Connected Flight Deck Problem with Steam edition

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Me and my friend can't use connected flight deck atm. We are both FSX steam edition with steam DLC version of aerosoft airbus 318/319 and 320/321.


We are using hamachi to connect and we can both ping each other without problem. We have forwarded port 6881, even tried using DMZ settings. We have also disabled our firewall and anti virus software to remove any program that could prevent us from connecting.


Problem is we can't connect our flight decks with one of us selected master and other slave, it always says NOT CONNECTED. We have updated our ips in config tool but we noticed something. When we try to change settings in the config tool it changes a folder in Documents folder of my PC. There is same folder which is left untouched in "(steam directory)/steamapps/common/FSX/DLC/500201/Documents/Aerosoft/Airbus" we even changed that folder to match the documents folder.


When we tried AirbusXConnectExtended.exe we could connect to each others web interface via putting hamachi ip into address bar so I don't think there is a connection issue. Edit: Also we were able to pause each other's game from that screen so that means we could send pause command to each other over hamachi.


This might be new problem regarding steam version and any help would be appreciated.

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Thank you!  I'm looking forward to hearing back from you.


Best wishes.





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