,000 feet descending to 7,000 feet over the Strait of Bonifacio that separates Corsica from Sardinia and which is a border between France and Italy. The southernmost part of Corsica is Punta de Sperona (the Cape of the Ramming), and the northernmost part of Sardinia is Punta Marmorata (the Cape Made of Marble).





Still at 5,000 feet, we are soon taking the LOC for runway 05. A nice view on the Gulf of Olbia on the Tyrrhenian Sea in the background, and with a wide valley linking Olbia to Sassari, on the west coast of the island. The highway seen below is the European Route E840 that links Roma surburb (Civitavecchia) to Sassari via Olbia. Between Civitavecchia and Olbia, the route uses a ferry line.





Turning to align for the finale to runway 05 very very close to the mountains on our right, higher than us. As already stressed by dcda, this is not a very comforting approach.





The runway 05 approach at Olbia is quite scenic.





Parked at gate 1 at Olbia – Costa Smeralda airport after a very short flight of about half an hour from Calvi. It’s time to visit Olbia, a city of about 3 000 years!








That's all for this week guyz!

Have gret flights.






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LEG 116 Malpensa (LIMC) - Calvi (LFCK) complete. Date may 21

Take off rwy 35 R


Passing Genua


Calvi approach rwy 18










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LEG 116b Calvi (LFKC) - Olbia( LIEO) complete. Date may 22 2017

Passing Ajaccio


Approach Olbia rwy 6


Olbia Gate





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